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No wonder so many people in Sweden are reluctant to get married, and a person's small life is too moist and comfortable

2022-12-05 02:23:24 [Wall decoration ]
No wonder so many people in Sweden are reluctant to get married, and a person's small life is too moist and comfortable

Reluctance to marry and have children seems to have become a popular new trend among young people around the world. Although there are many reasons for choosing celibacy, some are because they are unmarried, and some are because they have not met the one they like and are unwilling to compromise, but the main reason is because the pressure of survival is too great. But for a country like Sweden with high income, high welfare and high freedom, their young people are also unwilling to get married. It must not be because of pressure. Could it be because a person's small life is too moisturizing Comfortable, but do not want to change the original way of life? Floor plan This is a single apartment of a Swedish girl. The whole house is 55 square meters. When you walk into her home, you will immediately be infected by the warm and casual atmosphere in the room. This kind of home will let me live alone for the rest of my life. willing. This house is a one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. There is also a small corridor at the entrance, which connects the kitchen and bathroom at both ends and the living room and bedroom. There are full-length mirrors, coat hanging areas and shoe cabinets in the corridor. Once you enter the door, all kinds of personal items can be neatly stored. The kitchen restaurant is located in the same space, and is matched with a flat-shaped cabinet and a round table, so that the space can be maximized without being crowded visually. The decoration of the entire kitchen and restaurant adopts soft neutral tones, the classic combination of gray, white and wood, with fresh green plants, which sets off the whole space extraordinarily fresh and natural. On the desktop, countertop, windowsill, and wine cabinet, every corner is decorated with vivid and unique trinkets, adding a lot of ritual and life to the small kitchen area. The living room and the living room have no ceiling, no shape, no TV background wall, and the TV is also replaced by a long bench. Everything starts from their actual needs, and takes pleasure as the premise, rather than making unnecessary designs. Although she is single, the owner never feels lonely. She enjoys time alone and regularly invites friends over to her house. Everything at home makes her very relaxed. She will also regularly change different soft accessories for her home, so that she can live her life happily! Reading corner The reading corner is at the corner of the other side of the living room. There is also a small reading corner, a lounge chair, a small coffee table, and a small table lamp, so you can sit comfortably here and read quietly. Heart to myself. Bedroom The bedroom is located to the right of the living room and is separated by a door. As soon as you enter the bedroom, the first thing you see is the bed and the wardrobe on the side. The wardrobe is intentionally not topped, so that the entire space will appear more open and transparent, avoiding visual oppression. The back to back of the bed in the bedroom has a certain thickness, which can store some odds and ends or put some decorations. Although the whole bedroom area does not have particularly fancy shapes and bright colors, it is full of light and full of life interest. The decorations still give the whole bedroom area a different style. At a glance, it is full of warmth. There is also an open-air balcony outside the balcony balcony bedroom. There are leisure sofas and some flowers and plants on the balcony. Even if you live alone, you can live leisurely and comfortably, full of ritual. To be honest, if you have such a family, do you feel that you are living a good life alone, and you have no urge to get married?

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