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50㎡, the home of a young lady in Shanghai, retro and bright + exquisite storage, so good at dressing

2022-10-07 06:41:35 [Materials ]
50㎡, the home of a young lady in Shanghai, retro and bright + exquisite storage, so good at dressing

Copy editor: Although the area of ​​Lao Zeng's house is only 50 square meters, the interior decoration is comparable to a small-scale decoration textbook. Let's take a look below~

Use the "space opening method" skillfully to make the interior spacious and bright

The house is a post-90s child My sister bought it to work nearby. It is located in an old community in Putuo. Because of its small area and old age, the locals like to call this type of house "old and broken". Before it was renovated, the house was not only dilapidated, but also had no dining and living room; guests could only be entertained in the bedroom when they came to visit, which was extremely inconvenient. During the renovation, at the suggestion of the designer, the owner knocked out the non-load-bearing partition wall between the kitchen and the bedroom, reduced the size of the bedroom and replaced the partition wall with a brushed glass partition. After the layout adjustment, although each area cannot have an independent closed space like a large apartment, this decoration method that can be opened up makes the visual space appear bright and spacious, and the space has also been used more rationally.

Create a hall out of nothing to make the space orderly

Although young people don’t believe in the old saying that “open the door and see the kitchen, money is wasted” , but the kitchen is not always so visually beautiful when the door is opened. In addition to a built-in shoe cabinet on the right side of the entrance door, the left side also uses the depth of the stove to make a shoe cabinet partition. With the partition of the shoe cabinet, it not only blocks the kitchen, but also makes the porch more orderly and orderly, and also increases the storage space. Going through the entrance, the L-shaped cabinet is closely connected with the shoe cabinet, and the upper white and lower blue echo with the shoe cabinet, which is very layered; the dark blue cabinet door is elegantly retro and high-end under the embellishment of golden handles. It looks bright and refreshing under the contrast.

The dining table and island are cleverly connected, beautiful, practical and holistic

The location of the refrigerator is exactly where the partition wall used to be according to the owner. Now, an upright cabinet is used as a partition, and the refrigerator is hidden in it; this makes the cabinet unobtrusive, and also plays the role of regional separation, making the two spaces transparent, visually and independent from each other. Although the Nakajima table takes up some space, no matter from which angle I look at the dining table, I find that the appearance of the Nakajima table acts as a foil; it makes the dining table less isolated and has a more visual sense of integrity, giving people a sense of Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs for visual enjoyment. The island is about 20 centimeters higher than the dining table, giving people a layered sense of staggered heights, which also solves the embarrassment that the dining table cannot be installed against the wall. Computers are also very convenient. In terms of storage design, a row of 35 cm thick storage cabinets opposite the sofa extends from the door of the bathroom to the entrance of the bedroom; in this way, all the daily sundries can be hidden in the cabinet, and the interior can be kept clean and tidy even after years of stacking. As for the cabinet, although it takes up some space, the white push-back rebound door weakens the presence of the cabinet. With the blessing of the two alcove designs, it stretches again, so that the space with a width of 3.4 meters is visually unparalleled. Not crowded.

The bedroom is partitioned with Changhong glass, which is light, shaded, spacious and transparent

The living room can be divided and combined with each other, and can also borrow light from each other. With the existence of the sliding partition door, there is a 25 cm error between the TV background cabinet and the bedroom wardrobe. Does not take up space. In terms of details, a light strip is also installed under the wardrobe; the soft light is not dazzling, which increases the warm atmosphere and is also good as a night light at night. The dark green bedside background wall, retro glass bulbs, and orange curtains can give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling whether it is sunny or rainy. There are no partition doors on the balcony, and the ugly wall stacks are covered up with a row of glass display cabinets; the double drying and washing machines are also inside the cabinets, which play a role in weakening the fuselage. The hanger with storage basket on the balcony is also very practical. It can hang overnight clothes, and can also store and change laundry. It is also good for drying clothes that cannot be dried and washed when necessary.


The original toilet, the toilet and washing machine are on the left, the shower is on the right, and the bathroom cabinet is in the middle; although everything is complete, but There is no dry and wet separation, which is inconvenient and unsanitary to use. In the current bathroom, the shower room has been partially partitioned by walls, and the toilet and bath cabinet have been shifted and adjusted; the ultra-narrow frame and the frosted Changhong glass door are used as partitions to form a standard wet and dry bathroom, which is good-looking and easy to use. The wall-mounted toilet replaces the traditional toilet. In addition to being beautiful and beautiful, using it as a toilet shifter is actually the most convenient installation, and the toilet will not be easy to block in the future. Editor: Don't look at the small size of a small apartment, the requirements are really not less, it must be beautiful and temperament, and one piece of equipment should not be missing; her family has all the things that she should have. It's not crowded, it's too good to wear!

(Responsible editor:gardening design)

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