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Not afraid of small apartment size, but afraid of not thinking, vomiting blood, refusing to be a decoration novice

2022-10-07 08:09:08 [cleaning ]
Not afraid of small apartment size, but afraid of not thinking, vomiting blood, refusing to be a decoration novice

Small-sized Datiandi house prices are rising every year, and the mortgage is repaid every month. Modern young people are under pressure from life, so in recent years, small and medium-sized apartments have become popular in this circle, and the area is so large. Therefore, small units must think about the topic every day: how to drain every inch of space elegantly? 01. There is not enough space for a sofa. There are many families. There are only two small rooms, and relatives and friends often come to the house as guests. The room is not enough. At this time, you can choose a sofa bed. , usually put away, and then pulled out when needed, small size has a big effect, it can be called a space-saving artifact! Soft technical cloth, one pull and one lift to change the bed in seconds, the living room and bedroom can be freely switched; noon nap, relatives and friends stay stress-free; can store pedals, say goodbye to the messy living room; built-in wheels are easy to pull, the pull handle design is convenient to hold, details are pulled Full; small spaces are also full of breath. 02. Ge You lie this time, I understand that if the space is too small, many people will choose small and large, thinking that big enough is practical, but this will be counterproductive, and it will look very crowded; there are also many people who give up part of the living room , add the sofa to the list of dispensables, choose a bulky sofa, and then may have to give up installing a TV because of choosing the wrong sofa. I once thought that the space at home was small, but I never thought that choosing the right furniture could save a lot of space for activities. Small-sized sofas should be petite and thin-legged sofas. Small and slender makes them look lighter visually. Choosing a sofa designed to lie down and lean against a bag is the icing on the cake. You can also feel the comfort of a large sofa on a small sofa. It occupies a small area and is highly functional. With a reclining bag, the small living room can also lie down and rest on the sofa. It can be used flexibly with pedals, and the space is no longer limited. 03. The all-match sofa is really fragrant! Among the many sofas, the biggest problem should be how to match them. The sofa with simple and elegant design is more versatile. Under the large foundation of geometric shape, it has just the right contour arc and soft and romantic appearance, which is suitable for a variety of styles. The space is not big, but I like all kinds of lazy reclining, three-person, four-person, chaise longue, footrest, and multiple combinations to satisfy your infinite fantasy about the comfort of a small sofa, and also give you a large free space. Small tips: The free-moving pedal can also be used as a shoe stool, and more usages are waiting for you to unlock! This is probably the representative color of sweetness, smallness and freshness, and families with ordinary decoration can also start with peace of mind. Mint blue has a pleasant and clear feeling, and sofas that cover an area of ​​about 2 square meters are not too much for furniture such as coffee tables, TV cabinets, etc. big request. In addition to improving the appearance of the living room, it also saves a large amount of space. With simple and exquisite modern furniture, the space has a touch of luxury in the sweet room. The combination of wood texture and olive green, in addition to the quiet and leisurely feeling, is also slightly extravagant, and the strong natural atmosphere is blowing. Dark-colored sofas hardly choose the environment, and light-colored furniture makes people feel relaxed and happy, while dark-colored furniture shows a warm feeling, plus the embellishment of chaise longues/footpads, it seems to fall into the embrace of the forest. The colors that jump too far are easy to make people visually tired. The classic yellow-brown, the combination of retro and modern, with the wooden coffee table and TV cabinet, shows the retro charm, and the literary atmosphere should not be underestimated. Homes in both warm and cool tones can be easily controlled. With a chaise longue/footrest, a comfortable reclining position, deep relaxation is not a matter of minutes. 04. Save the dull space The sameness is inevitably a bit too boring. Maybe a small embellishment will bring unexpected surprises. Adding a small single chair not only improves the visual enjoyment, but also can be used flexibly - sitting with friends in the living room, laughing and laughing ;The bedroom unlocks the exclusive seat; the study room is free to sit in the afternoon and travel in the book sea; practicality and appearance coexist, it is a must-have item in the home. High-value color matching design, covers an area of ​​about 0.7 square meters, selects high-elastic sponge, evenly disperses the seating pressure, 115° fits the waist and back, and the scientific armrest inclination angle is wide and encircling design, so that tired souls can relax and park, a variety of styles Free choice of colors. The gray goose feather mixed filling inner material is soft and comfortable, relieves your fatigue, and releases the pressure of the day; in order to prevent the filling from slipping and accumulating into blocks for a long time, it is specially filled with separate positioning to maintain a fluffy three-dimensional shape, giving you a new experience and accompanying you more. Long. 05. Choosing the right cabinets can also make a big change in the home. If you want a small apartment to be more spacious, simple and combined, the storage-type coffee table should act as a pioneer, and the old-fashioned and bulky TV cabinets and coffee tables should be replaced. It can be practical and beautiful, creating a simple living atmosphere and at the same time reserving more activity space for the living room. If there is no TV cabinet in the home, it is preferred to choose this simple combination coffee table. There is no complex structure that makes people visually tired, but the simple and smooth lines make the space unobstructed, and the visual "magnification". The collision of black and white and gold highlights the sense of indifference and calmness, and directly elevates the style of the living room. The simple coffee table is more suitable for families without TV cabinets. The classic and versatile table top is matched with slender metal table legs, showing the delicacy and personality of modern design aesthetics. It can be combined and matched at will, and the shape is small and can also be used individually. To create a high-end living room, you don’t need to worry about the floor space when purchasing. You can freely expand and contract the floor cabinet according to the needs of use. Large-capacity storage space, partitioned storage makes more efficient use of space, and bid farewell to the messy living room. With flexible combination coffee table, or open or close, the space is doubled to meet the needs of different scenarios. Night falls on the lanterns and the traffic jams between the tall buildings and the buildings rush into the cozy little home to release the fatigue of the day, even if the house is small, it is a shelter from the wind and rain, and it is the habitat for people to pursue their ideal life. we can't ignore

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