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The decoration of a female protagonist in Jiangxi is on fire. The hard decoration of 127 square meters only cost 50,000. Netizens are frying after seeing it.

2023-02-03 07:41:13 [Wall decoration ]
The decoration of a female protagonist in Jiangxi is on fire. The hard decoration of 127 square meters only cost 50,000. Netizens are frying after seeing it.

The new house decoration case in this issue: a female protagonist in Jiangxi has a hot decoration. The 127 square meters hard decoration only cost 50,000 yuan. The natural effect of the renovated house is also different. But the interesting thing is that the more money you spend, the better the decoration will be. Those families who refuse "over-decoration" and insist on "simple decoration" and "poor decoration" may end up with very advanced effects. The case that I will share with you in this issue of [Showroom] is a typical example. A female protagonist from Jiangxi @ Orange Orange Girl, although her house has a building area of ​​127 square meters, it only cost 50,000 yuan for the hardware. A mere 50,000 yuan, what effect can it pretend? However, when it was posted on the Internet, netizens instantly "fried the pot". Because of such a budget, the house that has been installed is so elegant and high-end~ Next, let's follow the author's pictures and texts to see what the decoration of the heroine's house is like. Let's talk about the basic situation of the house first: the building area is 127 square meters, and 98 square meters after removing the public stall (for such a high public stall, it is obvious that the heroine purchased a high-rise). The layout of the whole house is four bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms. Because it is not a first-tier city, the total house price of the house is not high, and the monthly payment is even less than 2,000 yuan. At present, the hard decoration of the house has been completed, with a total cost of 50,000 yuan, and the soft decoration is being matched. Let's take a look at the actual shooting effect:

Living room

The living room feels "empty", minimalist and atmosphere. In the specific decoration project: the ground is wooden floor, and it is directly paved to the balcony, and even the sliding door of the balcony is "broken". Such a decision will of course further enhance the spatial vision of the living room. Lighting and ventilation have also been improved. The walls are not shaped, and even the TV wall is just painted with latex paint. The coffee table and TV cabinet are also invisible. Such a decoration decision is honestly very bold. The living room did not make too complicated ceilings, but only retained the surrounding lamp ceilings. What's more daring is that the living room does not install crystal lamps, net red lights, or even traditional ceiling lights like most families. In its place is a small spotlight. Obviously, such a bold design is something that the decoration company could not come up with. In fact, the "log style" decoration tone and details of the whole house are all designed by the heroine herself. Entering the living room, another attractive place is the "arch". As a popular Internet celebrity decoration, the shape of the French arch is really high in appearance. Although the experience requirements of the decoration master are relatively high, once the decoration is completed, the sense of sophistication is obvious to all.


do not install balcony sliding doors, which is the choice of many young people nowadays. Because in the eyes of this young generation, a large space and a good vision are the direction to pursue. The large floor-to-ceiling windows on the balcony are very eye-catching. The broken bridge aluminum window with an overall cost of 7,800 yuan has outstanding advantages in air tightness, sound insulation and thermal insulation. In fact, in previous decoration topics, I have mentioned more than once that if the balcony is not equipped with sliding doors, it must be willing to invest in the windows. Because the balcony sliding door itself is a sound insulation and thermal insulation barrier. If you remove it, you must work on the windows. Otherwise, the energy consumption of air conditioners in summer and winter will increase, and the indoor noise will also increase. After the wooden floor is laid, the balcony and the living room are almost integrated. But there is one thing to say, the balcony should actually be replaced with "wood grain bricks", after all, the balcony is the most vulnerable to exposure and humidity. The wooden floor is afraid of high temperature exposure and humidity, otherwise it is easy to bulge and mold. Therefore, in the usual rainy weather, it is recommended that the window of the heroine should be closed. Of course, the storage cabinet on the balcony is undeniably worthy of reference. The one-door-to-top style not only reduces dust accumulation, but also greatly increases storage space.


In order to maintain the overall "log style" tone, the tables and chairs of the restaurant are selected log color plates. Speaking of dining tables, let’s talk about the slate dining table that is gaining popularity here. As a smash hit building material, slate is essentially a ceramic tile. Except for its high hardness and thin thickness, it has no special advantages. And its "fragile" feature is easy to step on the pit. Therefore, it is better to choose a dining table with wooden planks. In addition, careful netizens will find that the heroine also put a lot of thought into choosing the restaurant lamps. This kind of wood-colored lamps with hazy colors can indeed add a lot of sophistication.


When many netizens saw the kitchen designed by the heroine, they were really frying. "I have seen quartz stone countertops, slate countertops, and stainless steel countertops. I have seen this wooden countertop once!" "Aren't you afraid of getting wet?" "I really don't understand this decoration decision"... In fact, the female protagonist chose a wooden countertop, in my opinion, it is obviously also to maintain the overall "log color" tone. After all, the kitchen is open-plan, so you can "see it all" in the living room. The wood-colored countertop will naturally appear more harmonious. As for the "moisture" problem that netizens are worried about, there is actually no need to worry too much, because the heroine has already painted wood wax oil on these wooden countertops. On the floor of the kitchen, the hostess lays wood-grain bricks, which is no problem at all, after all, the kitchen is also a place where water splashes easily. Wood grain tiles can not only ensure the unity of the decoration style, but also avoid the shortcomings of wood floors that are afraid of moisture. On the ceiling, there is no standard installation of an open kitchen, that is, a "gypsum board ceiling". In fact, it is a wise decision to choose an aluminum gusset ceiling like the heroine. Because the aluminum gusset ceiling is durable, it is not afraid of moisture and will not deform, and it can be disassembled repeatedly, which is much more practical than gypsum board. In traditional kitchens, many people will install a lot of hanging cabinets to increase storage capacity. But in the hostess' kitchen, there are not many wall cabinets. On the side where the dishes are prepared, although there are no hanging cabinets installed on the wall, some "layer boards" are installed. The design of the laminate is very beautiful, and of course it is also practical. However, you need to pay attention to the problem of dust accumulation in the later stage.


The bedroom is made of "double eyelid ceiling", which not only does not compress the height of the floor, but also satisfies the aesthetics. After all, the space of the bedroom is originally small, so it will obviously be very depressing to make the whole house ceiling. In the decoration of the ground, the heroine still chooses the wooden floor. Although the cost of wooden floor is relatively high, its foot feel is much stronger than that of ceramic tile. The background wall of the entire bedroom has no special craftsmanship or shape, so such a minimalist bedroom gives people a warmer feeling. In fact, the decoration of the bedroom does not need to be too luxurious, after all, this is a space for rest and sleep. A study like


, although minimalist, has won many praises from netizens. The same wood color floor and double eyelid ceiling make the study space more abundant. And the simple desk, once again embodies the "practical" incisively and vividly. But there is one thing to say, the lamps in the study and bedroom are actually not worth investing in. Because this kind of net red light fixture with high appearance value is actually very easy to accumulate dust. It is better to choose a minimalist ceiling lamp. For example, the following: When many people think that the ceiling lamp is eliminated, it is unexpected that this kind of lamp installed against the ceiling is actually the most practical. Not only the dust accumulation is reduced, but the damage rate of the ceiling lamp is also very low. ——END——

Write at the end:

On the whole, the house of the hostess is not very luxuriously decorated, but it is undeniable that she The overall style and tone are accurate. And this seemingly minimalist decoration design is actually the most outdated decoration decision. In the final analysis, there is no unified standard and answer for decoration. What you like and meet your budget is the best. (This topic is the original of "Beauty Home Guide", the pictures are from the Internet, and the infringement can be deleted by contacting, thank you)

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