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A female host in Shaanxi refused to "over-decorate", the new house of 133 square meters is very advanced

2022-12-05 01:48:57 [floor ]
A female host in Shaanxi refused to "over-decorate", the new house of 133 square meters is very advanced

"The full text is about 2600 words | It takes 5 minutes to read" The case of new house decoration in this issue: a female protagonist in Shaanxi refused to "over-decorate", and the 133 square meters new house was decorated very high-end. The interior area is basically less than 100 square meters. For example, the new house shared in this issue has a construction area of ​​133 square meters. After removing the public pool, there is only 100 square meters left. For such a one-hundred-square-meter house, how to decorate it? Next, let's follow the author's pictures and texts to see what the new house of this heroine from Shaanxi @三月三 has been decorated. I hope that after reading it, I can bring you some reference, remember to collect it first~

Basic housing information

This set The new house is a fairly standard just-needed house. The area of ​​more than 100 square meters is planned to be three bedrooms and one living room. This kind of design also belongs to the apartment type that the developers are currently promoting (I really want to say that the developers have thoroughly figured out the needs of the family. The area is not too large, but we will plan three bedrooms and one living room for you to meet the living needs of your parents). The owner of the entire suite did not find a decoration company, but found the workers step by step to decorate it. From the construction of hard decoration to the entry of soft furniture, the total cost is currently about 160,000, of which the cost of hard decoration is 110,000 and the soft decoration is 50,000. Next, let's take a look at the specific decoration details:

Entrance entrance

From the real scene of the entrance entrance, the left-hand side of the entrance It is the living room, and on the right is the dining room. Obviously, this is not a middle household, but a "front household" of the building. Many people like to buy side households, because compared with intermediate households, side households have better sound insulation and are transparent from north to south. The hostess of the entrance door changed it, and abandoned the traditional mechanical lock, and replaced it with a smart door lock. On the right side of the entrance, which is the location of the restaurant, you can see a part of the wine cabinet. The material of transparent glass looks very high. On the left side of the entrance is a shoe cabinet. However, if you look at the panorama (see the picture below), you will find that this is not a simple shoe cabinet, but a cabinet that incorporates a "screen" design. It is both a shoe cabinet and a screen at the same time. This kind of design is worth learning from. Because of its design, it can not only meet the storage needs of shoes, but also form a good block for the sofa area in the living room. Few people would think of this "privacy" consideration. It is not difficult to see that the heroine really thought of the front at this point. Let's talk about the shoe cabinet. Visually, the space at the bottom of the shoe cabinet is relatively short. Fans who have followed me should know that the space at the bottom of the shoe cabinet should not be less than 20 cm, otherwise many shoes will not be easy to store.

Living room

Although the living room is not very luxurious at first glance, it is atmospheric enough, and the overall color tone is more harmonious. Let's take a look at specific renovation projects. The 800×800 tiles on the ground, the traditional specifications are also the first choice for most people. However, some people choose the size of 750×1500. In my opinion, if the area of ​​the living room is less than 30㎡, there is no need to consider the latter. Because the 800 tiles themselves are very atmospheric. And the beauty agent chooses a good color, and the effect is also amazing. The wall of the living room is directly brushed with latex paint, without wall covering and diatom mud, and the ceiling is only the selected "side hanging". This minimalist approach is well worth adopting. In the choice of air conditioner, the hostess arranged the central air conditioner. It is undeniable that after the central air conditioner is hidden in the ceiling, the aesthetics is indeed very high. But keep in mind that if the inner area of ​​the set is less than 100 square meters, it is not recommended to install central air conditioning. Because only in large-sized houses, the energy-saving advantages of central air conditioning can be reflected. It is enough to choose a vertical air conditioner for a small apartment. The living room does not have a main lamp design, but chooses the back-shaped net red lamp. To be honest, this kind of net red light is relatively simple in shape, and it can indeed be arranged. But the crystal lamp with too complicated shape is not advisable. After moving in, I knew that the crystal lamps were not only easy to accumulate dust, but also difficult to clean. The TV wall is the most important area in the living room. In the decoration plan, the heroine did not do too much design, so it can be said that she rejected "over-decoration". This simple brushing of latex paint is also very sensible. After all, after installing a large-sized TV, the visual effect of the TV will be better. And the simpler the TV wall, the less likely it will be out of date. The slate + grille TV wall that has been on fire for several years is obviously rotten. Not only is the cost high, but it is also easy to be eliminated (the reason why it is eliminated is also because the concave and convex grooves of the grille are dead corners of hygiene, which are difficult to clean, and will increase a lot of housework burdens).


