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After staying in the new home for half a year, these 10 "pit-man" designs are getting more and more angry, and I really want to smash and reinstall

2022-12-05 03:44:22 [cleaning ]
After staying in the new home for half a year, these 10 "pit-man" designs are getting more and more angry, and I really want to smash and reinstall

No matter how beautiful the house decoration is, it is no use if it is not practical after moving in! Today, I will take stock of 10 "pit-man" designers for you. Be cautious when decorating, and don't blindly follow the trend!

1. Tile waveguides

In the past, tiled waveguides were a symbol of high class, but now they are no longer popular. Tiles and waveguides not only waste materials, but also pay more for labor, and the overall effect is not as good as imagined. The indoor floor tiles are covered with no waveguides, neat and neat, and the space is open, which is much better than no waveguides!

2. Grille decorative wall

The grille has a strong sense of design, and the upper wall is indeed very stylish, but the fatal injury is that there are many gaps Bad cleaning. The grille wall I used when I was renovating my house. Every time I cleaned it, I had to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust. I was very tired over time, and I especially wanted to replace it with a big white wall! It is recommended that you do not use such complicated materials for wall decoration. It is simple, beautiful and easy to take care of.

3. The glass door cabinet

is transparent and natural, which is higher in appearance than the fully enclosed cabinet, but the glass door cabinet Hidden costs are also high, that is, doubling the amount of housework. Not only is the glass door difficult to clean, but the storage of items in the cabinet must be neat and orderly, a little messy, and it looks messy from the outside. When customizing the cabinet, the closed cabinet should still be the first choice; if you are worried about the lack of transparency, you can choose to make a partial glass cabinet door, and the combination of virtual and real is more attractive.

4. Platform

The balcony is built on a platform to make a tea room, which is full of poetry and distance, but the reality is very slapped. The height of the platform is inconsistent with the indoor height. If you walk back and forth without paying attention, you will knock your feet, and form a sanitary corner, which will affect the cleaning. Unless the home has double balconies, do not easily transform it into a platform, the practicality is too low.

5. Floor-standing furniture

All the indoor furniture is on the ground. The biggest bug is that there are many dead corners of hygiene, and there are unfinished hygiene problems after moving in. If conditions permit, it is recommended that all indoor furniture adopt high-foot styles, which have good visual effects and are easy to clean.

6. Semi-blocking shower screen

This design does make the bathroom very simple and compelling, but the semi-partition glass has limited water blocking capacity , The water splashes everywhere when taking a bath, and the dry area is also wet. How can we talk about the separation of dry and wet? There is enough space in the bathroom, but it is still necessary to install a shower room, which is convenient to use and easy to clean. If the space limitation is relatively large, you can try to install an invisible shower curtain, which can be installed without punching, and can be used by pushing and pulling. It has good waterproof effect and saves space.

7. The slate dining table

is strong, wear-resistant and easy to clean. I have to accept this, but the surface of the slate is relatively cold. The chopsticks have a sound, plus the texture is crisp, and can't withstand too much pressure. The key is that the quality of the dining tables on the market is uneven. Once you buy a fake slate dining table, you will have problems with it for a few years, and it will be troublesome to replace.

8. How much I liked the black shower head

in the early stage, and how desperate it is in the later stage! Especially the scale of the white flowers, it is uncomfortable to look at. Try to choose pure copper or stainless steel as the main body of the shower, which has strong corrosion resistance, durability and easy care.

9. The double-sink sink

looks multifunctional. In actual use, the sink can’t even put the pot in it, and the water splashes on the table when washing dishes and chopsticks, which increases the amount of housework. , or a large single slot is easier to use. Even if you use a double tank, you should choose a slightly larger style to ensure that you can put down the pot and wash it easily.

10. The wall in the living room is not leveled with ribs.

The cost of leveling with ribs is high, but the effect is better than that of Shunping. Turn on the lights. There are no bumps on the wall. It is suggested that the wall of the living room should be leveled by punching ribs, and other areas can be directly scraped with putty. (The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement is deleted)

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