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A girl from Guangdong who married to Hong Kong posted a family of three with a 11-square-meter flat, which is too cramped.

2022-12-05 01:50:40 [floor ]
A girl from Guangdong who married to Hong Kong posted a family of three with a 11-square-meter flat, which is too cramped.

Many dwellings in Hong Kong are really small in size! But I have to say that these small dwellings are often stuffed with various living functional areas. Sometimes a family of three can live in just a few square meters, and this is the small home we are going to talk about today. A few years ago, Xiaoyue married from Guangdong to Hong Kong. She and her husband lived in this small dwelling together. Now, it has become a cozy nest for a family of three. This small home has a total area of ​​120 square feet, which is about 11 square meters in conversion. Regardless of the small area, it costs 4,700 Hong Kong dollars per month, which is about 4,100 yuan. Due to the limited area of ​​the house, shoes are generally placed in the public area of ​​​​the subdivided housing, and basically everyone does this.

Push the door and enter the home

After pushing the door open and entering the home, you will be greeted by a bunk bed, the lower bunk It is a double bed area, and the upper bunk is a single bed. This is the main living area for a family of three. It is not only a living room, a bedroom, but also a children's study area. Since it is troublesome to bunk up and down repeatedly, the upper bunk basically belongs to the storage area, and there is no sleeper. Xiaoyue will take the child to sleep in the lower bunk, while her husband will put a yoga mat on the floor and sleep next to it. It was just right.

Small desk and upper bunk storage area on the bed

Due to the limited indoor space, there is no space for a study table, and children often sit on the bed Study on a small folding table, at the same time, put an iPad on the table, it can also become a small TV cabinet. The upper bunk of the bed is now almost full of sundries, spare toilet paper, children's books, and some infrequently used clothes and bedding, which are basically placed on the upper bunk, and the rest of some frequently worn clothes are Stacked and stored under the bed.

Folding table by the bed

The folding table by the bed is a small dining table for a family of three. It is folded to the wall on weekdays and basically does not occupy the room. space, and when in use, it can be turned into a dining area for three people by flipping it up. The bed is equipped with a storage box and a small pouf, which becomes a seating area for three people. It can be regarded as suitable for local conditions.

Ultra-narrow kitchen area

The sub-unit where Xiaoyue's family of three is located was originally supposed to be a balcony area, so there are more windows, and the lighting is still very good . The kitchen at home is only one window away from the bedroom bed, and it is placed on the other side. The refrigerator and the washing machine build a board together, turning this small space into a cabinet cooking area. Although it is relatively simple, it can still put down some cooking supplies such as small kitchen appliances. The small sink next to it will be more difficult to wash the pot, but the board next to it is separated out, which also increases the countertop space in the kitchen, making it more convenient to use.

Ultra-small bathroom

The last is the bathroom area at home, which is partitioned by a translucent glass door. The interior is a dark guard, and there is no space for drying and wetting. partition. However, it can also meet the basic needs of washing, bathing and toileting. For such a small family, it is not bad. All in all, this small house of three is indeed cramped and cramped. I don’t know if it was you. If so, is it acceptable to live in it? ~ (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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