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It is no wonder that these household products can become Internet celebrities and are designed into the hearts of young people.

2022-10-07 07:59:30 [cleaning ]
It is no wonder that these household products can become Internet celebrities and are designed into the hearts of young people.

Today's young people have different definitions and different pursuits of household products due to their extensive access to things. If you want to become an Internet celebrity home furnishing product in their hearts, you must not only look good, but also be practical and convenient, and the price should not be too high. Even for self-interest, they can dig new ways to use cheap household items, let alone, the effect is really amazing.

1. Lazy sofa bed

The impression of the lazy sofa bed in the past is that it is used in rental rooms, because it is cheap, It can be used as a sofa and a bed, but unexpectedly, young people now move it to their own homes. Because the small bedroom at home is usually unoccupied, and more often it is a place for leisure and office. Placing a bed really takes up space. Therefore, I choose a lazy sofa that can change its shape. It is small in size and relatively space-saving. It is also more comfortable to sit on it to read books and play games. If there is a relative or friend at home who needs to stay overnight, it will be a bed. The material itself is soft, and the mattresses can be saved. The key price is also cheap. With a budget of 100 yuan, it will not be too stressful to buy a large household item.

2. Camping storage box

This camping storage box, I never think of it as a home product, I still look young My little cousin used it at home, only to know that it is very popular among young people. Because of its square appearance, it belongs to the Japanese industrial style in terms of style. The cream color and natural wood grain have high appearance and texture. Stacked and placed at home as a bedside table or chest of drawers, in terms of appearance and capacity, it is completely competent. Moreover, its opening lid is also very interesting, it can be opened up, front and back. I also heard that her little friends also use this box when they go out to set up a stall at night. Open the trunk and they can open the business. The wooden board above is the bar counter, and the bottom box is the material cabinet, killing two birds with one stone.

3. Anti-squatting Erlang-leg Chair

When it comes to health care, young people are better than us. Take Erlang's legs as an example, we We all know that there are dangers, but we can only try our best to restrain them, but young people are different, they know how to rely on tools to change their habits. I thought they were using a normal footstool, but I didn't expect this strange double-layered stool to come out of the circle. In their words, the most comfortable posture is even at work, because it is only when you are comfortable that you can concentrate and complete your work efficiently. The reason is correct, look at this stool again, there are so many patterns, ordinary sitting, sitting cross-legged, kneeling, an old aunt of mine who was born in the 80s silently expressed envy beside me...

4. Clothes storage drawer

Let’s talk about the concept of clothing storage. This is a trend for me, and it can be said to coincide with the concept of young people. Most of the clothes in my wardrobe are hung up because of convenience. For clothes that are difficult to hang and out of season, I will use the clothes storage drawer to sort and store them. I will also note the classification of the clothes on the label of the drawer, so that when I find it, it will not be rummaged through. Moreover, if the wardrobe space is limited and the clothes are not enough, taking the box out and stacking it in any corner of the home will not be unsightly or obtrusive. Young people, who live in rented houses, also said that they like to use clothes drawer storage boxes. First, they can keep their wardrobes neat and tidy. Second, although the boxes are plastic, they are very durable and convenient for moving.

5. Small side table in hand

In recent years, the voice of going to the coffee table has become more and more loud, and young people's new At home, there is almost no shadow of the large coffee table, replaced by small side tables with their own characteristics. Compared with the bulky large coffee table, the small side table mainly does not occupy the living room space, and can also meet the needs of drinking tea and storing things. And young people have high requirements for the small side table. It must be able to store things and store it, and its own weight should not be heavy, because it is convenient to move to the balcony for an afternoon tea appointment with the little sister. After seeing their favorite Internet celebrity holding a small coffee table, I was also moved, black and white with leather texture, simple and high-end. The table top is round. I have a baby who has just learned to walk at home, so I don’t have to worry about bumping it. Moreover, the table edge is heightened to prevent items on the table from slipping.

