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Is the sound of the bed related to the mattress? What to do when the bed squeaks?

2023-04-02 01:20:13 [floor ]
Is the sound of the bed related to the mattress? What to do when the bed squeaks?

The bed is one of the essential furniture in the family, choose a comfortable bed and mattress, sleep will be more stable. So, is the sound of the bed related to the mattress? If your bed squeaks when you move it, it's obviously not good quality. Next, let's take a look at how to deal with the creaking sound when the bed is moved!

Is the sound of the bed related to the mattress?

It is not the mattress, but the quality of the bed. The reasons are as follows: 1 . It may be the problem of the wooden bed itself, because the wooden bed is usually a complex formed by the inlay between the planks and the planks, so the sound of the wooden bed may be that the inlaid place is not handled well, so the bed plank or the connected bed plank should be A thick layer of cloth for the bed rail. 2. It may be the sound caused by the loose connection between the end of the bed and the bed rail. Then, it can be reinforced with corner codes and there will be no sound.

What to do if the bed squeaks

1. Put something soft on the tripod (where the bedding is), either paper or cloth, preferably rubber, the bed should be flat, and a little unevenness will make a noise. 2. Find a firmer bed. 3. It may be that the connection between the bed legs and the bed frame is loose, so you need to tighten the screws. This is because the contraction of the wood creates the sound of the joints rubbing loose. 4. The solution to this problem completely. Dismantle all tenons. Add glue. (The hole is too big and sawdust) Reinstall. will do. Note that glue cannot be used after opening and moving. Plastic film can be used, such as pads into tenons. 5. Pay attention to the protection of the solid wood bed when using the solid wood bed, which can effectively reduce the sound of the solid wood bed.

Which material is better for a home bed

1. For family beds, you can choose solid wood beds, because solid wood bed glue is rarely used in the production process, so it will protect the environment better, and the life of solid wood beds is relatively long. The bed is about five times as long as the board, but the solid wood bed is easy to deform during use and is not easy to maintain. 2. The plank bed is not only easy to install, affordable, but also not prone to cracking, deformation and other problems during use, and the style is also very simple, but because the hardware connection of the plank bed is not very firm, there will be a problem of loosening after long-term use, and Environmental protection is also relatively poor. 3. The cloth bed usually uses flannel, linen and cotton as the main materials. The pattern and hand feel are comfortable, and it can also create a warmer room atmosphere. However, the cloth bed is easy to breed mites, so it should be cleaned regularly during use.

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