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Adhere to minimalist decoration, bask in the new house of 200 square meters, soft-furnished furniture comes in, and clean it is really beautiful

2022-12-05 02:28:55 [floor]
Adhere to minimalist decoration, bask in the new house of 200 square meters, soft-furnished furniture comes in, and clean it is really beautiful

There are two very different situations in decoration, one is the pursuit of gorgeous design, and the other is the pursuit of minimalism. If you choose a gorgeous design, you feel that the minimalist decoration is too monotonous; if you choose a minimalist design, you think that the gorgeous design is too complicated and cumbersome. It also fulfills the old saying, radishes and vegetables have their own love. In this issue, we share a set of large-scale decoration with an area of ​​200 square meters. The owner has a strong resistance to the complicated and cumbersome space. Therefore, we insist on minimalist decoration and create a bright and relaxing space through a lot of white and log colors.

Original structure diagram

The unit type is not as perfect as imagined. Although it is a special-shaped structure, it also makes the design more attractive. possibility. How to make good use of the special-shaped structure is also the focus of the design of this case.

Decoration layout plan

After careful design, the public space is transformed into an upgraded version of LDK integration, which is not only open and transparent, but also It also improves the effect of interactive communication at home. The door is facing the wall, and the left side is extended as a display cabinet to make the space more regular. The sink is hidden behind the display cabinet, which is beautiful and convenient for daily washing. On the left side of the washbasin, a triangular cloakroom is constructed by using lockers to partition. The upper right space is divided into two to create a second bedroom and a children's room.

Entrance Design

Push open the entrance door, no longer the monotonous white wall and empty space before, along the load-bearing wall To the left, extend the design display cabinet, and then arrange some craft decorations to form a door-to-door view. The warm and moist log color makes the space more natural. The left and right color separation design enriches the visual space effect and bids farewell to the monotony of the white wall. The simple design creates an open porch space, and children can play freely at home. On the right is the dining and kitchen space. The seemingly open pattern actually hides a Changhong glass door, which can block the fumes and enjoy a free and spacious space.

Food and kitchen design

The integrated design of the dining and kitchen, the space is superimposed and utilized, and the open space can be enjoyed without wasting. The dining table and island are the core of the space, and the log color focuses on the vision, making it clean and comfortable overall. One-sided locker design improves the storage capacity of the kitchen and keeps the space clean and tidy. Part of it is used as a display cabinet to display commonly used items. Between the living balcony and the living balcony, the Changhong glass door is used to enhance the lighting effect.

Living room design

The spacious living room space, simple design and good lighting are simply enviable. Off-white sofa + log coffee table and TV cabinet, and then embellished with dark coffee color lazy sofa, the effect is just right. In terms of lighting, those gorgeous chandeliers are abandoned, and point light sources are used for lighting. The overall effect is good, and the lighting is more diversified. The daily office area, like the restaurant, uses a long log table, which is a good choice for daily office and parent-child interaction. The small floor-to-ceiling bookcase is designed with glass doors, which is convenient for daily access to books. Behind the sofa is a small space, which is designed with a combination of double doors and tatami to create a leisure area.

Aisle Design

The aisle is designed with a washbasin, and the double basin design is convenient for washing in the morning and evening peak hours. The mirror design of the backlight creates a sense of atmosphere.

Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom has no fancy shapes and frills, just clean and tidy. A lot of white is used to make the space more spacious. The embellishment of log furniture warms the space. The master bedroom and the balcony are connected, and the curtains are moved to the balcony, so that the vision is transparent and not bloated. In order to define the space, the balcony has been partially raised, and the log material is soft and comfortable, allowing you to sit and lie down, and you can also practice yoga.

Main bathroom design

The main bathroom "is small but has all the internal organs", in order not to affect the entry and exit lines, a small size bathroom is customized Cabinet, with small size countertop basin, mini and practical. Shower + bathtub combination, no need to worry about which one to install.

Secondary bedroom design

The secondary bedroom is still simple and hard-decorated, with log furniture, simple layout to meet daily sleep needs. A lot of blank space provides more flexible space for later layout.

Children's room design

When you step into the children's room, you will see a set of log cabinets at a glance, with strong storage capacity and easy to use . Bottom drawer design, mainly to store children's toys, to avoid scattered everywhere. The hanging desk makes the space more transparent, and a gray blackboard wall is made on one side, which can be used for children to doodle and give full play to their imagination.

Guest bathroom design

The space of the guest bathroom is compact. In order not to affect the use, the conventional layout of the bathtub is cancelled. The shower room is surrounded by Changhong glass, and the effect looks okay.


The minimalist design creates an open and bright space. The choice of log furniture injects warmth and nature into the space. The white ground material softens the entire space and makes each space related to each other. The whole is clean, beautiful and healing. (Case source: @HE Cheng Design Studio, if there is any infringement, please contact and delete it.)

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