Most of the balcony can be seen from this angle. Obviously no balcony sliding doors were made. This method of connecting the living room and the balcony directly is very popular among young people. In fact, after the living room and the balcony are connected, the most prominent advantage is to further expand the visual space of the living room. After all, without the sliding door, the three or five square meters of the balcony becomes part of the living room. The hostess also spread the tiles in the living room directly to the balcony, and the effect is very atmospheric after the paving. On the balcony, the hostess not only installed a balcony cabinet, but also designed a small "office area". This is also something we can learn from. In fact, there are many "possibilities" of the balcony, such as it can be designed as a leisure area, fitness area, reading area and so on.


The most eye-catching aspect of the restaurant is the design of "sideboard + wine cabinet". A door-to-top sideboard with first-class storage capacity. The wine cabinet is combined next to it, so the whole restaurant looks very atmospheric and high-end. The dining room and living room are also consistent on the ceiling, and both use the hidden lamp ceiling. The slate dining table and the blessing of minimalist lamps make the restaurant full of sophistication. It is also a pleasure to eat in such an atmosphere.


One thing to say, the kitchen decoration is quite satisfactory. White hanging cabinet + black base cabinet, black and white collocation will never go out of style. And PET high-gloss cabinet doors are not only good-looking but also easier to clean. By the way, there are many people who will choose the skin-sensitive film cabinet door under the recommendation of the designer. In fact, after checking in, I know that the skin-feeling film cabinet door is a gimmick. Not only is it easy to leave fingerprints, but it is also difficult to wipe off after getting stains. Looking at the ceiling of the kitchen, the hostess chose the "honeycomb slab". There is nothing wrong with this material, just choose it if the budget is sufficient. Choose aluminum gussets if your budget is limited, but don't use gypsum board. I believe that the heroine is also the honeycomb panel determined under comprehensive consideration. After all, gypsum board will turn yellow over time. To be honest, it is a bit redundant to choose the design of "no main light" in the kitchen. In fact, it is enough to install an ordinary ceiling lamp. This kind of mainless lamp design, not only the circuit modification is very laborious, but also the later maintenance is more troublesome. After all, whether it is a downlight or a magnetic track light, the durability is not as good as that of a ceiling light.


The decoration style of the bedroom is more warm, which is mainly reflected in the details of the wall, curtains and lamps. But what I didn't expect was that the heroine's bedroom also had "side hangings" all around (most likely to match the curtain box). In fact, many people will choose the double eyelid ceiling, after all, the latter is minimalist and atmospheric. The floor of the bedroom is still the selected large brick, and the wooden floor is not selected. Although many people will follow the "living room tile + bedroom wooden floor" plan. But in fact the whole house is tiled is also worthy of recognition. After all, no one will walk barefoot in the bedroom, so there is no difference in foot feel. In the installation of the wardrobe, there is no choice of "wall-built wardrobe", but a custom-made wardrobe. A door-to-top cabinet reduces dust accumulation and increases storage space.


The bathroom has been separated from wet and dry, and the overall decoration style is minimal and exquisite. For the bathroom basin in the dry area, the hostess did not install the popular slate integrated basin, nor did she choose the traditional ceramic integrated basin. Instead, he chose a "combination" of the two, that is, "slate countertop + ceramic basin". Such a basin is honestly worth installing. Because its slate countertop guarantees beauty and atmosphere, while the ceramic basin guarantees multiple advantages such as fast launching, no sanitary dead corners, and no water splashing. END.

Written at the end:

On the whole, the decoration of the new house of the heroine has no redundant design and no excessively luxurious decoration, which is indeed a worthy reference. New home case. However, there is no fixed standard answer for decoration, so what we need to do is to look at other people's decoration to enrich our own plans. Only in this way can you live in a house full of joy. (Original text, pictures from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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