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Good news! Jiumu Xiaomu is listed on the TOP list of new domestic products

2022-10-07 07:32:23 [floor ]
Good news! Jiumu Xiaomu is listed on the TOP list of new domestic products

On August 19th, the 2022 New Consumer Summit was held in Beijing, and the 2022 "COOLTOP New Domestic Products" report was released. List", the Siyu thermostatic storage shower in its X life smart selection series was shortlisted in the "2022 New Domestic CoolTop10 Product List". The "COOLTOP New Domestic Products" list is based on the Yiou database. It took three months to select the top 100 from more than 1,000 consumer brands. The finalists can be regarded as the symbol of "China's new business card". Komaki Youpin actively understands the consumption upgrade needs of the new generation, and builds the world's first brand of smart shower. Enhancing cultural "soft power" and activating Guochao IP "new domestic products" is the main force of national innovation and the carrier of national culture. The new national tide, which is closely related to the new domestic products, makes young people especially fond of it and becomes a phenomenal Chinese economic phenomenon. Combining modern scientific and technological innovation with traditional Chinese culture, Komaki Youpin is the first in the industry to promote national trends and related new products. It seeks inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and extracts "Palace Red", "Supreme Yellow", "Jiangshan Green", "Beauty Pink", "Yuntianqing" and "Twilight Mountain Purple" are the six major national trends, conveying oriental aesthetics and enhancing national self-confidence. Xiaomu Youpin, which inherits the ingenuity of ancient buildings with practical actions, has also successively entered ancient landmarks such as the Summer Palace, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Dali Ancient City, etc., and launched a co-branded Guochao set, which is very popular among young people. , Run the tide bathroom market, let more users feel the charm of Chinese culture. Consolidate the "hard family background" of scientific research and lead the 5G intelligent manufacturing, which has been in the field of scientific research since its birth, sharing the 16 major R&D centers and 15 high-end manufacturing factories of Jiumu in the world, backed by the 5G zero-carbon lighthouse factory, Established a win-win ecological overall solution from customer needs, customized design, product line planning, to after-sales service, created the core capabilities of 'extremely intelligent manufacturing, innovation and leadership', and continued to practice independent innovation, and won the German "Red" for many times. Point Design Award", "iF Design Award" and other international awards. In less than 3 years since its establishment, it has been shortlisted in the 2022 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" list with a brand value of 7.285 billion. This time, the Komaki QH88 Silk Rain Thermostatic Storage Shower, which was awarded the "New Domestic Product CoolTop10", has also won the German iF Design Award before. It focuses on the relationship between products and users in concept, and meets different personalized needs for different users; it has a cross-border sense in design, and a double shower is specially designed to fill the gap in the market, so that the shower can not only take a bath, but also be used as a beauty A joyful companion for skin, care, pets and children. The rise of new domestic products shows the development speed of Chinese brands to the world. Cultural connotation and technological innovation are the symbolic features of new domestic products and the core competitiveness of the brand. Xiaomu Youpin walks side by side with young people, adheres to humanistic care, and satisfies users' higher yearning for quality life from the details. In the future, it will continue to embrace the soul of innovation, strive to be the first choice of bathroom for young people, and pay tribute to beauty with better products. Life, let more consumers see the domestic products live up to expectations!

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