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What is the best way to buy home appliances? These 7 kinds of commonly used home appliances selection tips, share with you

2023-04-01 23:29:43 [Materials ]
What is the best way to buy home appliances? These 7 kinds of commonly used home appliances selection tips, share with you

When it comes to home decoration, buying appliances can be said to be a major expense. How to buy cheap, not to be tricked, and to choose cost-effective ones on the premise of ensuring practicality has always been a difficult problem. So, how to buy some common household appliances at home is the most suitable? Today, let's talk about the general method with you!

I. How to choose a refrigerator

The first thing you should pay attention to is the refrigerator, which is to buy an air-cooled inverter. It can ensure quietness and energy saving during operation, and at the same time, it is not easy to frost, and it is much more convenient to clean and take care of. You can also refer to other parameters - for example, try to buy more than 500L capacity to meet the food storage needs of a family of three for a week; try to buy first-class energy efficiency to save more electricity; try to buy dual-cycle, better refrigeration and preservation effect, these are Options are available, depending on your budget.

Second, how to choose a TV

If you want an excellent visual experience, then the TV recommends that you buy a true 4K RGB TV, which determines the quality and The first step of color is also the most critical step. Secondly, pay attention to the current Internet TV, try to buy a TV with large memory, quad-core or above CPU, and no advertisements, which can ensure the convenience of future use.

3. How to choose a washing machine

Washing machines are also commonly used appliances in the home. It is relatively simple to choose. Remember to buy a front-loading washing machine with a BLDC motor and wash If the ratio is above 1.03, as long as it is a little brand, there will be no major problems in general functions. The capacity is recommended to be more than 10KG, and it can wash some large textiles. As for some other additional functions, it is still the same sentence, depending on the demand and budget~

4. How to choose an air conditioner< /h1> I suggest that you buy a variable frequency air conditioner if it is on for a long time, and a fixed frequency when the air conditioner is on. Naturally, the higher the cooling capacity, the better, and you should pay attention to energy efficiency, try to buy first- or second-level energy efficiency, If it is lower, it will really cost electricity.

5. How to choose a gas stove

I now recommend that you buy a cheaper domestically produced gas stove, because the physical sensation of using it is not much different than that of the gas stove. Many imports of the same level can be hundreds of cheaper. The panel should be made of tempered glass, and the stove is fully ventilated, so there is generally no problem in using it.

Six, how to choose a water heater

If you buy a gas water heater, it is recommended that you buy a strong exhaust type, 13L or more, if you have one kitchen and two bathrooms, the most Good 16L, to meet the needs of a family of three. And it should be noted that the water tank is preferably oxygen-free pure copper, which will be more durable.

Seven. Dishwasher

Finally, let’s talk about the dishwasher. I suggest that you buy a dishwasher with an inverter motor with spray arm and hot air drying function. , It is best to have more than 10 sets, you can wash pots. For example, some small-sized sink dishwashers and table dishwashers are unnecessary, and the practicality is greatly reduced. All in all, these are the rough selection methods of the above 7 common household appliances. I wonder if your home has chosen the right one? ~ (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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