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I don't care about luxury houses, 130 square meters of modern style, a family does not need to be luxurious, comfortable enough

2023-02-03 07:29:54 [Materials ]
I don't care about luxury houses, 130 square meters of modern style, a family does not need to be luxurious, comfortable enough

Time is in a hurry, don't miss the sunrise and sunset~ In the high-frequency urban life, we are used to almost everything, the same house, the same decoration, and the same way of life. Yet this tamed cognition obscures too many things. Therefore, many people want to find a comfortable balance between fast-paced and slow life. Busy work needs to stop properly to relieve stress, and life that winds up needs poetry and distant nourishment. "Qiuye" Design Style: Modern Style Project Area: 130㎡ Project Address: Anhui-Bozhou Design Team: Feimo Design Team Construction Team: Anhui Feimo Design Whole House Customization: Anhui Feimo Custom Design Description The owner is an old Feimo The client, this house is in Bozhou, mainly to go back to live during the festivals. The male owner hopes to have a small space of his own to drink tea or smoke to relieve the pressure of life and work, while the female owner has a peaceful personality and feels that the home must have enough storage and be clean and tidy. ▲ Original apartment type▼ Design effect Living room Do not. When it comes to modern style, many people think of large white walls, shiny floors, and expensive and luxurious decorations. However, home is the home of life. What really makes people feel comfortable and free does not necessarily lie in how expensive the material and how limited the style is, but in having their own main idea and being able to realize it with the help of the designer. #The living room is developed in milk and coffee tones, using deconstruction to superimpose and integrate the space with the natural environment and technological atmosphere. There is no extra decoration in the living room, only a hanging picture on the background wall of the sofa lays out the visual texture, and the dreamy curtain that extends to the balcony casts the light of nature, which is a tacit tranquility in life. There is no partition between the living room and the balcony, which are independent of each other and achieve each other. Restaurant Dining room knows how to enjoy, and also knows how to love the world. Success may be to obtain considerable wealth, but those who know how to enjoy must also know how to love. In the hurried life journey, sometimes, we may need some "meaningless beauty", such as cooking a meal in a kitchen with reasonable circulation and proper storage, and sharing it with family members happily. Modern Fireworks# The restaurant adopts a combination of island and dining table, which is practical and artistic. It is a fusion of Western modernity and oriental fireworks. There is hot water at the right temperature in the drinking machine on the sideboard of the romantic delicacy in the world, and the sockets carefully reserved by the designer are ready for the electrical appliances purchased in the future. Everything reveals the love and expectation of life. Master bedroom#The silver sandalwood veneer parapet is combined with latex paint to form a good layering effect. After a summer of precipitation, autumn quietly resisted the weather in a timely manner. The leaves fell and the night was cold. A comfortable sleeping environment was more important than anything else. The simple table lamp at the head of the bed is the star in the dark night, and the moonlight outside the house makes you have a good night's sleep. Daughter's room Bedroom# uses custom cabinets to superimpose the functions of rest, storage, study and work in this small space, and explore various possibilities of design and craftsmanship. The color tone consistent with the living room and the simple asymmetrical chandelier design bring a high-quality texture to this space of less than 10 square meters. #The balcony connected to the daughter's room is suitable for leisure and storage. A socket is reserved on the countertop, which can be used to boil water and make tea, which is convenient for daily living. Cloakroom Cloakroom abandons a small bedroom, but also builds a cloakroom, no matter how many clothes are not afraid. The cloakroom is entered through the arched door, and the sense of ceremony is instantly filled. There is an open "secondary clean area" indoors, as well as a clothes hanging area, a stacking area and a drawer small clothes storage area with clear partitions. The grooved handle of the wooden cabinet door echoes the Changhong frosted glass cabinet door. Through woodwork, light and shadow, and design blanks, the space presents the texture of a movie. I don't like luxury houses, I just like such a warm and comfortable home, and I won't get tired of watching it many times. It's really my dream home! It doesn't need to be luxurious for a family to live in, it's comfortable enough. Living in a noisy and lively city, many people ridicule us that we are just "living". Everyone struggled to survive, as if everything needed a reason. However, in order to make "alive" full of "life", you only need to "slow down" in a timely manner, look at your current life from a different angle, and find a simple way of life.

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