6. Telescopic trouser rack

Thinking about the past, the trousers at home were all stacked, and the speed of pulling the trousers was faster than the clothes It can be slow, but the probability of pulling it wrong is extremely high, especially the trousers of the male family members, which are of similar shades of color. And now, I have also learned a trick from young people, and installed a few rail trousers racks in the wardrobe to hang trousers. The installation process is relatively simple, as long as the wardrobe at home has a partition, just screw it on the bottom of the partition with screws. The wide trousers are spaced 30cm apart and the narrow points are 25cm apart, and there are trouser racks of matching sizes, just right to hang. Judging from the transformation results, I am very satisfied. Not only are the pants very intuitive to hang up and easy to take, but the key is that there are no wrinkles, and it also reduces the workload of my ironing. Moreover, the capacity is also larger than before, and the cleanliness is also high. I really recommend it to people who think it is troublesome to organize their wardrobes and hope that their wardrobes are tidy, which can save a lot of trouble.

7. Mini Night Light

When I saw the little cousin's key, I almost thought it belonged to my uncle, where is there a young aunt Put such a hard-core keychain on the key? After listening to her explanation, I realized that it was a small night light, and almost everyone in their school had one. When I study for the next night, I feel that the road is dark and the battery of my mobile phone is not enough, so I turn it on and use it as a flashlight. The brightness is higher than that of the flashlight on the mobile phone. There is also a small stand behind it. The roommate is resting. When he is not asleep, the support on the table will not affect her rest by turning on the headlights. When you need to take a beautiful selfie, there is a magnetic suction point on the back, which is sucked on the selfie stick and used as a fill light, and the photos taken are beautiful. The gap on one side is also a bottle opener, which can easily open cans and soda bottles. Forgive my clumsiness, it turns out that this little thing has so many uses, and the price is not expensive. It is still charged for ten yuan. No wonder young people like it so much, and students must have it.

8. Dish preparation tray sandal rack

Because the shoe rack is more expensive, I use a cheap preparation tray to dry my shoes. It's quite big, but fortunately, it's not bad to use. A simple vegetable preparation rack costs only a few dozen dollars. If you stick it on the balcony to dry your shoes, it can still be folded. It doesn't take up space when it is folded up after use. The shoes that had no place to dry, can be easily done with this. The person who can think of this method is too smart. I really appreciate it, and my old aunt also benefits.

9. Entrance hole board

I knew when I saw this, it is because the entrance space is small and cannot be used as an entrance cabinet, There are also people who need storage, tailor-made. Sure enough, the log material is cheaper than the cabinet, but in terms of function, it is a perforated board. In this case, there is no need to spend money on perforated boards with cheap solutions. So, our young people put the tools in the perg board and moved them to the hall. With the accessories you need, there is an ultra-thin shoe cabinet at the bottom, which is much more practical than a separate perforated wall for a small doorway. At least, shoes, things, gadgets, bags, have a place to put them. It's no wonder that the pegboard can become an internet celebrity, it is cheap and easy to use, and has many uses. Except for the kitchen and tool cabinet, as long as you think about it, there is no vertical storage that it can't use.

10. LED vanity mirrors

Young people nowadays are very particular about makeup, and there will be special vanity mirrors for makeup, unlike our , Facing the mirror in the bathroom, when brushing eyelashes, if you can't reach it, you only know how to put your feet. I carefully studied the online celebrity makeup mirrors they use. They are cheap and easy to use. It is no wonder that the makeup of today's little girls is more delicate than the last. The first is the right size. Standing on the table, the mirror reflects the entire face. Then, there are 2x and 5x mirrors on one side, specially used for eyelashes, fine lines, and blemishes, and the other side is a side mirror. When applying makeup, you can not only see the positive effect, but also observe the side, truly achieving 360° without dead ends. . There is also a fill light on the mirror, a proper dressing room effect, and can be rotated to different angles according to usage habits. I can understand why the cosmetics I use are better than those of the little girls, but the results are not good.

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