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The new house renovated by myself, I dare not say it is perfect, but the whole house is very satisfied, share

2022-12-05 02:20:23 [floor]
The new house renovated by myself, I dare not say it is perfect, but the whole house is very satisfied, share

More and more people choose to design their own designs when decorating, and they will not be so troublesome to find a decoration company if they give up the designer. Although it is very hard work, when the house is really finished, I feel very happy, which is a sense of accomplishment. If you don't have any experience in decoration, it is recommended to look at the effects of other people's homes before decoration, and summarize some of the experience of others, and reasonably apply them to your own home decoration! I am very happy to bring you the new house that the owner is responsible for the decoration. The first decoration took a long time and the process was not easy. Now that the decoration has been completed, I dare not say that the effect is particularly perfect, but for the owner's family, the whole house is very satisfied with such an effect. I think it is of great reference value, I will share it with you, and I hope you will like such an effect! The restaurant is directly from the entrance, and there is no entrance to the apartment. According to the space, a slate dining table is arranged in the restaurant, and the corners are arc-shaped. Even if it touches, it is much safer than the right-angle one. The matching dining chairs come in two colors, among them orange yellow, which is visually eye-catching and perfectly matched with the entire gray tone. From this angle, there is a refrigerator and a cabinet on the left side, which can bring quite a good storage space. It looks a bit crowded, but it doesn't affect future life. This is a restaurant. The cabinets are customized according to the structure. However, there is a shortcoming in the location of the sink and the gas stove. It would be more suitable if the order of "washing, cutting, and frying" could be formed slightly. For friends who have not yet renovated or are considering renovating their home, keep this in mind. However, the choice of tiles on the wall is very beautiful, and it is quite satisfactory to match with the cabinet. Cooking in such a kitchen is also very exciting. The window is not big, the lighting is really good! This is the living room. The sofa is decorated with technical fabrics. The gray and blue color on the wall is very beautiful and looks very harmonious. The coffee table arranged in the middle is a round combination, which can be stored more reasonably, which is really good. There are decorative paintings hanging on the wall of the sofa, which can play a very good decorative effect. From the beginning of the water and electricity to the current effect, the owner of the house has done it herself, which is not easy. I believe that those who have experienced a renovation will know very well how difficult it is to renovate! When the time comes to check in, the family sits together watching TV or chatting, very happy! This is the study room. According to the needs of the homeowner, this space is not used as a bedroom, and there is no shadow. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, just a circle of plaster lines. In addition, desk cabinets and sofas are arranged. If you are tired, you can lie on the sofa or sit on the sofa. It feels good! This is a children's room. Considering the practicality, a very practical bunk bed is arranged, which can meet the needs of children at home. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, so it is more appropriate to choose a high and low bed. The master bedroom is a little more spacious, but the background wall at the head of the bed has no shape, and the blue effect is also very beautiful. There is a double bed with a dressing table next to it. The size and location are suitable, which can be very convenient for the female owner to use. The wardrobe goes directly to the top, so I don't want to waste a little space! This is the main bathroom. Considering the demand, instead of separating dry and wet, a bathtub is arranged, which can be very convenient to lie down and take a bath. I really enjoy it. If the bathtub is not needed later, it can be removed without any impact. Bathrooms are all white, very clean! This is a public health service. In fact, the space is relatively spacious. Strictly speaking, there is no separation of dry and wet! The cabinet mirror is installed, which can appropriately increase some storage space, which is very popular! This is the end of the sharing. The overall effect is not bad. It is the first time the owner of the house is decorating, and it is enviable that she can pretend to have such an effect. The decoration of the whole house is not luxurious, and I dare not say it is perfect, but it also makes people like and satisfied! Finally, I wish everyone a happier life, and I hope everyone likes it! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Anhao/

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