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When making whole house customization, how to choose the board to reduce the formaldehyde content?

2023-02-03 07:54:42 [Materials ]
When making whole house customization, how to choose the board to reduce the formaldehyde content?

How to choose the board is one of the important steps in the customization of the whole house. The more environmentally friendly the board selected, the less formaldehyde content can be minimized. Therefore, this issue will discuss the topic of sheet metal. 1. Knowledge of board types Solid wood board: As the name suggests, it is the combination of solid wood and board. The advantages are relatively less formaldehyde, environmentally friendly and durable, and the texture is natural and beautiful. The disadvantage is that the cost performance is not high, not only expensive, but also troublesome to maintain and prevent insects. Ecological board: The board core is made of small wooden strips, the surface is glued, and a layer of thin wood is pressed, which is quite environmentally friendly. However, the ecological board is easy to deform and is afraid of moisture, so it is suitable for use as a cabinet in the bedroom or other dry space. Multi-layer board: It is made of multiple layers of pure wood boards that are glued together, which is not very environmentally friendly. However, the multi-layer board is moisture-proof and anti-deformation, and the bearing capacity is also good. Suitable for kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors and other furniture. Particle Board: This is the most widely used and most popular board on the market. It not only has high environmental protection coefficient and high appearance, but also has good load-bearing and moisture resistance, and is not easy to deform. It is the choice of many imported big-name furniture. Fiberboard: It is made of wood powder and glue by hot pressing. The environmental protection coefficient is very low, the bearing capacity is relatively poor, and it is not moisture-proof. The owners in the south mainly use it with caution. 2. Precautions for the purchase of plates The first is the environmental protection level of the plate. According to national regulations, as long as the plate test report reaches the E1 level, it can be used. When purchasing, let the merchant show the inspection certificate with the CMA logo to be considered genuine! The second is the calculation of the price of the plate. Usually, the merchant will calculate the price by two calculation methods, the projected area and the expanded area, and the difference will not be big. But we should focus on what can be included in the quotation, such as several drawers, several partitions, standard size, quantity of various materials, brand, craftsmanship, etc. The more detailed the better. The last is brand choice. Although domestic brands are cheaper than imported brands, the environmental protection and durability are similar. The imported board is mainly particle board, and the environmental protection level has reached E0 or ENF level. Particle board, domestic brands also have strong sales.

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