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The first decoration is particularly dazed. If you grasp these points, you will not make a big mistake. You can save money and be safe at the same time.

2023-02-03 08:22:40 [Wall decoration ]
The first decoration is particularly dazed. If you grasp these points, you will not make a big mistake. You can save money and be safe at the same time.

Everyone has their own first suite. At this time, the mood is happy, but they may be at a loss for the new house decoration. Liu Zhi has met some clients in the past. He is very happy to have his first apartment, but the house will take two years to be handed over. Now he is going to the market to see the decoration plan such as the price comparison of decoration materials. In fact, this situation is not necessary. , For example, the price of decoration materials may change in two years, and the popular decoration style may also change; so no matter how the decoration changes, we only need to grasp the following points, and basically there will be no big mistakes in decoration. , but also save money.

1. Delay the renovation and learn from the neighbor's plan

Do you find that if your house is renovated ahead of time, the next-door neighbor will call if they pass by our door? Say hello, come in and visit, at this time they are learning from our decoration plan. If the communication is good, we may also say that the decoration of our own places is not good, and how to improve it is more ideal. Through the sharing of the decoration plan of the owner, our decoration will be more certain, and it will be easier to produce results. There will be no regrets, and you can learn from each other's strengths. After listening to the introduction of the neighbor next door, we can roughly understand the price of decoration materials and the unit price of various types of work, so as to avoid being "slaughtered" (there is already a neighbor's head of the house), and at the same time, the unit price can be reduced to a certain extent.

Second, the pre-buried decoration materials must be good, and cannot be saved

1. Water pipes cannot be saved. Whether it is on the top or on the ground, the water pipes need to be pre-buried in the ground and in the ceiling. If the quality is poor or the content is not in place, it will directly affect the ground decoration materials and the ceiling, and the cost of rework in the later stage is not a little bit. Remarks: After the installation of the water pipe, a pressure test must be done to avoid the occurrence of subtle water seepage. 2, the wire can not be saved. It is necessary to strictly follow the electrician's standard to buy the square number of wires, and the quality of the wires must not be saved. For example, where high-power electrical appliances are used, try to use four-square wires; at the same time, try to choose a point-to-point method for the layout of the wires, otherwise the quality of the wires will appear later. Problem, replacement is very troublesome. 3. The installation of the fresh air system, central air conditioning and floor heating must be strictly controlled, and the maintenance openings should be reserved in place to avoid failure in the later stage, and there is no need to disassemble and rework them all.

Three, in the case of inaccurate grasp, the wall is only scraped with putty and brushed with latex paint

The wall has been scraped with putty and brushed with latex paint for 20 years. The decoration method, but in the past, the color of latex paint on the wall was basically white, and there was no rich color system, but now the color of latex paint is varied, and people can choose the color they want. There are still many people who deal with wall decoration materials in this way. This method is low-cost, simple, and relatively durable. If it needs to be changed in the later stage, there is no need to re-treat the wall. It only needs to be constructed on the existing basis. That's all it takes, such as making wall panels, sticking wall coverings, and wallpapers, it doesn't matter. Therefore, if you are uncertain about the plan for wall decoration, you can consider scraping putty first and brushing latex paint.

Fourth, do not do "excessive" decoration for the ceiling of ordinary commercial buildings

In the past, most people would do "excessive" decoration for the ceiling of the house, which is very complicated. This kind of ceiling scheme may be ideal in a house with better storey height, but the floor height of the current commercial building is only 2m8. If a particularly complicated secondary or tertiary ceiling is also made, the floor height of the house will be seriously compressed. As a result, people's life in this room will be relatively depressing. If some chandeliers are made indoors, it is likely to endanger people's lives (the floor height will also be reduced, and people's heads may be touched). Now the ideal ceiling decoration plan is to use gypsum lines for decoration, which can completely create the effect of a secondary roof, and the color of the gypsum lines can be drawn out, so that the layered sense of the ceiling can be achieved without compressing the layers of the house. High, why not do it.

V. Notes on decoration details

1. The door should not face the bathroom. If this is the case, try to change the bathroom door or use a partition to block the door and the bathroom door. 2. The floor tiles in the bathroom should be high on the outside and low on the inside. The outer high and inner low mentioned here mainly mean that all the high places should be inclined towards the drainage, so that the effect of waterproofing can be achieved indirectly. 3. The bathroom door should not be made of wood. The bathroom is relatively damp. If you make a wooden door, it is easy to get moldy and rot. If you have made a wooden door, you can consider applying glue at the bottom, especially the joint between the door cover and the ground wall. At the same time, the bathroom should be separated from wet and dry. . 4. For houses with lower floors, try to choose cool colors for wall decoration materials. The floor is low, and the lighting may not be ideal, so the interior decoration should be mainly white, which can achieve a better sense of space. 5. The mirror cannot be placed on the bed. In this way, it may be scary to wake up at night, and there will be an ominous feeling that is not good for your health. Conclusion: The content analyzed by Liu Zhi above is based on his own experience in practice, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone in decoration. At the same time, you are also welcome to put forward your own opinions and views for your reference.

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