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How do you renovate your home so that it stays in order after you move in?

2022-10-07 03:54:27 [workmanship ]
How do you renovate your home so that it stays in order after you move in?

Your beautifully renovated house, after a year and a half of moving in, what does it look like now? —Is it still orderly, or is it cluttered? I am afraid that most people's houses are more chaotic the more they live, why is this so? How to prevent the new house from becoming more and more chaotic? How can I keep my house in good order for a long time? 1. The storage habit is the root cause of the fact that many people's houses become more chaotic the more they live. The reason is that there is no storage habit at all! Without good storage habits, the used things will be thrown around, no matter how big the house will be, and the house will be messy; ▲The habit of storage and organization is the basis for keeping your home in good order. 2. There should be enough storage. Each space should be equipped with a corresponding storage cabinet - a shoe cabinet in the entrance, a sideboard in the dining room, a TV cabinet in the living room, a wardrobe and a bedside table in the bedroom, and a bathroom cabinet in the bathroom. Kitchens should have cabinets and hanging cabinets, and balconies should have housework cabinets... and each space has a corresponding storage cabinet, so that the sundries can be stored and the countertops should be kept simple and free of objects. ▲ There is a lot of storage, especially for small units. At the same time, in order to make the storage cabinet larger, it is recommended that the cabinets in the home should be customized, such as the TV wall - using the traditional finished TV cabinet, only a few small drawers are used for storage, while the custom TV wall can make the entire TV wall The storage cabinet greatly increases the storage space. ▲Storage TV wall, more powerful storage. 3. Storage should be easy. The reason why many people do not have storage habits is mainly because the storage design is unreasonable and it is not easy to use! Therefore, if you want to develop good storage habits and keep your home in good order, the storage design must be smooth and reasonable! For example, the bottom of the shoe cabinet is left empty. After going home and changing shoes, you can kick the shoes into the bottom empty layer. There is no need to open the cabinet door. Shoes are left empty, and the entrance door is not messy. On the mirror cabinet of the bathroom cabinet, there are empty storage compartments for toothpaste, toothbrush and water cup, which can be easily accessed every time you brush your teeth, which is convenient and keeps the washbasin simple; ▲The water cup and toothbrush are easy to store, and the washbasin is more concise. All cabinets in the home should be both open and closed. Some uncommon and low-value sundries should be stored in closed storage cabinets; while commonly used or high-value items can be placed on the open grid , so that storage and practicality are correct; then the drawer can be pulled out to find things, which is more convenient to use than ordinary cabinet doors. ▲The classification and storage are good, and the drawer cabinet is more convenient to find things. 4. Control the desire to shop and reduce unnecessary shopping. The more you buy, the easier it is to become chaotic. When you buy some new items at home, you should repeatedly reflect on yourself – is this item really necessary? In fact, when many people buy things, they are prone to impulse purchases, but they find that the thing (such as a treadmill) is not used at all after moving home. After buying something that is not needed, it is still very new after a period of time, and it is lost. It's a pity that it doesn't take up space. ▲Unless it is a large villa, treadmills should be used with caution. Therefore, when buying things, especially large items, you must think clearly, do not spend blindly, waste money and waste space at home. 5. Exquisite storage tips: Some corner spaces are difficult to use in ordinary storage methods, so special storage props are needed, such as the empty wall of the kitchen and the position behind the bathroom door, which can be installed with hooks and other items for use Flexible storage of various small objects; ▲The corners are stored well, and the results are multiplied with half the effort. And some low-value but commonly used items, such as tissue paper, can be put into a delicate box with the help of a delicate tissue box, and become a decorative element consistent with the home style, improving the design value of the home space. ▲The tissue storage box makes the paper draw harmoniously match the space. If you want the house to stay organized for a long time, you must first cultivate good storage habits, and then have enough storage space, and the storage cabinets should be easy to use; in addition, you should also reduce the purchase of unnecessary things , to avoid wasting storage space; at the same time, it is necessary to make use of some corner space, and improve the style of home space through exquisite storage objects.

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