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Immersive appreciation of a small home of 128 square meters, refreshing and generous, the more you appreciate, the better

2022-12-05 02:07:00 [cleaning ]
Immersive appreciation of a small home of 128 square meters, refreshing and generous, the more you appreciate, the better

This case is for a couple and two children. The couple adhere to the principle of "rejecting excessive decoration". The whole house uses light colors as the theme color, supplemented by log colors to create a bright, transparent, refreshing and generous effect. Layout plan The practical area of ​​this case is 115 square meters. It has three bedrooms, two halls, two bathrooms and one kitchen. The permanent resident population is a family of four. Real scene picture Entrance: The white storage cabinet on the whole wall blends with the milky white around it, which establishes the decoration color of the whole house. There is a hanging space at the bottom, which is convenient for storing shoes and for cleaning by the sweeping robot. Living room: An arched door is used to separate the living room and the balcony, and light gray floor tiles are used throughout to create a sense of visual extension of the space. There are only a few paintings hanging on the background wall of the sofa, supplemented by downlights for decoration, and the rest are left blank. The simple and pure style is more intriguing. In addition, the living room also adopts the design of going to the coffee table, only using a trolley instead of the coffee table, it is convenient to push it to any corner, leaving more interactive space. On the other side, a full-wall storage cabinet is made to store all the sundries in the living room and keep it tidy. The cabinet leaves space for hanging TV sets and small countertops for placing small appliances, which is equivalent to a display area. It is no problem to install TV sets in the future. Cloakroom: The balcony on the left side of the living room is made into a multi-functional cloakroom. The balcony is sealed with a window and a blackout curtain is installed. The washing machine is placed on the side, and the cabinet is designed to meet the needs of storing clothes. It is very convenient and practical. Restaurant: The walls are brushed with light-colored latex paint, with a light milk tea color, which is very gentle and healing. And the brush can create a good space extension effect. To open up the balcony of the restaurant, according to the apartment type conditions, the sideboard is designed as a partition, the cabinet on the left is a three-separation cabinet, and the cabinet on the right is a vertical cabinet, which is more practical. Match with the golden door handle design to enhance the sense of decoration. Two small round chandeliers, the warm light color and the log color table create a dining atmosphere, which is more conducive to improving people's appetite. With such an atmospheric restaurant space, just by looking at the picture, you can imagine the picture of a family having a warm meal, how happy it must be! Kitchen: On the other side of the dining room is the kitchen. Multiple sliding doors with narrow sides are used as the kitchen door. The whole space of the kitchen is very transparent and can remain independent, which is an excellent choice to cut off the fumes. Bathroom: The door of the bathroom is moved 20cm away, so that it is convenient to separate wet and dry. The shower area adopts a semi-partition design, the width of the glass is 70cm, and the sink is 3cm, which can effectively prevent the water inside from flowing into the dry area. Master bedroom: choose light milk tea color latex paint, match with a hanging one-word cabinet, milk tea color curtains and white sand complement each other, open and comfortable, fresh and pleasant, the appearance is simply speechless! Next to it is the bathroom, which has been designed as a partition cabinet. The upper part is matched with ultra-white Changhong glass + titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy frame, and some decorations are placed on it. Children's room: The position of the bedside table in the children's room is designed as a small desk for children, which cultivates children's reading and learning awareness and habits, and is more conducive to children's healthy growth. Conclusion: The decoration design should be people-oriented, combining habit and love, balancing practicality and appearance, as well as feasible conditions, in order to live in the new house that you are thinking of. Qijia Xiaocai provides more decoration information, friends who like me remember to collect and pay attention! Follow me, write a private letter, and get "Renovation All-in-One" for free!

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