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Compared with luxurious decoration, I prefer her home. It is simple and warm without any restraint, beautiful and decompressed.

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Compared with luxurious decoration, I prefer her home. It is simple and warm without any restraint, beautiful and decompressed.

More and more people are pursuing a natural and comfortable way of life. Compared with luxurious decoration, people yearn for a comfortable and warm living atmosphere. A relaxed and quiet home is the most suitable for home life. A couple in Chengdu is very interesting. The female protagonist is a liberal arts student, and the male protagonist is a science student. One is gentle and romantic, and the other is rigorous and restrained. Together, the two have made the home simple and warm without any restraints. It is really good-looking and decompressed! Join me below to take a look at their new home and see if it can bring us any different decoration inspiration.

Design Highlights

Their new house is a 147-square-meter flat, the original structure has no major drawbacks, each The space is divided into small pieces, according to the meaning of the two people: the house is a neutral building, without any emotion in itself, but through renovation and transformation, it integrates its own stories and experiences, so that such a reinforced concrete box can be full of vitality. In the end, they didn't do a lot of demolition and modification, but it is worth explaining that: the entrance hall was originally connected to the kitchen. After the renovation, the two spaces were separated but continuously designed.

Independent porch

The biggest feature of the entrance porch is that it has two large windows, which provide good lighting and can pass through The doorway on the right leads into the kitchen, but it is now a separate entryway design. Life needs some poetry. Now this independent entrance has been filtered by Shangri-La curtains, allowing the sunlight to gently pour in, full of poetry. A low storage cabinet is custom-made along the window, which does not block the light. It can not only sit and change shoes, but also serve as a view. seat. According to the previous layout, if the hostess sits by the window and hangs, and the host suddenly comes out of the kitchen, the beauty will be shattered. Separate the first functional area of ​​the home and place some small objects. Even in a small shoe changing area, you can see their love for life. There are not only some home shoes, but also a few books in the space. Books, a print, a few tapes, a green plant, showing the impending doom of life.

Living room without any restraints

The entrance and interior also have a door to completely keep out dust. Entering the living room, the first thing I feel is that it is simple and warm, without a trace of restraint. Because it's not a traditional three-piece arrangement, they removed some of the regular furniture to free up the space. The sofa you choose is very small and can be moved according to your needs. The space has a diversified design. In addition to receiving guests, it is more often for two people to get along. You can sit around to communicate and chat together. You are playing the piano and I am reading. The atmosphere Quite romantic.

The open bookcase is divided into two halves

Both of them like to read books, take a closer look at this open bookcase, the master's tools are on the right Books and professional books, such as "Circuit" and "Signal and System", on the left are books about theories and abstractions that the hostess loves. This is indeed the biggest difference between science students and liberal arts students. They use decoration design, Make the space more suitable for your living habits.

Different "TV background"

The original TV background wall has a window close to the kitchen, just like the entrance, There are two windows in the kitchen. This design allows the space to gain more emotional communication. When our male host is busy in the kitchen, he can look at the hostess through the window and know each other's needs with just one look. . So it is wise to abandon the function of the TV and put green plants here, and the fresh air makes the space more natural and beautiful. Looking at the whole space, except for the bright and refreshing colors, the furniture is basically light and movable, without heavy lightness, simple and generous, and the assembleable shelves allow the two to have more hands-on opportunities. The assembled furniture also imbues the space with emotion.

A balcony purely for leisure

When they bought the house, both of them were attracted by this super-open balcony. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic view of the lush greenery, as if you are in a forest. This place is not built as a drying area, but is purely for leisure.

Kitchen and dining room

This shot is from the kitchen to the entryway. The space is constantly separated, and the words and deeds of the two can be felt. ​​This is looking at the restaurant, and the hazy mood is full of poetry. ​And this shot is looking at the restaurant from the balcony. In order to maintain good indoor permeability, a lot of windows have been made, and the window opening connecting the balcony to the dining room in the original apartment is also preserved, and the log color window frame is wrapped to make the space unified and coordinated. Of course, the interaction is also very good. of. The dining room is also dominated by wood-colored furniture. Although the kitchen and dining room are not big, it may be the most flamboyant place in the home. It condenses the characteristics and atmosphere of a home. The husband and wife put a lot of daily necessities here. , There are also many small objects that I treasure to create a home that belongs to my own unique temperament.

All simple rest space, good-looking and decompressed

A large area is left blank, eliminating all hard-packed stacking, making the space look more It's big, put a log-colored bed, and add lighting design to make the space more warm. It's really good-looking and decompressed.

Secondary bedroom with more Japanese charm

The secondary bedroom is designed with a row of wardrobes made of shoji sliding doors at the end of the bed. The Japanese-style charm is more abundant, the simple hard decoration and the harmonious and natural soft decoration make a free rest space. The above is the content shared in this issue. Friends who like this style can refer to it.

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