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How to get rid of white bugs in the kitchen? How to ensure the kitchen is free from insects?

2023-02-03 07:16:58 [Wall decoration ]
How to get rid of white bugs in the kitchen? How to ensure the kitchen is free from insects?

The kitchen is where we process and cook food every day. As the saying goes, sickness comes in through the mouth, so it is necessary to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, otherwise it may cause physical discomfort. Because the kitchen often washes food and dishes, it will be relatively damp, and it is easy to leave food and grease, which are easy to breed insects and mice. So how do you get rid of white bugs in the kitchen?

How to get rid of white bugs in the kitchen

1. Improve the environment

A damp kitchen environment can cause small white insects to multiply. Activated charcoal can be used to protect the kitchen from moisture. Because activated charcoal protects against moisture and moisture, it can also eliminate odors in the kitchen and improve the kitchen environment so that white insects cannot thrive.

2. Insecticides

There are dense white insects in the kitchen, which can be removed with insecticides, which can effectively remove the insects in the kitchen White insects. When using pesticides, clean up pots, bowls, chopsticks and other utensils to avoid being sprayed with pesticides. It will cause adverse reactions to the human body after use.

3. Boil water

The kitchen is full of tiny white bugs. You can pour boiling water where there are small white worms. Use high-temperature boiling water to kill the small white bugs and eggs, and prevent the small white bugs from multiplying. Then wipe down the kitchen with a rag. Effectively removes small white bugs.

What is a white bug in the kitchen

The bugs that look like small white spots are "living bugs". Just spray salt water directly on the bug. However, if you want to get rid of it completely, you need to spray salt water for a long time, and you should spray some salt water every time you see it, preferably in various corners of the kitchen often. The tiny white bugs can dehydrate and die when they encounter salt water, but because they are so small, even if they are dehydrated, humans can't see it. This small white worm usually comes from rice and noodles. As long as the rice noodles are kept in a dry and airtight environment, there is usually no problem. In addition, it is also necessary to clean up leftovers and spoiled food in time, so as not to give insects and mice an opportunity.

How to keep the kitchen insect free

1. Clean up the kitchen more

When cooking, there will be a lot of food on the kitchen counter. There will inevitably be some odors and water stains left on the kitchen counter. It's easy to attract bugs. It is recommended to scrub the counter with detergent every two days to keep it clean. tidy.

2. Brush more crevices

It is best to use a small brush every two weeks to scrub the kitchen drain openings, cabinets and tile walls The gaps in between to remove eggs or pimples hidden in these places, which can effectively prevent kitchen bugs.

3. Reduce the humidity in the kitchen

Ensure timely cleaning of dead spots in the kitchen and good ventilation. Usually, indoor humidity is best controlled between 50%-60%, and the same is true for kitchens. It's best to prevent mold growth and cut off food sources.

4. Spray pesticides

You can go to the health and epidemic prevention station or supermarket to buy some low-toxic pesticides and dilute them with water , and then spray it on corners where insects often travel. If some insecticides are sprayed regularly, it can effectively suppress and kill insects.

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