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I only know after installing a suite: there is no need to look at the brand to choose these 4 things, it is expensive to buy the right one

2022-12-05 01:45:27 [floor]
I only know after installing a suite: there is no need to look at the brand to choose these 4 things, it is expensive to buy the right one

Many owners are very willing to spend a lot of money to buy materials, furniture, etc. when they renovate their houses for the first time. However, this will cause a very serious problem - the renovation budget is greatly overrun. Based on this, the editor recommends that the majority of owners flatter the principle of "buying right, not expensive" when it comes to decoration. Because sometimes not all "big brands" are worth it. Some brands have too high premiums, and there will also be a situation where the quality does not match the price. As a result, consumers pay a lot of "IQ tax" in vain. The following four kinds of decoration materials do not need to look at the brand when purchasing:

1. Curtains

Although curtains are an indispensable part of interior soft furnishings and home decoration Items, but there is really no need to pay too much attention to the brand of curtains when purchasing. To put it bluntly, the essence of curtains is fabric. As long as the quality of the fabric is not purchased online, we can basically see it in the physical store. Even if you are shopping online, you can ask the store to send some samples of the fabric to have a look first. And most of the curtains are sourced from Zhejiang. The biggest difference between good curtains and bad curtains is mainly in style design and construction details. The so-called big brand, in fact, its fabric source also comes from Zhejiang, and then affixes its own brand trademark, and then sells it at a high price. For example, when I was renovating the house, I found out that the quality of the window screens sold by the curtain store on the street is 15-20 yuan/meter and the quality of the so-called brand store is about 50 yuan/meter. No odor. In this way, window screens throughout the house can actually save a lot of money.

2. Lamps

To tell the truth, if you have the conditions, it is not wrong to buy lamps and lanterns to see the brand, although the price is high, the quality Guaranteed and perfect after sales. But if you want to save money, the brand is definitely not the first reference factor when buying lamps. Lighting is a lucrative industry. Many so-called big-brand lamps that sell for thousands of dollars are not necessarily because of their high cost or difficult craftsmanship. To put it bluntly, it is just a brand premium. After all, brands have to spend money on publicity. and so on, so the price must be raised to sell. In addition, there are many brands of lamps and lanterns that are OEM products, and we do not need to pay this "IQ tax". But when choosing lamps and lanterns, you can't be greedy to choose some substandard products. For example, some unlicensed lamps purchased online at low prices, although they are also bright, it is obvious that their lighting wattage is false, and the lamps will flicker or go out for no reason after a long time of use. I suggest that when choosing lamps and lanterns, look at the place of origin, and choose the ones from Shan (Zhongshan is the largest wholesale lighting city in the country) and the products have the 3C certification mark. In addition, I personally recommend that you choose a simple style for the style of lamps, so overly complicated lamps are often difficult to take care of. Avoid choosing lamps with the lampshade facing upwards, so that small flying insects will fly inside to "party".

3. Wallpaper< /h1>The birthplace of wallpaper is in Europe, so some people think that wallpaper imported from big brands abroad is the best. But in fact, it is really unnecessary. Some so-called big brand wallpapers may not necessarily have their own factories to produce them. In many cases, they are also processed and produced on behalf of others, and then affixed with their own trademarks. After using for a long time, the yellowing will also turn yellow, and the warped edge will also be warped. As for environmental protection, with the mature development of wallpaper production technology, environmental protection has been strictly controlled. Non-woven wallpapers are basically plant fibers, so the material itself is not polluted, and the most important thing is to look at the construction. The quality of the craftsmanship of the workers and the environmental protection of the accessories are far more important than the brand of the wallpaper itself.

4. Sink

Regarding sinks, whether it is a local Chinese brand or a so-called international brand, many of them are produced by OEMs , a very small part is produced by yourself, and the sinks produced by the foundry can be sold at high prices after OEM packaging, so if you only look for the brand when you buy a sink, you will undoubtedly have to pay an "IQ tax", big brands The same product as a small brand will be 5-6 times worse. Generally, if we choose a stainless steel sink, we must look for the stainless steel material label of the countertop, except SUS304, others such as: 304#, DVS304, S304, these are all fake. The thickness can be selected to be more than 1.2 mm. In general, decoration is a bottomless pit. If your family conditions are not bad, then big brands are undoubtedly the first choice. But for most homeowners on a budget, it's certainly not wise to choose a big brand for everything. Isn't it good to save as "smartly" as possible where you can save? what do y'all think?

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