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Sophisticated and elegant without being ostentatious! I really regret not seeing this decoration sooner, otherwise I would have dressed it

2022-10-07 07:45:20 [workmanship ]
Sophisticated and elegant without being ostentatious! I really regret not seeing this decoration sooner, otherwise I would have dressed it

Whether the decoration effect is good or not, more often, it depends on the grasp of "degree". If the "degree" is not well grasped, the more money you spend, the worse the effect, because you are likely to fall into the trap of over-decoration. The effect that comes out only gives people a sense of local tyrants, but there is no sense of luxury and taste. Therefore, when decorating, you must remember one thing: you must be extravagant and thrifty, even if you are super rich, even the toilet can be set with diamonds! Moderate moderation can reveal the inner quality. This set of decorations shared with you in this issue amazes me. The whole space gives people a feeling of exquisite and elegant but not exaggerated. Honestly, I really regret not seeing this set up sooner or else I would have done it. Show it to everyone, if you like it, you can take it for reference. Original floor plan Floor plan The owner of this house is a single girl, so she doesn't need a lot of storage space, but she has very high requirements for the quality of life. There must be a bathtub and a separate In her bedroom, there must be a comfortable and practical guest kitchen, dining and kitchen space, which can not only meet the needs of daily life, but also facilitate her to entertain guests. Of course, in addition to these practical needs, she also attaches great importance to the overall home style. Despite the limited space, the designer managed to meet her series of requests, so let's take a look at it with me. Entrance entrance After entering the home, there is a long entrance aisle in front. On the right side of the aisle is a custom-made row of wardrobes that stand above the ground, and on the left side of the aisle are shoe cabinets, shoe stools and full-length mirrors. The color tone of the whole space is very elegant, but the furniture is very retro, and the shapes of the walls and floors are also very delicate, making the entire entrance area look particularly elegant and clean. The bathroom is located on the right side of the door. When I see this bathroom, I feel very delicate and ritualistic, and it is not like what a dirty place should look like in our impression. The refreshing blue-and-white tone is reminiscent of a clear ice spring, which has eliminated the summer heat without knowing it! Crystal lamps, slate and golden hardware enhance the texture and style of the entire space. The kitchen, kitchen, guest, dining and kitchen are located in the same space, with the living room as the center. The kitchen is at the front and adopts a line-shaped design. The combination of white cabinets and marble countertops is matched with tiles with a color stripe pattern, which makes the kitchen area extraordinarily refreshing and bright. Living room The living room is composed of two sets of sofas. Although the space is not large, the layout is very delicate and warm, and the atmosphere is also very suitable for chatting with friends. The round coffee table echoes the gypsum lamp panel, the decorative fireplace on the side echoes the decorative mirror, and the details are full. The restaurant The restaurant is located on the edge of the window, with plenty of light, a good view, and graceful curtains, making this small dining area exquisite and stylish. Dining and reading here are very atmospheric, and there are specially arranged around the table. A closet bookshelf that greatly increases practicality. Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom is finally the bedroom. Although this home does not have a lot of storage areas, for a single girl, the storage capacity is enough. At the end of the bed is a large wardrobe, and the door panel of the wardrobe is decorated with exquisite decorations. The decorative lines are combined with the fishbone floor, which brings up the delicate feeling of the whole space at once. A concave design is made at the head of the bed, which looks very three-dimensional. With the fresh blue and white tones, it looks extraordinarily delicious. The above is the full set of renderings. The feeling of the whole space is refined and elegant but not exaggerated. Do you like it?

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