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The wife insisted on buying a replacement for the decoration. I didn’t understand it at first, but I didn’t know it until I finished the decoration, or she has a big pattern.

2022-12-05 03:32:59 [Wall decoration ]
The wife insisted on buying a replacement for the decoration. I didn’t understand it at first, but I didn’t know it until I finished the decoration, or she has a big pattern.

A friend and Fei Mojun complained: "I felt like a big money when I was decorating, and I spent tens of thousands of dollars at every turn. It was cool to spend money for a while, but I was sad when my wallet was empty!" "When decorating, my wife was always looking for Buying, buying, buying, leveling, I thought she was stunned when she bought cosmetics, but I didn’t expect that she would save a lot of money after finishing it! She still has a big layout.” Decoration, these 5 aspects, it is better to save as much as possible! Soft decoration is more economical statement: it is not because the hard decoration is not good! It's because the hard outfit wants to pretend to be effective, which is more expensive than the soft outfit! Therefore, in the case of limited budget, if you want to be beautiful, we use soft clothing to express the appearance. 1. Simplify hard decoration under the premise of ensuring quality ● The simplest wall decoration: latex paint for the whole house. ●Ground: common ceramic tiles for guest, dining and kitchen, and wooden floors for bedrooms. ●Top surface: no ceiling or partial ceiling. 2. The hard installation can also be replaced ① the replacement of the wall panel → the gypsum line ② the replacement of the full ceiling → the flat ceiling The full ceiling occupies about 35cm in height, and the flat ceiling occupies about 8-10cm in floor height, which saves space. choose it! ③ Replacement of wooden wall skirts → Latex paint ③ Replacement of terrazzo → Terrazzo tile ④ Replacement of mosaic → mosaic tile mosaic ⑤ Replacement of solid wood floor → Wood grain brick ⑥ Replacement of microcement → Art paint In short, many things can be found Replacement funds, save budget, start with replacement! 3. Choose a small and fresh design style recommendation: Nordic style, Japanese style, light French style and other styles. Sofa+carpet+green plants+furniture+decorative painting, it will be matched, and it will be absolutely beautiful in one set. There is a budget for local use of high-priced materials, but not much; what should I do if there are some materials that I really like? Then choose a small space design! 1. Some of the more expensive materials are used as background walls, such as wood veneer panels, which are good-looking but not cheap, so let's make a small piece of the TV background. 2. High-quality materials can be used for local spaces. For hard-packed materials with relatively high prices, such as special-shaped bricks, mosaics, hexagonal bricks and other materials, local spaces can be designed, such as bathrooms, balconies, entrances, kitchens and other spaces. How much can a small piece of wall cost?! Arranged! It's more troublesome to refuse a tasteless design than to spend more money. The money is spent, and some designs that are not used at all are installed. Lighting up DIY skills To save money, we can also do some work ourselves. For example: 1. Draw decorative paintings by yourself. For owners with art skills, it should not be difficult to paint a few decorative paintings. For example, the owner of Feimo’s home in Pinghu Qiuyue painted all the decorative paintings at home. For owners without art skills, there are also coloring paintings on the Internet, just fill in the color according to the serial number of the mark, and it is also simple. 2. It is more suitable to do the hard clothing by yourself. It should be beautiful sewing. It is not difficult, but it takes a lot of waist and arms. Raiders↓↓↓ There are also many online bloggers who will teach themselves to make tables, chairs, benches, and soft accessories. If you have free time and strong hands-on ability, you can also try it. Do not follow the trend of Internet celebrity models For decoration, it is also a popular Internet celebrity model for a period of time, such as style, good things... and so on. Does the internet celebrity have to be good? uncertain! Internet celebrities must be bad, right? uncertain! But the net red model will definitely not be cheap, that's for sure! ▎ Source: @ Mulberry Yu. Reasons for not following the trend of Internet celebrity models: ①The Internet always has good reviews and negative reviews, and the practicality of reference is doubtful. ②The trend of Internet celebrities has changed very quickly. It may not be popular last month and the next month. Besides, it will take three to five months for decoration. Maybe your home wall will be outdated as soon as it is smashed. ③ Internet celebrity craftsmanship only comes out sometimes, and the construction master in your place may not be able to do it. ④ Paste the word "Internet celebrity", which is equivalent to a premium. The most troublesome thing is that there are many new craftsmanship, and the construction master will not tell you if they can't do it. Construction master: I said it can be done, but I didn't say 100% restoration. Regarding the decoration, there are ways to install rich and rich, and there are ways to install when the budget is tight. For the second decoration, I insisted on these 5 replacement designs. I didn’t expect these poor clothes to be more practical. In fact, it is the most important to find the one that suits you. Don’t get carried away by your temporary preferences. important~

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