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After renovating a house, I found these 8 IQ taxes. Seriously, I must avoid them when redecorating.

2022-12-05 02:04:24 [floor]
After renovating a house, I found these 8 IQ taxes. Seriously, I must avoid them when redecorating.

When decorating your home, there are really many pits to step on! But I have to say that there are a lot of IQ tax decorations, which are really regrettable after the completion. It not only wastes money, but also affects the use after moving in, which is really helpless. So, in the renovation process, what are the IQ taxes that need to be avoided? Not much to say, let's take a look~

First, the kitchen did not choose a socket with a switch

The kitchen socket, I suggest that you must It is very important to choose a switch with a switch. First, it is convenient to remove the plug after each use. Second, it is also important to avoid repeated plugging and unplugging, which will loosen the copper sheet inside the socket and affect the service life.

Second, less cabinets and drawers

Kitchen cabinets, it is really uncomfortable to have less drawers, and many things will be very messy when stored in cabinets. It is not convenient to take it out, but it is much more convenient to store it in a drawer. When you pull out the drawer, you can see what is stored in it at a glance.

Third, the bathroom is made of glass countertops

It is also very pitiful to make glass countertops in the bathroom, and the durability is not as good as ceramic countertops, needless to say, the most important thing is to splash a little A little water will make it very dirty and troublesome to clean up. I personally don't recommend everyone to do this.

Fourth, the TV background wall uses plaster line

I always feel that the TV background wall must not be too complicated, especially the kind of marble and plaster line, Not to mention that the decoration budget is too high, it is very troublesome to clean. Simply apply a latex paint, in fact, it is quite textured!

Five, waterproofing must pay attention to

the waterproofing of the bathroom at home, especially the shower area, really needs to be more than 1.8 meters accurately, and other spaces are also It needs to be 30 cm, and it should be brushed twice horizontally and vertically. Otherwise, it is very likely to experience the embarrassment of neighbors coming to the door before the decoration is completed.

Six, the treadmill is really easy to idle.

At that time, I bought a treadmill at home. I thought about exercising every day, but it didn’t take long for my clothes to hang up. , I asked the friends around me, it is true that the idle rate of this thing is also very high, I suggest everyone to consider it again.

Seven, no ventilation holes are left in the shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet is rather sloppy when it is made, only considering the size and style, forgetting to reserve ventilation holes, summer When I opened the cabinet door, the smell was really uncomfortable...

Eighth, buy a small size of the couch for small apartments

If the family size is small If the sofa needs a chaise longue, the size must be as small as possible, otherwise, the extra-wide chaise longue cushions in the living room will make the originally small space appear more crowded, and it will be abrupt and unbalanced, making it ugly . In short, I suggest that you avoid the above 8 places of IQ tax when decorating. After all, you will regret it after the renovation. It is better to avoid pits in advance, plan ahead, and save money and effort. What do you think? ~ (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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