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This type of apartment is really rare. The four balconies and the master bedroom are transparent from north to south, which is so enviable.

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This type of apartment is really rare. The four balconies and the master bedroom are transparent from north to south, which is so enviable.

The case shared in this issue is the home of a landscape architect. Originally, it is transparent from north to south, and it is enviable enough to have 4 balconies. It is necessary to make the home into an oxygen bar residence in the bustling city through decoration and color matching. After visiting his home, I admit to being a fan, every inch is really fresh and romantic. The original floor plan is now a simple description of the basic information of the house: the whole house has a floor area of ​​160 square meters, and the layout of four bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms. Because it is delivered in hardcover, the style does not match the owner's aesthetics. Usually there are only a young couple living in the house. Occasionally come here, so two bedrooms are reserved, and the remaining two rooms are transformed into a tea room and a multi-functional room according to the owner's life and preferences.


Original entryway The original entryway, although the cabinets are white, the lines are complex, and the lighting is lacking, making it look elegant and complicated And dark and depressing. Open up the kitchen partition wall, introduce natural light, and match it with fresh matcha green cabinets. The owner's bold idea, plus the porch after lighting, is bright, fresh and warm. The well-proportioned and naturally stretched micro-landscapes in the ecological tank endow the porch with vitality, give the whole porch a soul, and also show the taste and style of the owner. The moment you go home and open the door, this fresh home atmosphere seems to have a magic power that makes people immediately put down their burdens and return to nature, which is really relaxing.

Tea Room

On the left side of the entrance, it was originally a small room, but because the hostess loves tea, it was changed to a tea room . The tea table and the tea set on the shelf are the best decorations in the tea room. And behind each tea set, there is a story, sitting on the ground with a loved one or three or five friends, drinking tea and discussing things, such a leisure time is enviable.


The original kitchen and then move your sight to the kitchen on the right side of the door. Compared with the original American cherry wood cabinets, sure enough, Decoration is not about how much money is spent, but about aesthetics. The dismantled kitchen is divided into two parts, and the Chinese kitchen and the western kitchen are separated by a black sliding door. The sliding door does not use Changhong glass, but chooses a transparent and textured square wave, because the small square is more retro and hazy than the smooth wave, with a black border, echoing the window and bringing a bit to the whole space. Retro mood. After opening, the glass door is completely hidden behind the high cabinet, which is consistent with the width of the entire kitchen moving line. The fresh matcha green cabinet in the kitchen area, with small tiles, is a unique feeling. From another perspective, looking from the dining room to the kitchen, the whole match is well-proportioned, the colors are accurate, bright and pure, without a trace of tediousness, and rich in three-dimensional beauty.

dining room

, especially the dining room, is really enviable and sour. The dining room + living room is originally on a north-south line, and there are large windows on both sides. Therefore, the entire dining room and living room is extraordinarily transparent and bright. The homeowner is also very particular about the color matching of furniture, such as the dining room, the wood-colored floor, and the wood-colored dining table, so that the whole looks harmonious and unified. The 1.8-meter large dining table is matched with benches and Chandigarh coffee chairs, which add a bit of leisure to the entire restaurant space, and also give the restaurant a more emotional dining environment. The living room on the opposite side complements the dining room color scheme. Logs + retro brown + fern green plants, the leisure area of ​​the living room is surrounded by greenery, with light and shadows swaying. In such a living room, it is difficult not to relax after a busy day of work. As the visual center of the living room public domain - the TV wall, its mission is not only practicality, but also aesthetic effects. Therefore, the owner of the house chose a simple drawer with a sense of design after simply sketching the walls with pu lines, to display various handicrafts, which is a decoration, an art, and a perfect combination of function and spirit. If you are careful, you will find that for the convenience of maintenance, the owner of the house uses a removable flower pot tray for all large green plants. Sure enough, people who love life can be found in the smallest details.


The bedroom continues the tone of the living room, which is simple but not simple. At the same time, it uses home items to show the charm of the space and the owner. temperament. The master bedroom is set up as a suite because it is close to the main road. With large floor-to-ceiling windows and a leisure reading corner, the space is more functional.

Multifunctional room

is called a multifunctional room because it has been marked as an open area by the owner, and occasionally friends visit , The use of sliding doors on both sides can realize an independent closed space and a guest room. The sofa inside, stretched out, is a 1.5-meter bed, usually put away, this area is the owner's exercise and yoga area. In order to increase the aesthetics, three arched doors are set on the wall, and the thin area of ​​the open area is used to display souvenirs and commonly used books, and the area with the door is slightly deeper to store daily necessities and sundries. The arched cabinet door is the same color as the cabinet at the entrance, with a touch of matcha green, which is peaceful and comfortable.


The bathroom layout itself is reasonable in terms of separation of dry and wet. The walls and floors are covered with micro-cement, and hardware accessories are replaced to achieve a simple and refreshing bathroom space.


Many netizens expressed their envy after seeing the ecological balcony of the hostess's house. The whole balcony is simply a back yard. Because the entire balcony runs through the living room and the multifunctional room, it is more than 8m long, so in the layout, the small landscape is carefully designed. After calculating the load bearing of the structure, use terrazzo masonry. In order to reduce the load, use relatively light ceramsite for covering the soil and light cement board for the overhead floor. Then the green plants are transplanted, tall plants are used in large-scale spaces, and then a hierarchical structure is created in turn. The transplanted landscape balcony has both the lush greenery of Tingxuan Xiaozhu and the mysterious novelty of the tropics. I think it's not this home that netizens really envy, but the relaxed and happy soul station.

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