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It is the first time to decorate a new house, and the effect of cleaning the furniture is not bad. I am very happy.

2022-12-05 02:07:06 [cleaning ]
It is the first time to decorate a new house, and the effect of cleaning the furniture is not bad. I am very happy.

To be honest, I was very excited for the first decoration, especially when the new house decoration was completed, I was very happy and excited. Although the renovation process may not be so pleasant, renovation is an experience and it is worth everything that has been paid before. I am very happy to bring you the new house that the owner renovated for the first time in her life. The interior area is not large, and the first decoration is also considered, so the overall matching of the interior is based on the effect of other people's homes, especially the wall brushing. color, very nice. The decoration of the whole space is relatively ordinary, and there is no sense of design. At present, no furniture has been arranged, and the inside and outside are all cleaned up. The overall effect looks good. The owner was also very happy and brought his children to visit. Below, I will show you the real scene, if you like it, you can refer to it! The living room and the dining room are in the same space, and there is no partition in the middle. At that time, the two spaces can be divided by arranging furniture. It can be seen that the living room and the balcony are open, and the balcony is sealed, whether it is raining or windy outside, it has no effect, and the indoor lighting is relatively sufficient, which can make more reasonable use of the balcony space. Considering the dirt resistance, the walls are covered with tiles, which are very dirt-resistant, beautiful, and very atmospheric. The ceiling is installed on the top, and the metal lines are pasted, which seems to have a strong sense of line impact. Made a relatively simple TV wall, the material of slate, a bit similar to marble. The TV has been arranged in advance. The owner of the house and the children at home especially like to watch TV. Although no other furniture has been arranged, it seems to be very homey. This is the master bedroom space, and there is a separate bathroom behind the custom-made wardrobe, which is very convenient to use. I don't like wooden floors. Even in bedrooms, the floors are made of ceramic tiles, which are very stain-resistant. When I was choosing tiles, I thought about it for a long time, and finally chose gray tiles to follow the trend, and it matched the whole space better. It's really good! Everything was cleaned inside and out, and there was no dust at all. The custom-made wardrobe in the master bedroom goes directly to the top, and no space is wasted. It can provide more storage space, and the wardrobe is white, which is very clean. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, just a circle of plaster lines. Although the background wall of the bedside has no shape, it is painted with blue-gray latex paint, which is very beautiful. I really like it! The master bedroom uses the position of the bay window to design a bay window cabinet, which can appropriately add some storage space, and make more reasonable use of the space, which has a sense of design. The bay window is still relatively large, there is no way to destroy it, but it can be used as a small sofa, which is really good. The master bedroom at home is also such a space, you can refer to it! This is the second bedroom. The color of the bedside background wall is the same as that of the master bedroom, which is basically the same as the master bedroom. However, the position of the bay window has not been designed. Because it is a real bay window, it can be used as a sofa without any impact. The bay window is very big. For those who like bay windows, they are very happy to see such bay windows. This is the children's room. The background wall at the head of the bed is painted with pink. It is actually pink, but if it is photographed, it looks a little light. There is not much space. When there is a single bed, a desk cabinet can be arranged next to it, which can be convenient for children at home, which is very good. The wardrobe door is not installed, it does not affect the effect! This is the end of the sharing. It is really good to be able to put on such an effect for the first decoration. If you like this effect, you can refer to it! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Red Wolf /

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