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132㎡ has a luxury style, with long axis layout and arc design, and it is two streets away from the hotel.

2022-12-05 02:39:46 [floor ]
132㎡ has a luxury style, with long axis layout and arc design, and it is two streets away from the hotel.

The 132-square-meter single-storey space with a large window view is a living space for a young couple and two preschool children. Taking natural materials as the keynote of the site, the calm wood and delicate stone patterns are laid out in sequence, embodying a simple and warm space image, creating a fashionable and luxurious modern mansion.

Home Data

  • Space area: 132/sqm
  • Spatial layout: Four bedrooms
  • House type: Flat
  • Design style : Modern style
  • Main building materials: latex paint, island-type wooden floor, gray mirror, titanium-plated metal, wood veneer, system board, marble, tile, track light , Stone, Special Paint
  • Design Company: Nobita Interior Design Snuper Design
  • Designer: Nobita Design Team
Under the free and open layout, the large glass curtain introduces the changing of the four seasons, and then derives a bright and open visual feast, using natural materials to break the positioning of the residence, and through the irregularly arranged stone textured floor, it is ingenious and rich The aesthetic level is advanced, and the choice of soft decoration color is injected with a bright Hermès orange, forming an eye-catching focus. Entering the hall area, the magnificent TV wall comes into view. The arc-guided corners on both sides are assisted by linear indirect lighting. The use of neat and delicate mutual ebb and flow creates a façade framed scene and makes every corner of the field jump. The visual end scene, from a distance to a close look, successively expounds different sentiments and charms. Due to the innate consideration of the long residence, the in-line axis is used as the main axis of the design, the scale of the extended wooden ceiling is described, and the three major areas of the master bedroom, the public area and the children's room are connected in sequence to create a comfortable and smooth life trajectory. The floor is paved with unique floor tiles, making the public realm more unique. From the public area to the private area, the façade of the bedside of the master bedroom is connected with different materials such as special paint, titanium-plated metal, and wooden grille, which not only echoes the shape of the display cabinets in the public area, but also shapes a holistic residential design. . The TV wall in the master bedroom is covered with warm light gray leather. At the same time, it uses the inlay method and the lining of titanium-plated metal to create a flat façade and subtly sublimate the exquisiteness of the details.

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