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8 kinds of smart homes that "fall off the altar", after removing the gimmicks, they are all slots

2023-02-03 07:19:26 [floor ]
8 kinds of smart homes that "fall off the altar", after removing the gimmicks, they are all slots

Smart home is a good thing. Like sweepers, smart door locks, etc., they are really practical and worth spending money on. But there are still many smart home products that are purely for gimmicks. Once used, people will be dumbfounded. The laugh is: how could I buy this; crying: I cried because of the brain hole of its designer! In this issue, let's take a look.

1. Smart Constant Temperature Fresh Air Mattress

At the Winter Olympics at the beginning of the year, I didn’t watch a few games, but I was caught by the electric motors in the Winter Olympic Village. The mattress is amazing! As a home lover, you can say that you know a lot about traditional mattresses, but you don't know much about such intelligent mattresses. So, I started to make up for it, from the low-end to the high-end, and then found this product in the 10,000 yuan mattress - the smart constant temperature fresh air mattress. Is the name intimidating? The three popular concepts "intelligence, constant temperature, and fresh air" are all stuffed into the product name, and the promotion is also carried out around these three concepts. The feeling is: with this mattress, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable and comfortable, and it understands you very well. No matter how you turn over, it can best support you, and the frown when you sleep at night can comfort you. expand. But ideally, Sister Zhiling is in reality, Sister Furong... The so-called constant temperature and fresh air is to add a heater to the end of the bed, that's right! It is a heater. Although it can achieve the effect of drying the bed, warming the quilt and ventilating, it is a heater with a noise of 45 decibels. What is the concept of 45 decibels? The central air conditioner is 30 decibels, some people think it is noisy, and the washing machine is only 50 decibels. Therefore, its practicality is a little worse than that of electric mattresses and quilt dryers! What about intelligence? The mobile phone APP can control the switch of the heater... I Nima. Why do I get excited when I hear APP control? Because of the pseudo-intelligent three-piece set, APP control, voice control and Bluetooth connection, I am really tired of watching!

2. Smart bathroom mirrors

No, smart bathroom mirrors are involved in all three, APP settings weather display, voice Control light adjustment, connect to Bluetooth to play music, and even include temperature and time display. Designer brothers, do we really need it? Weather, we can see too many places; voice-controlled lighting adjustment is really inefficient, it is better to use hands; Bluetooth connected to the mirror to play music, is there a lack of music equipment in my home? What my house lacks is a good sound, big brother, as for temperature and time, the same is true. If you have this idle mind, why don't you improve the defogging function well, this is the real demand, look at the defogging you are doing now, it's like a joke. I thought it was, the black technology that the mirror does not fog or quickly removes fog in a few seconds is actually a heating backplane, and it takes at least 5 minutes to 10 minutes to remove fog, and only a small piece comes out. It's not as good, start with a wiper blade, scrape the mirror at will, and scrape the water on the table by the way. Therefore, the conclusion is that in addition to the function of the light strip, all other functions can be omitted, and even the stepless dimming and tri-color light functions of the light strip can also be omitted, which are all tasteless, just need a 4000k light with warm white light, which is close to natural light. , and you don't need to call it.

3. ​​Smart bedside table

In addition to voice control, Bluetooth connection and APP control, there are three more different bedside tables. Function. The first one is wireless charging. Let’s do wireless charging. The charging is very slow, and the charging mobile phone is hot. With the development of fast charging technology in the future, there is no way to update it, which is a little tasteless. The second is the fingerprint lock. In fact, it is very practical to put some privacy items to prevent children from tampering. However, it does not meet the need for easy access to the bedside table for small objects before bed, because the fingerprint lock is relatively troublesome. The third one is the sensor light, which is quite practical, needless to say. In the end, it depends on how you choose, whether you choose to spend 2000+ to buy a smart bedside table, or you usually put your privacy items in a safe place, and then buy a night light for 100 yuan. Night light, you can buy this kind of walnut night light for less than 100 yuan. It can not only be used as a fixed night light, but also can be picked up and used as a flashlight.

4. Smart voice toilet

In my opinion, the three core configurations of a smart toilet are done well - the seat ring Heating, flushing, automatic flushing. At most, add a foam shield to prevent splashing water. Such a toilet itself has nothing to do with intelligence. But I don't know who started and called him "smart toilet". So there are various magic configurations about smart toilets. Equipped with LED screen to display temperature and status; equipped with sensor opening function; also equipped with voice assistant; as well as networking, listening to books with mobile phones, listening to music, with induction lights, uv sterilization... These functions, All of them are very fresh at first glance, and feel a little interesting, but when I actually go home, I find that after the freshness, most of the functions are idle, which increases the chance of bad.

5. Smart large-screen refrigerator

What is the refrigerator for, keeping fresh ingredients, so the technology that should be considered first should be preservation technology , and improve the space utilization rate as much as possible. But some manufacturers, who may not be able to kill the old white goods brand head-on, have a crooked mind on the word "smart". After a lot of fiddling, I came up with such a large-screen smart refrigerator. Then I said, what can I watch short videos, follow dramas, buy vegetables, and cookbooks... It feels pretty cool. But when I moved it home, I found out that it was just a tablet that was stuck, not portable, and didn’t support downloading software, and it might even play advertisements. As for the core preservation, I can only say that it is very general.

6. The smart water cup

also leans against the screen, and there is a water cup in the smart chair. The functions include time display, temperature display, avatar display, reminder to drink water, and even water quality detection. I thought about it for a long time, but I can't think of what its core starting point is? Remind to drink water? Can real human beings change their habit of not drinking water by reminding them? Test water quality? I don't believe that he can really detect the quality of water quality, even if it is detected. Display temperature? It's not hot, so you can drink it.

7. Smart pillows

Smart pillows, in the promotion, have a very core function - stop snoring. The principle is that the sensor on the pillow can monitor the sleeping position of the sleeping person in real time, determine whether they are snoring, and then inflate the pillow to achieve the effect of stopping snoring. Others are the leftover functions of Bluetooth speakers and APP statistics. Does this anti-snoring function really work? The answer is useful, but not worth the price of more than 3,000! Because it is suitable for people with mild snoring, the effect it can achieve is not even as good as the doctor's positional treatment - oral appliances, tennis balls tied to the back, back cushions, etc. And its price, 3000+ can buy a ventilator, which can treat severe osa. In addition, there is another problem, that is, the detection is not accurate. The sleep detection in the hospital is a very complicated thing, and this thing has 6 sensors, and it is not enough. Therefore, the core function is no better than a tennis ball, and if you add some leftover functions, you want to earn money for a professional ventilator, which is a bit suspected of wanting to collect IQ tax.

8. Other pseudo-smart home appliances

In fact, we can see a lot of things in life, and they are all engaged in so-called intelligence. Air conditioners, washing machines, gas stoves, etc. are nothing more than adding functions such as voice, screen, and app control, which are really meaningless. We still call on manufacturers to let the items return to their essence and engage in intelligence on their core functionality. For example, in Linnei, in order to keep the water temperature of the water heater stable, they built a water volume server and used chip algorithms to accurately control the temperature. For example, in Toshiba, in order to reduce the noise of the washing machine, the belt drive was canceled, and the motor directly drove the washing tub by an algorithm. ...and there are many other similar examples, and these are the real progress.

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