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When it comes to saving money on decoration, parents can't compare to this group of young people

2022-12-05 01:10:18 [workmanship ]
When it comes to saving money on decoration, parents can't compare to this group of young people

Murong Sofa | Xilinmen Mattress | Little Swan Washing and Drying | Coolmanju Children's Furniture | Watch the preview first, and have a sneak peek! Soft-covered Murong functional sofa single seat price: 1k - 2k multi-person price: 2k - 7k children's sofa price: 200 - 300 Know your big-name functional sofa better than the other half! The scientific sitting height, the golden ratio of the backrest, and the smooth armrest lines are more in line with the sitting habits of Chinese people than the imported brands! In addition to leather models and fabric models, there are also anti-cat scratch sofas specially developed for cat slaves! Coolmanju children's furniture single bed price: 3k-7k high and low bed price: 1k-5k welcome! All products have passed the world's most authoritative GREENGUARD air quality certification, are environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free, and you can move in right away! Curtains Traditional Fabric Curtains Price: 398-1000/set of rice Curtains Price: 158-688/set of rice The most beautiful curtain brand of a red book, in addition to the traditional cotton, linen, satin, suede fabric curtains, and wood Blinds, aluminum blinds, dream blinds, Roman blinds, honeycomb blinds, wave blinds, Shangri-La blinds and other ins wind curtains, 100+ styles can be DIY matched. There are 21 processes for curtain curtains from fabric to finished product, three-dimensional suit cutting standard, Japanese-style high temperature setting, the curtains not only more drape, but also won't wrinkle or shrink after washing, and will not change shape after 8-10 consecutive machine washes.

Big bonus! ! ! Join the group to place an order and have a chance to get a free iPhone 14!

Xilinmen Mattress Mattress: Latex, Coir, Memory Foam, Platinum Sleeping Factor Bed: Leather, Technology Fabric The world-renowned Guochao mattress brand, the highly popular Xilinmen mattress is finally here ! Its mattress is very reluctant to use materials, natural latex, glue-free coconut palm, and single-pocket spring, to create a good mattress that is environmentally friendly, odor-free, silent and undisturbed, and can be used on both soft and hard sides, satisfying different sleeping sensations! Yilai Smart Lighting has no main light and smart light price: about 1,000 yuan. The world's leading smart lighting brand. The products can be connected to mainstream smart home systems such as Mijia, Apple Smart Home, Tmall Genie, Baidu Xiaodu, etc., and sensors , switches, speakers, control panels and other control devices are used together, and the color temperature and brightness can be adjusted at will. Palm Pearl Furniture Soft bed ecological leather, genuine leather, technical cloth, panel sofa leather, cotton and linen, technical cloth, ecological leather, flannel, electric dining table and chair slate, special-shaped, square-to-round reputation of time-honored furniture brands, the prices are all close to the people. Beds, sofas, dining tables, desks, coffee tables, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, mattresses, dressers... One-time purchase of complete house furniture, easy to use and inexpensive as low as 40% off!

Household appliances

Rinnai water heater gas water heater Price: 2k-6k gas water heater ceiling brand, equipped with imported Japanese CPU, 75 The power-on self-check program eliminates all potential safety hazards, precisely controls the water temperature and water volume, uses water in many places in the kitchen and bathroom, and can keep the water temperature constant, and the water discharge speed is fast and saves water and gas! Little Swan Washing, Drying and Drying Set Price: 5k-10k Washing and Drying Set The price/performance ratio never loses! Little Swan's patented ultra-fine foam washing, saving water and detergent, more obvious decontamination, and no residue on clothes! There are also water cubes that can be washed in cold water, care for the precious fabrics, and the clothes will not fade, shrink, or wrinkle! Midea Steaming Oven Embedded Microwave Price: Early 1k Embedded Steaming and Baking Price: 2k-6k Is the budget not enough to buy a steaming oven? As a master of home appliances, Midea can help you solve machines of various price points and grades! The official after-sale service is guaranteed. Considering the usage habits of Chinese people, kitchen novice and the elderly can easily get started! Hisense TV Laser TV Size: 75-88 inch ULED TV Size: 55-98 inch large screen immersive experience, anti-blue light eye protection certification, in-depth adaptation to next-generation game consoles, 4 times the smoothness of traditional screens, no stuck when playing Dayton, a must for movie and game enthusiasts! Cost-effective domestic TV overlord!

Sanitary class

Xijian Sanitary Ware Smart Toilet Price: 1k-4k Ordinary Toilet Price: Within 1,000 Yuan Shower Price: 500- 2k is one of the top ten domestic sanitary ware brands. It is represented by smart toilets. It is very famous for deodorant purification and smart clean nanotechnology. The general price is less than 3,000 yuan, and the price is very suitable for us ordinary people. Tipai bathroom cabinet custom bathroom cabinet price: 1k-? The word-of-mouth bathroom cabinet recommended by CCTV is made of environmentally friendly solid wood multi-layer boards, moisture-proof and not deformed, and high temperature resistance without cracking. The new type of slate countertop has a clear and beautiful texture, the water absorption rate is less than 0.05%, and it is anti-seepage, anti-scratch, anti-staining and anti-corrosion.

Building materials

Taotao anti-theft door : 200 - 300 CCTV central news certified national security door, firm, not easy to crack, good sound insulation, most styles can choose single door / mother door, size can be customized, factory direct price!

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