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Those who can install these things at home must at least be born in the 90s, older people can't understand

2023-02-03 08:24:00 [floor ]
Those who can install these things at home must at least be born in the 90s, older people can't understand

The principle of choosing home objects for young people may not be understood by older people. They require not only to be easy to use, but also to look good and playful. And you can see from the household items they selected, at least they must be selected by the post-90s, otherwise why is it so interesting.

1. Takeaway tray

The elders always say, how long it takes to cook a meal, I think you are lazy. But it’s not really a question of being lazy or not. According to the pace of life of young people, when you get home from get off work at seven o’clock, and then cook a meal, you can’t eat until eight or nine o’clock. After eating, you have to wash, rinse, and clean up. so much energy. In another relaxed way, go home, order takeout, start taking a shower, wait at the door after packing up the takeout, and then eat, blow the air conditioner, and watch dramas, wouldn't it be fun. Although there is a takeaway tray at the door with reminder text, the elders can't understand it, but it is really convenient for me and does not delay the time of the takeaway.

2. Special-shaped mirror

The function of the mirror, in the subconscious of the older generation, is to organize the appearance, as for the shape , only square and round. But young people don't think so. They feel that since it is hung on the wall, if they can find other uses, for example, as a wall decoration, it will not be the best of both worlds. Therefore, when they buy mirrors, they will choose a variety of shapes they like, and even choose colors, which can echo with their homes. Therefore, the special-shaped mirror has become their first choice, not overwhelming, but also make the whole room lively and vivid.

3. Clothes hangers that only close half of the mouth

Older people are used to folding clothes, such as my mother, in the closet Nearly 2/3 of the clothes are folded. Although it is not troublesome to fold clothes, it is true that clothes that have been folded for a long time can be messed up in minutes. Therefore, young people choose to hang their clothes, including trousers, which is not only convenient for rummaging, but also keeps the wardrobe neat and tidy. For the sake of convenience, they also do not follow common sense in the selection of hangers, and choose hangers that only seal half of the mouth. Because it is much simpler to hang and take out the pants, no need to clip, no need to pull, just need to fold the rack in half, saving time and effort.

4. Mattress protectors

can be improvised and exquisite, which is of course the idea of ​​young people. For example, they don't like making mattresses, but they also notice that mattresses need protection. Therefore, they choose to put a protective cover on the mattress, which can wrap the mattress without having to swim like a mattress. In terms of principle, like a fitted sheet, in terms of material, it is thicker than a fitted sheet and softer than a mattress. The key is that if the bed is dirty, it can be washed directly in the washing machine, which is not too cool.

5, switch TV

In the eyes of elders, TV is TV, and the background wall is the background wall. The two can be matched with each other, Contrasted, but never one. But when it comes to young people, the TV is not only a TV, but also a display screen of various game equipment, and the background wall is decorated to meet their own preferences. That being the case, I can make the TV background wall look like my favorite gaming device. The cabinets on both sides are designed to look like switch handles. The internal structure is still a cabinet, and there are also storage functions, which are much more practical than ordinary TV background walls.

6. Washed cotton four-piece set

If the money is not bad, everyone likes the high-count four-piece set. The four-piece set has no grades. But today's young people don't think so. They think that the grades are not important, and they don't bring them to exhibitions. Bedding and comfort are the most important things. The wrinkled texture, dry and skin-friendly experience, even in the hottest summer, there will be no sticky feeling. Although there is no gorgeous appearance, it definitely belongs to the faction that is practical and durable.

7. Umbrella bucket

Umbrellas also need a special bucket for storage. Older people may not really understand, or even know Whisper, isn't this a waste of money? But it is these bizarre things that can attract the attention of young people. Put one at the door, store wet umbrellas on rainy days, and usually store rackets, cat sticks, drawing papers, and shoehorns. Insert them at will and take them easily. Although it took a little money, but one thing has multiple uses, the appearance is outstanding, and it is easy to use. It is absolutely worth it.

8. Truncated spoons

All spoons can be truncated. Is it safe to scoop? This is a soul torture from my mother. My answer is this, the spoon is not only for eating, but also for stirring. The cut-off section in the middle is a specially designed gap for hanging the side, like this, hang it on the cup after use. After listening to me, my mother gave me a blank eye. Also, she doesn't drink coffee, so she doesn't understand at all.

9. Ambient light strips

I am not saying, in the eyes of elders, whether a lamp looks good or not depends on the lampshade. But when it comes to young people, all the complex shapes are not needed, mainly because the hygiene is not easy to clean. They think that really good-looking lamps can enhance the atmosphere of the home, so they prefer to choose lamps that can bring a sense of atmosphere. This kind of water ripple lamp has a strong sense of atmosphere and is convenient to use. It can be directly adsorbed under the shelf of the cabinet. There is no need to wire in advance or leave a socket. When it is out of power, take it out and charge it. After charging, it can be adsorbed on. Moreover, when the automatic sensing mode is set, the lights will automatically turn on when people approach. The atmosphere and surprise, intelligence and convenience are incomparable with ordinary lights.

10. Electric meter hanging paintings

The electric meter box is as long as it is, and it is the same in every household. On the other hand, the older people don’t pay attention to it. Given its beauty, of course it doesn't feel ugly. If it's in a hidden corner, it's fine, but if it's on the bright side, it's hard not to notice it. Compared with the white wall, its color is abrupt and dazzling. As a young man, of course, I don't tolerate anything that spoils the appearance in my home, so I tried my best to transform it. The simplest and cheapest way is to hang a picture on it, which will not affect the normal opening of the meter box, and can also cover up the ugliness.​

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