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Look at her new house, which has been in her family for four months. It's neat and clean, and it smells like home. I want to share it with you.

2022-12-05 03:00:59 [Materials ]
Look at her new house, which has been in her family for four months. It's neat and clean, and it smells like home. I want to share it with you.

I am really happy to have a house of my own. The new house is for living and living, not for showing off or comparing. Therefore, after moving in, no matter how busy or tired you are, you should clean up your home and have a clean living environment, and you will be happier. I am very happy to bring you this new house of the owner her family this time. You can see the new house that her family has just lived in for four months. The owner cherishes this home very much. In the past few months, no matter how busy or tired I am, I will clean and tidy the house. The whole space looks very homey, and I am envious of it. home, as it should be. I can't help but share it with you, everyone can feel the experience together! The decoration is light and extravagant. This is the restaurant area, and an open kitchen is made, which makes the dining room and the kitchen more reasonable in the same space. From this angle, there is a built-in sideboard with two floors on the left side, which can provide a lot of storage space. The glass door is installed on the upper part of the cabinet, and the details are still quite good. The dining room is equipped with a square slate dining table, which occupies a suitable size and location. When there are many people, you can easily move the position without any impact. The space is not big, and there are actually a lot of things, which will not make people feel crowded or messy. To make an open kitchen, generally speaking, you choose to install an integrated stove, which is much more convenient to use, saves space, and has a better effect on oil fume treatment. Decorative paintings are hung on the wall of the restaurant, with different shapes, and it is also matched with a clock, so that you can see the time. Some home decoration is still necessary. After staying for four months, it really proves that even if the home is an open kitchen, there is no pollution from oil fumes. This is the living room. The living room and the balcony are connected, which increases the interior area and makes the space look more spacious. On the left is the TV wall, and on the right is the sofa and coffee table. Although I have been staying for four months, it makes people look at this home, and it does not feel like four months, and it does not have the life atmosphere of moving in, it is more like preparing to move in. The lighting is bright enough at night, not dazzling. The sofa background wall and the TV background wall in the living room are all plastered lines, the shape is simple and not complicated, it will not make people feel depressed, and it is more comfortable. The ground is chosen to be covered with gray tiles, which are better matched and more resistant to dirt. Although the ceiling is installed on the top surface, the light strips that are not often used are abandoned, and no light strips are more suitable. From this angle, you can see the living room and dining room, and an open kitchen has been made. The layout of the apartment has really become transparent from north to south. The furniture is a complete set, so the style can be kept consistent. It looks ordinary, but the effect looks very homey, which is really good. This is the aisle, which is basically in the middle of the apartment, which can separate the various spaces. The original entrance door was the color of pig liver red. For a more reasonable match, I chose white, which looks more beautiful with the whole space. This detail treatment is particularly satisfying. This is the children's room. The position of the desk and cabinet is designed by using the position of the window, which can be very convenient for children at home to do homework or read books, and the position is sufficient. A single bed with a matching mattress was very comfortable to sleep on. The walls are painted a grayish color, which is very beautiful and will not make people feel monotonous. This is the master bedroom. In fact, the space is relatively spacious, but the effect of the photo is a bit crowded. A double bed, the style is really good, I like it very much. The crystal chandelier is installed on the top, which is a very popular style. If you like it, you are welcome to buy it! This is the dressing area, which can be very convenient for the female homeowner. Customized very practical tatami, can provide a lot of storage space, especially practical. Cosmetics or skin care products, large and small, are neatly arranged and stored, and they look envious. This is the end of the sharing, the home should be like this, the home is cleaned up, and life is very happy! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Guo Mom /

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