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Is the washing machine necessary for lazy people an artifact or an IQ tax? After using it for 1 year, let's talk about the experience

2022-10-07 07:25:13 [cleaning ]
Is the washing machine necessary for lazy people an artifact or an IQ tax? After using it for 1 year, let's talk about the experience

Preparing an expensive house, living in a beautiful one, doing housework... Tired! ! ! Doing housework, torturing everyone indiscriminately... It takes all your energy to mop around at home on weekends. However, times are changing! Technology is advancing! Therefore, household appliances for housework have been constantly updated, such as dishwashers, electric mops, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots... and so on. However, we won't talk about these today; let's talk about the recent wind-scrubber. Is it an artifact or an IQ tax? After using it for a year, let’s talk about the experience, let’s start with understanding it. 1. The function of the floor washing machine Let's first look at the evolutionary history of contemporary floor sweeping tools: manual cleaning → electric mop → vacuum cleaner → sweeping robot → washing and mopping integrated sweeping robot → floor washing machine. So where is the function of the washing machine superior? The washing machine combines the functions of a broom, a mop and a vacuum cleaner. It solves three housework at one time, which is equivalent to reducing the steps of housework and relieving fatigue. ▎Tuyuan Network 2. Advantages and disadvantages of washing machines People who like washing machines say: save time and effort, "I really think it is easy to use, save time and effort." The contrast is strong "The sweeping robot that washes and mops together is not only unclean. , and where to find it. "Function-rich" saves money on vacuum cleaners, brooms, and mops, and one solution for cleaning." Summary: Save time, and have more functions than previous generations of cleaning tools. People who don't like floor washing machines say: "Cleaning is troublesome. Do you know that floor washing machines need to be cleaned by themselves? Sweep the floor for 10 minutes and clean for half an hour! I don't feel free from housework at all." I can't clean the wall, it feels a little tasteless." Function tasteless "The cleaning function that comes with it is just drying, and the rest must be washed by yourself." Summary: The machine itself needs manual cleaning, which is more troublesome; cleaning with a washing machine is also hygienic Dead corners need to be dealt with separately. However, as far as Fei Mojun knows, the current functions of the washing machine have been updated, and some shortcomings have been solved; so whether it is good to use or not depends on the purchase, it is recommended to start from these five points: how to buy a washing machine 1. Look at the function ●It is recommended to choose a frameless washing machine, so you don't have to worry about the dead corners of the wall. ●Choose the washing machine with push-pull front and rear double assist, so mopping is easier. 2. Look at the battery life. In order to use it for 10 minutes without charging for five hours, we have to choose the battery with a battery life of more than half an hour, and choose according to the size of the house: ●Usually a house with a size of 100 square meters and a battery size of 2500-3000 mAh is better; ● If the house is large, choose a 5000mAh battery. 3. Look at the size of the water tank ● For small units, the size of the water tank is 350-500ml. ● For large units, the size of the water tank is about 800ml. It doesn't need to be too big, it's too heavy to clean with your hands. 4. Looking at the noise, it is recommended to choose the one with noise reduction function, otherwise it may be too noisy. 5. Look at the price according to the model, usually the price ranges from 2000-5000, don't buy too cheap. In Feimojun's view, the emergence of any new product has a process of updating and iterating; after actual use and continuous improvement, it can become the final appearance with high practicality. The same is true for the washing machine; don't be in a hurry to deny it, the friends who are worried about stepping on the pit can also wait and see, we are not in a hurry~ (the picture comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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