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Biggest discount before Double 11! These 5 Just-Needed Home Appliances Can't Be Missed

2022-12-05 03:43:09 [workmanship ]
Biggest discount before Double 11! These 5 Just-Needed Home Appliances Can't Be Missed

The autumn is high and the air is cool, and the group purchase is in progress! What decorations did we bring in September? Whether you are looking for big names, focusing on cost-effectiveness, or pure beauty control, you can find a satisfactory answer! Refrigerator, washing and drying, TV, air conditioner, smoke stove, water heater are all available, toilets, showers, sofas, beds, lamps, tiles are all available, and there are full gifts, full discounts, and free single benefits in the group! How to join the group? Directly private ❤Xiao Faner get your exclusive matchmaker, you can inquire about any brand or product, and if there is a group session, it will immediately hold you into the group buying group! Don't miss out on every offer! In addition, you can get the decoration materials summarized by Zhufaner's designers, consult the solutions to various problems encountered in the decoration process, and even find it if you are bored and spit out! Below I will introduce you to a few boutique group purchases in September, big brands! good price! There are benefits! The Panasonic brand group of home appliances and kitchen appliances is suitable for small-sized families. The reason why Japanese-style home appliance lovers are on the list is that almost all home appliances of Panasonic run through one point, that is, Nanoyi Black Technology, which has first-class functions of deodorization, sterilization, disinfection and moisturizing! Tuanpin introduces the Japanese-style refrigerator with thin skin and large filling, strong storage does not occupy space, and the appearance is particularly high! There is also the same offline washing and drying set L169+9098, the high-end brushed silver panel, washing and drying three-in-one, luxury fur, big-name bags can be "washed"! Hisense TV is suitable for families with cute babies, TV drama lovers, and game enthusiasts. Reasons Hisense TV is on the list is super cost-effective! Ranked among the top ten TV brands, but at less than 2/3 of the price, it can win the same configuration of a certain star and a certain Ni! The group introduces the all-round flagship model U6H, which is 4 times smoother than the traditional screen, no lag when watching live broadcasts, mobile phone screen projection, Rheinland low blue light certification, protects children's eyesight, and deeply adapts to the industry's mainstream game platforms, game enthusiasts must enter! There are also 85-inch ultra-large screen 85E7G, the best-selling U7G-PRO, equipped with Xinxin U+ super image quality chip, professional movie-level image quality, matching WAVES master audio, Dolby Vision panoramic sound, and move the private theater home! Rinnai water heaters are suitable for high-quality households, and those who do not understand water heaters can blindly enter the list. Reasons The gas water heater is one of the best brands in the gas water heater industry. The water heater is equipped with a CPU imported from Japan. The group introduces the water volume servo series and the zero cold water series. The upgraded LED large screen operation can be used by the elderly and children! 75 power-on self-test procedures to eliminate all potential safety hazards, the machine can be used with confidence for decades! The imported chip controls the water temperature and water volume, and the water is used in many places in the kitchen and bathroom, and the water temperature can also be kept constant. Midea dishwashers are suitable for young couples who are arguing about who to wash the dishes every day, and families of 3 to 5 who are overworked on the list. Reasons Dishwashers were elected as "the greatest human invention of the 21st century". The washing machine can't wash it, it can wash it! Tuanpin introduced the most frequently asked dishwasher by old and new friends of Zhu Faner, and the P60 is the most cost-effective one! The three-layer spray arm is specially designed for heavy oily pots and pans, and the four-star disinfection cute baby tableware and toys can be washed with confidence. There is also a 7-day ventilation storage. The Fangtai brand group is suitable for people who love the kitchen but don’t want to be exposed to “fireworks”. The reason for the list is that the domestic high-end kitchen appliance brand ranks No.1. It started as a range hood and has a very high market reputation and share. , The quality is guaranteed! The group introduces the popular Fangtai Integrated Cooking Center P1/P2 series, known as performance monsters, smoking and exhausting smoke quickly and violently, ensuring that the fumes are not over your face, and the body is very thin and does not take up space, a good news for small kitchens and open kitchens! In addition to hoods and stoves, we have moved almost the entire Fangtai store, sink dishwashers, built-in dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, steam ovens, ovens, etc., the categories are very complete! Home building materials Genji wood furniture is suitable for people who want to buy environmentally friendly, high-value, cost-effective solid wood furniture~ Reasons for listing Tmall solid wood furniture sales No.1 brand for ten consecutive years, all furniture is 100% pure solid wood, environmentally friendly and clean Varnish coating, reject formaldehyde from the source, install and move in! The group introduces more than 100 products of the group, such as beds, sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, desks, bedside tables, dressers, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, sideboards... One-stop shopping for complete house furniture. Interested friends, you can go to the Genji Muyu store to see the products before joining the tour. Our prices are absolutely awesome! Curtains are suitable for people with good aesthetics and tasteful decoration owners. The reason for the list is the most popular curtain brand of a red book. The price is 40% lower than that of the same products on the market! The group introduced the brand of the factory we visited in May, 50,000 square meters of textile factory + 10,000 square meters of processing factory, automatic equipment production, strict monitoring by special personnel and special posts, and the entire workshop environment is very clean and tidy. There are various types of curtains, such as fabric curtains, venetian blinds, gauze curtains, roller shutters, waterfall curtains, Roman poles, etc. 100+ styles can be freely matched with DIY. The pregnant mother's family can use it with confidence, and it can be installed and moved in immediately. Liangshi Jiguang lighting is suitable for people who want to spend a hundred yuan to get √ bloggers who have the same style of Xiaojingxing lamps are listed on the list because of the original lighting brand of ins style, which has been planted by Li Jiaqi and recommended by Zhihu big V. It is also the selected lighting brand of 3000+ designers. The group introduces glass chandeliers, French crystal lamps, fishing lamps, retro small table lamps, floor-to-ceiling moon lamps, etc. There are many beautiful lamps that can be bought at factory prices! Not only is it good-looking, but its lamps use eye-protecting LED light sources, which have passed the national standard RG0 exemption level no blue light certification, no glare, no video flicker, and no glare when looking directly at the light. Eye fatigue! AXENT Sanitary Ware is suitable for high-quality households that people will enjoy and who are obsessed with cleanliness. The reason for this list comes from the high-end sanitary ware brand in Switzerland. The group introduces floor-standing & wall-mounted smart toilets, surface-mounted & installed overhead showers, and high-value kitchen and bathroom faucets. The styles are very rich! Old friends who are familiar with living in Faner know that the first group of big brands, the benefits we have won are the biggest, and the price will not be lower than this time! Shallow foam tiles are suitable for perfectionists who are ambitious for hard-wearing appearance! The reason for the list is to buy old faces, and the word of mouth is great! It can be called a buyer's store in the ceramic tile industry. The new speed is comparable to Zara, and the patterns are rich and not bumped! The group introduces popular stone grains, wood grains, small white bricks, small flower bricks, small square bricks, cement grains, special-shaped handmade bricks... everything on ins! Lock the whole series of tiles, and the designer will guide the matching 1v1! Tile texture is realistic, beautiful and atmospheric, waterproof, non-slip, anti-scratch, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, a good partner for floor heating, heating is not out of shape, the best choice for bathrooms and balcony rooms!

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