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If you can reinstall, you must leave more space in these places. The more comfortable you are, the happier you will be.

2022-12-05 02:23:36 [Wall decoration ]
If you can reinstall, you must leave more space in these places. The more comfortable you are, the happier you will be.

I don't know if everyone found it? Today's houses are basically small bedrooms in the hall and large living rooms, which make people feel very spacious and bright when they look at the model room, which can stimulate everyone's desire to buy. However, the larger the living room is, the other functional areas will be squeezed, such as the kitchen and bathroom, which are getting smaller and smaller. Of course, some functional areas are even omitted by developers directly. The layout of the large living room seems to have a face, in fact, the comfort is not high. If the new house can be remodeled, I must leave some more space in these places. The more space there is in these places, the stronger the sense of happiness in life!

1. Entrance cabinet

There are a lot of things that need to be stored when entering the door, unless it is a small apartment or a strange pattern In addition, try to install entryway cabinets. When the new house is renovated, the entrance cabinet should be designed to be larger, and the storage cabinets, hanging cabinets, storage racks, coat hooks, etc. should be readily available. If possible, you can combine the entrance cabinet with the storage room, which can create a storage space with complete functions and powerful storage functions.

2. Storage TV wall

Many people will spend a lot of money to build a TV wall in order to save face. For example, the design of slate + wooden grid + open storage rack, which is very popular now, costs a lot of money and brings a lot of trouble to the cleaning work. In fact, it is a very good choice to design the TV wall as a storage function. Not only is the visual effect stylish and attractive, but it can also add a good storage space. The TV is reserved in the middle, surrounded by storage cabinets, which are coordinated and beautiful. In the face of high housing prices, every additional square meter of storage space is a big advantage.

3. Sideboard

The space of the restaurant itself is not large, but some tableware needs to be stored here. When decorating, it is best to design enough sideboard storage, which can store a lot of scattered items. If the storage space in the kitchen is not enough, you can also get the sideboard to store it. Moreover, the sideboard can also play the role of decorating the wall, so that the wall is not so monotonous.

4. Balcony cabinets

Nowadays when new houses are renovated, most of them will be designed to seal off the balcony. Whether the balcony is used as a space for drying clothes, or a leisure area, try to design balcony cabinets. If the positions on both sides of the balcony are not used, it is a waste, and it will look empty, so it is best to put them on a cabinet. If the balcony is a space for drying clothes, you can store laundry items and cleaning tools in the cabinet. If it is used as a leisure area or a study room, it can be used to store books, which is especially practical.

5. Washing table

Now the new house is renovated, and they all like to design the bathroom to be separated from wet and dry. There are three separations and four separations. Many people do. There are many benefits of separation of the bathroom, which can make the functional area clear, and there will be no conflicts between bathing, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth and washing your face. When decorating, it is recommended to design the washbasin to be more spacious. If the family has a large population, it can be designed as a double sink. In this way, two people can wash at the same time in the morning, which can save a lot of time. Moreover, the space of the washstand has become larger, and the bathroom cabinet below will be expanded accordingly, which will naturally increase a lot of storage effects.

6. A small kitchen with an island in the kitchen

of several square meters should consider both practical functions and storage effects, and at the same time It is really not easy to meet the needs of basic moving lines. In fact, in the process of cooking in the kitchen, the most important area is the food preparation area. If there is not enough space, it will seriously affect the convenience of daily cooking. Because of the space limitation of the kitchen itself, and the need to consider the space such as the stove and the sink, it is really difficult to make the food preparation area large. To achieve sufficient results, it is recommended to install a central island in the kitchen, which can not only expand the food preparation area, but also add a lot of storage functions. A storage rack is designed under the middle island, and some small appliances can be placed under it, killing two birds with one stone.


When decorating a new house, not only should it be considered beautiful, but also storage and practicality should be considered. In particular, houses in big cities can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per square meter. Every additional inch of storage space can "grab" a lot of money back. In the process of building a new house, pay attention to the layout of the whole house. The more spacious these spaces are, the happier you will live.

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