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How to fix windy windows whistle? What causes the whistling sound of windy windows?

2023-02-03 04:55:06 [workmanship ]
How to fix windy windows whistle? What causes the whistling sound of windy windows?

Windy weather is also a situation we often encounter. If the wind is strong enough, people and even objects can be blown away and overturned. When the weather is blowing, even if we close the windows, it is easy to have the whistling sound of the wind, and even make a whistle-like sound, which is especially loud, especially in high-rise buildings. So what if the windy windows have whistles?

How to fix a windy window whistle

1. Check the windows. First, check that the windows are closed tightly. In high winds, windows may not be closed tightly, resulting in whistling. Second, if the window is still rattling when it is tightly closed, you can check the window for cracks. If there are cracks, please replace the window in time to avoid damage. 2. Install the draft shield. When the wind is particularly strong, in order to prevent the windows from whistling, we can install windscreens, and install sound insulation materials and thick curtains to block them. Prevents indoor and outdoor air convection, which can cause window glass to crack. 3. Replace the window material. Due to the long lifespan of some windows, the material of the windows will age. When there is a strong wind outside, it will shake violently. At this point, you may consider changing to a harder window material.

Does the wind blowing whistle in the window at home mean that the window is not closed properly

It is possible that the window is not closed tightly, and the sealing of the window is not very good. The reason why the whistle sound is because the sound is generated by vibration. If the window is not closed tightly or the window seal is not good, the wind will cause vibration through the gap, which will make a whistle-like sound. First, to find out the cause of the noise, first check the window frame for foreign objects. If there is a foreign object in the window frame, the window cannot be closed tightly, which will increase the wind noise. Please clean up the foreign objects in the frame in time to ensure that the window can be closed tightly. Then check whether the window frame is deformed, check whether there is a gap between the window and the wall, if there is a gap, there may be air leakage. At this time, we can use materials such as filler or tape. Seal it so that the wind whistles can be effectively avoided.

Why are windy windows whistling

The slender whip vibrates violently in the air, so that the whip will drive a vortex in the air, making the air vibrate and make a sound. The same is true for the sound of the wind blowing the branches. Behind the acute angle or gap, this vortex is also formed when the wind blows, and the whistling sound is produced, and the pitch of the sound changes with the strength of the wind. Wind is actually a phenomenon caused by airflow. Gas itself does not produce sound. The wind sound you hear is actually the vibration wave generated when the gas flows against the resistance and vibrates, and the frequency of the vibration wave can be heard by the human ear, so it becomes the sound of the wind. Obviously, there would be no wind noise if there were no objects blocking it.

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