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How to choose a sofa? Experts teach you 5 tricks, no need to worry about lost wages

2022-12-05 01:34:53 [workmanship ]
How to choose a sofa? Experts teach you 5 tricks, no need to worry about lost wages

Yesterday, a treasurer told me that the sofa he bought in the store had peeled off the skin and slag in less than three months. As soon as I heard it, I was angry. As a fan of mine, I would still be tricked by others! No, Xiaoqi is coming to help. If you want to buy a sofa to avoid being scammed, you have to learn to ask this question. 01. Ask the boss what is the weight of this sofa? When you see something you like, don't ask the price as soon as you come up, you can ask the weight of the sofa first, and the boss knows that someone who knows how to do it is here. Why ask that? Because whether the sofa is a solid wood frame, the wood species of the solid wood frame and the density of the sponge used for the seat cushion can be reflected in the overall weight, and they are all positively related to the weight, so the general sofa can be judged roughly by weight. ▲The higher the weight, the better the quality. 02. Ask the boss if the sofa is genuine leather? The leather of the sofa is very important, I believe everyone knows this. We can first ask the boss if it is genuine leather. If he says it is genuine leather, let him take the corresponding leather color card and compare it to see if it is the same. The color card is also easy to identify, the leather will have radial wrinkles when pressed by hand, but the fake leather does not. In addition, if some sofas can see the cross section of the leather, you should observe it. The cross section of the leather should have no obvious layering, and there should be flocculent fluff on the back. If not, then what the boss said must be false. 03. Ask the boss whether it is full leather or half leather? If the comparison is really genuine leather, don't rush to place an order, but also ask whether it is full leather or half leather? Full leather, as the name suggests, is all leather where the leather is used. Semi-leather means that the armrests, seats, and backrests that can be touched are genuine leather, and the places that cannot be touched by the sides and back are not genuine leather. In fact, there is not much difference in the use of semi-leather. The key is in price. The cost difference between a full-leather sofa and a half-leather sofa can be one third. I'm afraid that if you don't ask, black-hearted merchants will sell you half leather as full leather, making you spend more money. In addition, Xiaoqi reminds: do not choose matte leather sofas, even the leather of imported brands is just as difficult to take care of. 04. Ask the boss what material is the cushion padding? If the boss says it's doll cotton, don't think about it, the resilience is poor, and it is easy to collapse after a long time. If it is a sponge, don't choose a sofa with low density sponge. It is prone to collapse after long-term use. At that time, your sofa will have two or three big holes. Don't choose all-latex material. Although the sitting feeling is very good, it is easy to age and slag after using it for two or three years. To choose the one-piece 45D high-density rebound sponge, it is not only comfortable to sit on, but also more durable. 05. Ask the boss what material the sofa frame is made of? Do not buy pure bandages for the sofa frame. Although it has good elasticity, it is easy to break if it is overloaded alone. Buy a solid wood frame + serpentine spring + bandage, so that the sofa with combined frame will not be prone to noise and breakage, and it will be more convenient to use. Comfortable. 06. What material is the back cover of the sofa? Good furniture can definitely stand up to you turning it upside down, and sofas with good craftsmanship are generally cloth back covers. You must not buy a sofa with a non-woven back cover. It will lose slag after a few months. If you have to move it, you will also dig a hole. At that time, it will be all its problems to hide dirt. Regarding the size of the sofa, Xiaoqi has also compiled a copy. You can buy it as a reference: In fact, the more you know about anything, the less you will suffer. The reason why we are trapped is because the information is not equal. Your baby can buy comfortable, beautiful and cost-effective sofas!

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