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If I have the conditions, I will also squeeze out a leisure area in these 5 places in the house, and I don't want to go out.

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If I have the conditions, I will also squeeze out a leisure area in these 5 places in the house, and I don't want to go out.

■ I need to relax when I get home from a day's work; ■ I need to relax after finishing all the housework; ■ I have to put my child to sleep, but I also need to relax... Listen to my advice, no matter how big the house is, it's good to have a leisure area, drink Relax with tea, don't be too cool, don't want to go out at all~ So today, let's talk about the design of those leisure areas in the home, these 5 positions can be referred to: The living room leisure area Functionally speaking, the living room is the leisure and entertainment space in the home , However, some people's living rooms are really casual, while some people's living rooms... The TV is not turned on, the coffee table is knocked, and the sofa is hard: 1. TV or projection viewing tools should consider their real use needs, if you want better It is recommended to choose projection: 2. Sitting on the ground with a carpet can make the body appear the most relaxed state: In terms of materials, blended and wool are good choices, and chemical fiber carpets are hard to the touch. Sisal rugs are also less comfortable, but they are a perfect match for Japanese style. In addition, pay attention to the size of the carpet. It is recommended to select the source according to the following picture: 鋆jun3, round coffee table Considering the convenience of activities, it is recommended to choose a small and round style for the coffee table in the living room to avoid bumps and improve the sense of security when walking. Balcony leisure area In the balcony design leisure area, the following three options are recommended: 1. Garden vegetable garden planting is a super healing thing. Watching the seeds from germination to picking, watching the green plants become more and more lush, no matter how bad the mood is, it will be better, pay attention. , When the balcony needs to grow flowers and vegetables, the ground needs to be waterproof. ① The thickness of the waterproof layer should be at least 5mm. ② The height of the wall is 30cm. ③ The floor of the balcony should have a drainage slope, and a height difference of 2-3cm should be maintained with the indoor. 2. Design the platform to make the balcony a leisure balcony. You can design the platform here, you can lie down or lie down, and you can relax your whole body: on the platform, you can read books, make tea, play the piano, paint, and do handicrafts. You can also lay out a yoga mat for yoga. In general, the platform has infinite possibilities. Suggestion: platform height: no higher than 25cm; material: wooden platform; details: install light lines at the bottom to improve the safety of walking. 3. Design the bar The bar can be designed on the balcony. The raised seat allows the legs to relax naturally. Sitting by the window, you can watch the sunset, the sunset, the starry sky, the moon, and enjoy the slow time. Note on bar design: ① The finished bar can be selected, which is more flexible; ② the width of the bar is 40-45cm, and the height is about 90-120cm, which can be designed in combination with the height; ③ the bottom of the bar is indented or left blank to facilitate leg movement . In the bay window leisure area, many bedrooms have bay windows, choose a book before going to bed, and immerse yourself in the stories in the book; or pour a glass of wine, sit on the bay window and watch the busy traffic outside the window, and slowly empty it. ■ If it is a bay window that cannot be smashed, you can directly customize the bay window pad on the bay window sill, which is soft and comfortable: ■ If it is a fake bay window, you can remove the original bay window, and customize the cabinet at the bottom for storage, and the top can still be used. Spread the bay window pads to enjoy poetry and the distance: Considering the convenience of storage, it is recommended to design a set of niches on the side of the bay window to place frequently read books, cups, etc.: tatami leisure area tatami, you can walk barefoot on it, and the ground The table is similar, but the overall height is higher than the platform, and the bottom is full of storage space. Considering the convenience of leisure, a lift table can be designed in the middle. The picture below shows Feimo’s project located in [China Resources Ten Thousand Oaks Mansion]. The owner likes to invite friends over for a small gathering. This tatami area is a leisure space for the owner and friends to chat and drink tea. By the way, if there is plenty of space, you can make the lift table in the middle larger and use it as a mahjong table. It is a joy to play small mahjong in a four-player game~ Fitness and leisure area For office workers, fitness is also a very kind of exercise. It is a great leisure way to release pressure through the release of sweat, so: ■ If you have the conditions, you can plan a gym at home: It is recommended to design from four aspects: ① Wall: Install a mirror wall, in addition to observing your own movements, It can also make the space bigger. ② Audio-visual equipment: It is easy to follow the video to practice. In addition, fitness is a boring thing, and the concert has a more atmosphere. ③ Floor: It is recommended to lay the floor, it will not hurt too much if you fall. Or laying PVC floor glue, can also play a certain role in sound insulation. ④ Lighting: The choice of lamps and lanterns should be anti-dizziness! Otherwise, when lying on the back, the direct glare will be very dazzling. ■ There is no extra space, and treadmills and elliptical machines can also be placed in the corners of balconies, living rooms, walkways, etc.: Gospel for office workers: Build a leisure area in these 5 places at home, and life and leisure are more comfortable! The years are long, and there are different surprises every day. Enjoy the beauty of life in the leisure time of busy life!

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