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Squeeze these corners and install a "thin cabinet" design, which is practical

2022-12-05 02:03:06 [Materials ]
Squeeze these corners and install a "thin cabinet" design, which is practical

When decorating, there will always be some corners in the home, ordinary furniture does not go in, and the depth of the cabinet is not enough. In fact, if you put some thought into the design, squeeze these positions and install a thin cabinet, you can also achieve a very practical design effect! 1. Entrance that cannot fit shoe cabinets Some apartment types are crowded and cannot accommodate shoe cabinets of normal depth. For such a narrow entrance, you can squeeze it. On the basis of not affecting the space size of the entrance and aisle, install a thin The thin tipping shoe cabinet makes the small entrance also realize a practical storage function. 2. The top of the range hood is sealed. On both sides of the smoke pipe above the range hood, a small storage cabinet can be installed. The size of this position is not large, but it is a very practical storage space for a kitchen with a small area. , kitchenware, dry goods and other small items can be stored on it. 3. The thin mirror cabinet in front of the sink The mirror in front of the sink is recommended to be replaced by a thin shoe cabinet with a thickness of about 20cm. The mirror cabinet can store spare toiletries; and you can also add an open door in the mirror cabinet. You can put your daily water cups, toothbrushes and toothpaste directly here, which is easy to access and keeps the table clean. 4. The corner of the sofa wall is located at the corner of the sofa wall. If conditions permit, a thin cabinet design can also be added, which can store some spare items in the living room. With sufficient storage space, the living room coffee table and TV cabinet can be stored. The countertops are kept clean and tidy. 5. Install drawers on the bay window For many families, the bay window is a corner of the bay window. In fact, a row of drawers can be installed on the bay window table to provide a practical storage location for small objects; or it can be installed on the side of the bay window. The bookshelf can also provide convenient and practical storage functions. 6. There is a wash basin beside the toilet and next to the toilet. There is not enough space for a tissue box. You can also choose a custom-made wash basin cabinet. Add an open grid to the side of the wash basin, and the tissue can be placed in the space on the side of the wash basin. On the shelf; then the position behind the toilet can also be installed with a thin cabinet (which can be connected with the washbasin mirror cabinet) to make a practical bathroom storage function. 7. Aisle corners The aisle corners in the home are often easily overlooked and idle. In fact, these positions can also be installed with small cabinets, which can be used to store housework tools, hide all the sundries, and keep the home space simple and generous. surroundings. 8. On the side of the kitchen console next to the kitchen console, if there is remaining space, a thin cabinet can also be installed here. Bottles and cans such as oil fume and vinegar in the kitchen are stored on the thin cabinet on the side of the console. Keeping the countertop simple will make cooking more convenient, and a simple countertop will also be pleasing to the eye and more enjoyable to cook. 9. In-wall cabinets with non-load-bearing walls In some non-load-bearing walls in the home, if the decoration involves demolishing walls and building walls, they can also be used appropriately and add in-wall cabinets to achieve practicality without occupying space. storage design. When decorating your home, you can plan and design the space in advance. If you find that there is wasted area, you can think about how to use it, especially in the small-faced apartment. Through such a clever design, the house will become More convenient and practical.

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