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No matter how many times it is renovated, the less furniture the better, the spaciousness is not big, and the cleaning is also very convenient

2022-12-05 02:49:42 [workmanship ]
No matter how many times it is renovated, the less furniture the better, the spaciousness is not big, and the cleaning is also very convenient

As a person who has been renovated several times, the owner always thinks that the less furniture, the better. First, there is enough space for two children to move around, and secondly, it can also reduce the burden of housework. Some people may complain that there is no fireworks, but when I think of myself If you have to clean up every day, or how to install it simply, you can save money! The 90-square-meter home is centered on the living room, with the kitchen and bathroom to the left, the dining room to the right, and two bedrooms to the front. The area division is simple and clear. The living room uses a lot of wood-colored floors and wooden furniture, which is fresh and natural. The difference is that instead of matching warm soft furnishings such as white and yellow, the owner couple chose a fog blue sofa and carpet, and light gray curtains. Although they are all cool colors, when combined with warm materials such as suede and wood, they neutralize it into a peaceful and soft atmosphere. The right side of the living room, which is the innermost side of the Great Heng Hall, is the location of the dining room. It is unified with the gray curtains and original wooden floor of the living room. Although it is a little further away from the kitchen, it is placed along the large windows for more natural light and a view while dining. The log dining table adds a warm atmosphere, and the capacity of 6-8 people is sufficient even for dinner parties. The kitchen and bathroom are arranged together on the left side of the living room, so that all public areas are all along a row of viewfinder windows, which can fully absorb natural light. Even if the embellished soft furnishing is slightly dark, it can be compensated with light. The open kitchen is simple and refreshing, but it should have a lot. The L-shaped console plus the bottom cabinet can meet the needs of your own home. Instead of making two-sided hanging cabinets for storage, you choose to retain the window lighting and only hang the range hood on the wall. There is also a small round table at the entrance of the kitchen. Usually, it is very convenient for breakfast or light meals to be eaten directly after the kitchen is finished. The bathroom is classic black and white color matching, which implements the Nordic style, which is simple and refreshing, and at the same time, it is full of minimalism. Although black floor tiles were chosen, the lighting windows in the bathroom did not make the space look dark. The separation of dry and wet, and the raised platform in the shower room also ensures the freshness of the dry area. Passing through the corridor directly in front of the living room leads to the master bedroom of the owner and his wife and the children's room of their two children. Public and private areas are clearly demarcated. A large full-length mirror is arranged at the end of the corridor. It is convenient for all the family members in the two rooms to come out of the bedroom to organize their grooming. It can also reflect with the lighting window in the living room opposite, making this area brighter. The master bedroom of the owner couple has an invisible wardrobe with the same color as the wall, which looks more simple. A log bed frame with light grey bedding also adds to the warmth and comfort of the bedroom. At the same time, black and gray curtains are selected, which have better shading during sleep. In the children's room, a wooden double bed with bunk beds is arranged for two children, and the communication and interaction between the children is stronger. A sofa and chairs are also arranged opposite the bed as a leisure area for the children, without adding complicated soft furnishings, just meet the needs. Looking at the whole house, thanks to the owner's insistence, no extra furniture will be bought. The home is spacious and large, and it is very comfortable to live in!

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