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These 4 "luxury designs" will drain your pockets and find that they are not worth it

2022-12-05 01:31:16 [Materials ]
These 4 "luxury designs" will drain your pockets and find that they are not worth it

In the matter of decoration, many people think that "luxury clothes = quality", but after moving in, they know that a truly high-quality home life experience has nothing to do with luxury clothes. For some designs, it is more practical to choose "light decoration" and "poor decoration". The term "Road to Simplicity" applies equally to decoration. For example, the 4 "luxury designs" that will be shared in this home furnishing topic, you will understand after you move in that these designs may be just to empty your pockets, not to improve the quality of your home. [1] The design of the main lamp is not unfamiliar to the word "main lamp" in the plan given by the designer. To put it simply, the main light without a main light is actually a main light without high power, and replaced by various low-power lamps. For example, the design of no main light in the living room will abandon the traditional headlights, and arrange lamps such as downlights, magnetic track lights, and spotlights in a distributed manner to meet the lighting needs. The advantage of the mainless lamp design is that it is more atmospheric in appearance, and a special lighting atmosphere can be achieved through different lamps, but the disadvantages of this design are also very obvious. The disadvantages of mainless lights are mainly divided into two aspects, one of which is "high cost". Because there is no main light in the design, a "whole house ceiling" is required. The labor cost and material cost of the whole roof can not be ignored. In addition, various lamps, including downlights, magnetic track lights, wall washers, etc., are not cheap. Taking the design of the main lamp in the living room of netizen @爱爱爱爱爱 for example, the labor cost of the whole house ceiling is as high as 5,000 yuan, while the cost of various materials costs 4,800 yuan. Basically, the cost of tens of thousands of yuan is not a small amount for many families. In addition to the disadvantage of high cost, the technical specifications of the main lamp design are higher. It is estimated that many people have also seen cases of overturned cars without main lights. The main reason is that the design of the mainless lamp involves not only the simple traditional ceiling, but also the transformation of the circuit, the distribution of various lamps, the color temperature of the light, etc., all of which are knowledge. So if you are not a professional lighting designer, it is difficult to avoid overturning. In addition, if the indoor floor height is less than 2.8 meters, it is obviously not suitable for the design without main lights. No main light is an unworthy investment no matter what angle you stand at. Choosing a traditional main light is the most practical decision. [2] When decorating an open kitchen, many people want to follow the design of Internet celebrity home bloggers and make the kitchen open. In fact, although the open kitchen is beautiful, it is not very practical. Especially this white open kitchen is loved by everyone. It seems that a high-end kitchen is only suitable for families who order takeaways. Whether installing a top range hood, a side range hood or an integrated stove, there is no doubt that the range hood cannot be extracted cleanly. Therefore, the biggest drawback of the open kitchen appears: the whole room is full of fumes. I believe that many people can have real feelings when cooking without closing the sliding door of the kitchen. In addition to this disadvantage, although the open kitchen does not install sliding doors, it does not mean that the cost will be reduced. In order to ensure the "look" of the open kitchen, we have to work hard on wall cabinets and floor cabinets at this time, and even the ceiling can no longer be suspended with aluminum gussets, but choose honeycomb panels or gypsum boards. These are hard expenses. In addition, the "island table" necessary for open kitchens is not cheap. Whether it is an island made on the woodworking site or a customized finished island, it is impossible to get down without thousands of dollars. From the perspective of experience and practicality, it is undeniable that the popular open kitchen is not worthy of adoption. The most sensible decision is to install a sliding door to make a closed kitchen. [3] In the hard-packed construction project of pure solid wood floor, the ground can be either ceramic tile or wood floor. The advantages and disadvantages of the two are different, so there is no standard answer. But no matter which one you choose, you need to know the selection inside. Taking wood flooring as an example, many people worry about formaldehyde, so they will spend a lot of money to choose pure solid wood flooring. Is pure solid wood floor really the right decision? Obviously not. The advantages of pure solid wood flooring are recognized, but at the same time it has many disadvantages. For example, the most obvious disadvantage is the high cost. For most families, it is impossible to get down without tens of thousands of yuan after the pure solid wood floor of the whole house is laid. And the "trouble" of pure solid wood floors can only be experienced after staying. Because it is natural wood, it is not only afraid of high temperature exposure, but also afraid of moisture and water, so in daily home life, you must be careful. Moreover, the hardness of pure solid wood is not high, so you should be more careful when moving large items. In addition to these, "regular maintenance" is also a "required course" after moving in. As a decoration foreman for more than ten years, I can tell the truth about wooden floors: there is no need to choose pure solid wood, unless there is a mine at home, and I usually have time to spare! Under the premise that the environmental protection level is up to standard, the choice of solid wood composite floor is the most practical solution. To put it more boldly, laminate floors with environmental protection levels above the national standard E0 level can also be laid. Because the environmental protection level is up to standard, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is within the safe value, so there is no need to worry at all. After all, "talking about toxicity without dose is hooliganism". So don't think that only pure solid wood floors are worth paving. 【4】Embedded skirting The exposed skirting has dust accumulation and is not easy to clean? To be honest, the exposed skirting does add some housework burden, but this burden is still acceptable. In order to reduce this housework, many people choose the embedded skirting that is popular because they think the surface skirting is not good-looking. Embedded skirting, really good? To do embedded skirting, to put it bluntly, is to embed the skirting into the wall. And embedded into the wall, naturally need to be slotted. Although this operation only touches the plastering layer, it requires high skills and experience of the construction workers. And many areas do not allow this kind of slotting. Therefore, it is not a wise decision to choose to do embedded skirting for pure beauty and follow the trend. Especially the embedded skirting of the aluminum alloy below, although the aesthetics are improved, but the same area is the problem of "hygienic dead corners". So it is not recommended for everyone to adopt it. The labor cost + material cost is obviously more than double that of the traditional exposed skirting. Not only is it expensive, but it's also poorly practical, just for aesthetics. So don't choose this so-called "luxury design" and "advanced design". [Beauty Home Guide says] Looking back at the 4 kinds of "luxury design" mentioned above, I thought that I had "touched myself" during the decoration, but I didn't find out until after I moved in that "these have properly paid the IQ tax". After all, in front of "practicality", "appearance" is not worth mentioning at all. More home decoration topics, welcome to pay attention, we will see you in the next issue~

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