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Everyone knows the dry area of ​​the bathroom, but these 3 details are not superficial, they are all losses that others have suffered

2023-02-03 03:15:21 [floor ]
Everyone knows the dry area of ​​the bathroom, but these 3 details are not superficial, they are all losses that others have suffered

When decorating the bathroom, many people will choose to separate the basin area, on the one hand, to achieve the separation of dry and wet, and on the other hand to avoid crowding during the peak washing period. There is also a very important reason: good ventilation to avoid mold and odor. Today, let's talk about the design of the bathroom dry area! These 3 designs, I will tell you in detail, they are all the experience summed up after suffering losses, so that you will not step on the pit in the next decoration. The wall, roof and floor of the dry area are moved to the outside basin area, generally like this: ▲ solid wall partition▼ ​​glass partition ■ Between the internal wet area, it can be a solid wall partition or a glass partition; ■ Between it and the outer aisle, it can be a solid wall partition, glass partition, glass brick partition, or direct open design: ▲ Glass brick partition ▼Open design The independent bathroom dry area may not have a strong sense of existence, but it is open In the dry area, you must pay attention to the coordination with the entire public area. Suggestions: 1. The same color tone on the wall and the public area: as shown in the above picture, the dry area wall should choose the same color as the forest green in the public area. "Mr. Fei Mo, there is water in the dry area of ​​the bathroom, is it suitable to use latex paint on the wall?" "Yes~" Since the dry area does not use as much water as the shower area, you can choose a wall above the basin under the premise of waterproofing. Paint, and still choose wall tiles below: ▲ Terrazzo▼ Special-shaped bricks Therefore, in the choice of wall tiles, terrazzo and special-shaped bricks are good choices. 2. Regarding the dry area where the top surface is moved to the outside, it is recommended to choose a waterproof gypsum board ceiling for the top surface, which is consistent with the public area: ▲ The gypsum ceiling ▼ is consistent with the wall paint. Wall paint that matches the wall. 3. Regarding the ground of the dry area on the ground, it is possible to continue the common paving with floor tiles: ▲ Floor tiles are fully paved ▼ Small flower bricks can also be used as hexagonal bricks and small flower bricks for partial embellishment. Function expansion of the dry area Do you think the dry area of ​​the bathroom can only be used for washing? No, no, friends, spread your thinking, it can also be used as: ① Laundry and housekeeping area The laundry and housekeeping area is placed here, and it is also very convenient to directly throw the dirty clothes into the washing machine after taking a shower. In order to use the space more rationally, washing machines and dryers are generally embedded in the cabinet. The size of the cabinet can be referred to: ●The height is best to stand upright, combined with the ceiling, about 2400mm. ●The depth depends on different models of washing machines, generally around 600mm, and the size of the electrical appliance needs to be determined in advance. ② Dressing table This 60-square-meter home in China Resources Happiness is to borrow a little balcony space on the basis of the original bathroom, expand the dry area of ​​the bathroom, put the dressing table here, and directly put on makeup after washing. The most time-saving. Regarding the washbasin, since the dry area is mentioned, the washbasin and the bathroom cabinet are both necessary components. There are three types of basins: Taichung basin, over-counter basin, under-counter basin▲ Taichung basin▼ Above-counter basin, Taiwan-middle basin, relatively speaking, neutralizes the advantages of the other two types of basins, and is firm and easy to clean. The biggest bug of the countertop basin is that it is inconvenient to clean, because the basin and the countertop are fixed with glue, which is prone to mold after a long time. In addition, some people feel that the countertop basin protrudes from the surface, which is inconvenient to use. △ Under-counter basin The under-counter basin is the choice of most decorators. It is clean and easy to use. However, it also has a small disadvantage, it is easy to fall off if it is not installed properly... There is nothing perfect in the world, and roses still have thorns, right? Every design should give full play to the maximum effect of the space on the basis of considering the actual use, and the dry area of ​​the bathroom is not the only possibility.

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