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Her hardcover room cost 150,000 to renovate. After seeing the effect of the whole house, she felt that it was not a loss at all.

2023-02-03 08:04:44 [floor]
Her hardcover room cost 150,000 to renovate. After seeing the effect of the whole house, she felt that it was not a loss at all.

In fact, we are all familiar with the renovation of hardcover rooms. To be honest, hardcover rooms are more difficult than directly decorating rough rooms. If your home is also a hardcover room and you want to renovate it, I suggest that you can refer to some good cases and apply them to your home decoration reasonably, so as to avoid some detours and make it easier to produce results! I'm very happy to bring you this hardcover house from the owner's house. I originally thought that I wouldn't renovate it, but in the end I took the time and spent 150,000 small renovations, including furniture and home appliances. After seeing the effect of the whole house after the completion, I really feel that the renovation cost 150,000 yuan, which is not a loss at all, and it is very worthwhile. Now, let's take everyone to experience the experience together, and I hope you all like it! There is an independent entrance just after entering the house. According to the space of the entrance, a shoe cabinet with its own shoe changing stool is designed on the upper and lower floors. Several hooks are installed on the shoe changing stool, which can be used to hang bags or clothes in the future, which is very practical. The cabinets are all custom-made throughout the house, the quality and workmanship are not bad, and the details are also satisfactory. There is such a home shoe cabinet at home, which can easily store shoes or other things, which is very good. This is the restaurant. A square slate dining table is arranged. The space occupied is of the right size and position. It does not matter whether it is placed horizontally or vertically. And also designed a sideboard on the upper and lower floors, which can appropriately increase some storage space. In the middle of the sideboard, a socket is installed, which can be used conveniently in the future. And there is a kitchen next to it, and the cooked meals can be brought out quickly, making it easy to eat! This is the living room, the whole space is very large, and the sofa and coffee table are all good styles. There are not many paintings on the wall of the sofa, but just hanging one can have a very good decorative effect. The chandelier on the top has a high appearance and looks a bit like a model house. Taking into account the needs of the home, the TV wall is an indispensable part. The TV wall has a simple shape, directly paved with slate, added a customized TV cabinet, and added a bookcase design, which adds a pretty good storage space. So monotonous. When the TV is moved in directly, the effect will be more perfect and it will look more like home. To tell the truth, after making a TV wall, it seems that the space will not be monotonous and visually more atmospheric. The ground is covered with gray tiles, which are very stain-resistant. In addition, the ceiling is installed on the top surface, and the central air conditioner is installed, which is more satisfactory. After the renovation, the effect of the completion is invisible, and it was originally a model house. The style of the sofa and coffee table in the living room is not bad, especially the sofa, which is very comfortable to sit on. The coffee table in the middle also looks more individual, and the material of the slate is very resistant to dirt. When the time comes, I sit on the sofa and chat with my family or watch TV. It is very comfortable and I feel very happy! Repainted the walls for a better look. From this angle, the living room and the dining room are in the same space, and there is no partition in the middle, but the two spaces are divided by arranging furniture. From this point of view, the space is actually quite spacious. When the ceiling is installed on the top, metal lines are attached, which is particularly popular and adds a sense of fashion. The furniture has been added, and it has been cleaned up, and there is no dust at all. This is the children's room. Considering the needs of the children at home, the wardrobe and the desk cabinet are designed in one design, which makes the balcony space more reasonable and has a more sense of design and a better effect. The top surface is also installed with a suspended ceiling, and a curtain box is made, which is more beautiful. Ceiling lights are installed, with enough brightness. This is the parents' room. The bedside background wall is made, and the grille is added to make it more textured. At the same time, in order to highlight the effect, metal lines are also added to the top ceiling, which looks a bit like a hotel room. There is enough space on both sides of the bed to put the TV cabinet, which is really good! This is the master bedroom, with wedding photos hanging on the bedside wall, full of happiness. The customized wardrobe goes directly to the top, and there is no wasted space, but it is enough to meet the needs. It looks simple, but very comfortable. The sharing is over here. The whole house was remodeled before and after 150,000 yuan, including the furniture of the whole house. It is very worthwhile to see the effect of the whole house, and it is not a loss at all! The above pictures are reproduced: Sabrina/

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