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If you want me to say that the house of about 100 square meters is the most livable, neither big nor small, it is just right for a family to live in

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If you want me to say that the house of about 100 square meters is the most livable, neither big nor small, it is just right for a family to live in

For household housing, if a house of 60/70㎡ is too small and a house of 140/150㎡ is too expensive, then a house of about 100㎡ can be said to be just right and the most livable: ■ Generally have a three-bedroom living space; ■ The size of each space is relatively reasonable; ■ The area is moderate and the total price is more grounded; ■ The decoration difficulty is low and the cost is not high. Such a house, whether it is a marriage room, a small family of three, or three generations living together, can meet the living needs, and it is the most ordinary and comfortable life for a family. So much so that such houses are very popular in the market! ! ! Therefore, today, let's talk about how to design a house of about 100 square meters: a house of about 100 square meters is planned to have a similar layout, but different numbers of residents have different plans. Let me introduce these three types to you. The layout design is used as a reference, which is practical and saves money: 1. One person lives alone and one person enjoys 100 square meters, so there is no need to keep all three bedrooms. In addition to the master bedroom, at most one guest room is reserved, and the other room is used as a study, cloakroom, and gym. , what a joy! The front and back comparison pictures of the unit are as shown in the above home. The 103-square-meter house is a one-person house, and the second bedroom in the north has been changed to a cloakroom and merged with the master bedroom, and the bathroom has been enlarged to make it more comfortable to use. 2. Newlywed family/family of three The newlywed family will become a family of three in the near future. If there is no need to reserve a room for the elderly, two bedrooms can be reserved. The house retains the master bedroom and children's room, and the rest of the space has corresponding expansion. Of course, there are also many young people who choose DINK, and there are more choices for the house. For example, the following home is a favorite for everyone: a cat climbing frame with a full wall so that the cat owner can play freely~ 3. There are many second-child families/three generations living in the same house After a family has a child, an elderly person will come to help take care of the child, and the family of three will become three generations living together. Then, the three bedrooms have their own attribution: the front and back comparison pictures of the unit are as shown in this 90-square-meter home, Although it is a wedding room, it has reserved three rooms and has made sufficient storage planning to meet the living and storage needs of the population after the increase in the future. For a house of about 100 square meters, the more people live, the more professional and reasonable design planning is needed. Recommendation: God Design for Small Space 1. Open design reduces space partitions, and more open design can make a 100 square meter house properly Larger 20㎡: ① The balcony and living room open up the open design between the balcony and the living room, cancel the glass sliding door, improve lighting, visual transparency, and increase space utilization: After the balcony is expanded into the living room, the laundry area can still be planned: ▲ Left Side laundry area▼ The clothes rack in the storage area on the right side can also be reserved and can be hidden in the ceiling: ② The open kitchen opens the kitchen and integrates with the guest dining room, which can make the public area more open, and can increase the Interactivity: The canceled wall space can increase the design of bar counters and island counters. It is not only an extension countertop of the kitchen, but also can be used as a simple dining area: Of course, the premise is that the wall between the kitchen and the guest dining room is a non-load-bearing wall, otherwise it cannot be used. Move ~2. Glass partitions When the space needs to be divided, it is recommended to choose glass partitions in places where privacy is not very important, which can optimize the lighting of the space. For example: the glass screen at the entrance ▽ between the living room and the clothes drying area ▽ between the dry area and the wet area of ​​the bathroom ▽ In addition, the glass partition can also be replaced by glass bricks, which is more artistic: 3. When the cabinet is used as a wall, the cabinet is designed to stand upright , it can also replace the wall to divide the space: in the project of [Jinke Bo Cui Tianchen], the bedroom uses a cabinet to separate a dressing room, adding an independent functional area to the bedroom. Since the cabinet itself has its own storage function, this design is very suitable for small and medium-sized apartments with high storage requirements. 4. In a house with a deck of about 100 square meters, the restaurant is generally not too large, so the deck is a good space-saving artifact: ▲ Independent deck ▼ and sideboard are integrated into one for sitting and storage, combined with the shape of the space And wall design, very practical. Recommendation: ■ The overall depth of the deck is between 550-650mm, and the depth of the seat surface is between 450-500mm. ■The weight between the deck and the table is about 50mm. ■The height of the deck is about 420-450mm. ■ If it is integrated with the sideboard, the top hanging cabinet is more than 1.8 meters away from the ground. 5. It is easy to understand that one room has multiple functions. One space is given multiple functions, such as: ▲ kitchen = dining room ▼ balcony = study room second bedroom = storage room + guest room + study room ▼ a room with "one room and four uses" like the picture above , It is recommended to choose the one next to the entrance door, which can be used as an extension of the porch, as well as a storage room, study, and guest bedroom. In addition, for the bedroom, you can also choose a desk/dresser to replace the bedside table to increase the function of reading, learning or dressing: a house of 100 square meters is not big or small, no matter what kind of living group and Demand, can improve the quality of living through just the right design.

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