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Is it necessary to install the crossing stone? It turns out that the effect is so big, but it's good to know it in time

2022-12-05 03:09:19 [cleaning ]
Is it necessary to install the crossing stone? It turns out that the effect is so big, but it's good to know it in time

When decorating a new house in the past, many people will install the door stone. However, now the new house is renovated, and the gate stone has been gradually abandoned by people. In the final analysis, it is because many people feel that it has no practical use and the effect is not beautiful. The reason why the effect of installing the door stone is not good is mainly because the color and material are not selected correctly. So, is it necessary to install the gate stone? In fact, its role is very large, but many people have misunderstood it. Fortunately, you know it in time, otherwise you will miss it.

Five functions of the gate stone

The gate stone is installed under the door, and you need to step over it to enter the door, so Only then has the name "Guanmen Stone". The gate stone actually has 5 functions. Let's take a look at them below: 1. The dividing line The gate stone can play the role of dividing the functional area. It is equivalent to a dividing line, which clearly divides the two spaces. 2. Guarantee the integrity of the tiles. With the gate stone, it can ensure the integrity of the tiles on both sides, and there is no need to divide the tiles. The tile after division will become uneven, unsightly, and prone to waste of material. With the crossing stone, the waste of tiles can be reduced, and the overall effect is more complete. 3. Block water and avoid dampness The bathroom is the most humid functional area. In order to prevent water from flowing to other places, the general bathroom will be better than the ground of other rooms. However, if the other functional areas are wooden floors, even if there is no water flow, the water vapor will cause erosion. With the gate stone, it can not only block water and prevent water from flowing out, but also prevent water vapor erosion and prevent the floor from being damp and moldy. 4. The role of space conversion Now decoration, many people will choose to use ceramic tiles and wooden floors at the same time, some rooms are ceramic tiles, and some rooms are wooden floors. If the wooden floor is directly connected to the tile, the visual effect will appear out of place. At this time, the role of the crossing stone is highlighted, it can play the effect of transition and space conversion, and the visual effect will not be so abrupt. 5. Save the height difference Some functional areas need to be designed lower, and some functional areas need to be designed higher. If there is no crossing stone, there will be some faint slopes. At this time, a gate stone is needed. With its participation, the problem of height difference can be eliminated to a high degree.

Choice of Passing Door Stones

The reason why many people think that the Passing Door Stones are ugly is mainly because of the wrong style or color. 1. The material of the gate stone The gate stone is generally made of ceramic tile or marble, granite, artificial stone and other stone. If you like lively elements, such as American style, Mediterranean style, it is recommended to choose colored tiles, tan or mosaic tiles. If you like the effect of simplicity and atmosphere, it is recommended to choose stone. For example, marble is easy to process and is the most widely used. 2. It is also very important to match the color of the door stone with the color of the door stone. Many people will choose a versatile black, which can be matched with any color, and is more resistant to dirt. If the home is the main tone of light color, it is recommended to choose beige, light coffee color, or white, which looks better when matched. You can also choose the same color as the tiles and wooden floors. The overall visual effect is more unified and atmospheric, showing the effect of paving.

Design of replacing the doorway stone

For the functional area with heavy water vapor, such as the bathroom, it is strongly recommended to install the doorway stone. There are also areas with obvious height differences, and try to install gate stones. In addition, the door stone is not a must, and you can ignore it if you don't want to install the door stone. We can use the following three designs instead. 1. Whole house shop Now many young people like to use the whole house to decorate their new houses. Whether it is wooden floor or ceramic tile, the whole house only uses the same kind, which can play a visual expansion effect and make the home more spacious and atmospheric. 2. Edge strips If the corridor is made of ceramic tiles and the bedroom is wooden floor, then edge strips can be used to transition where the wooden floor and ceramic tiles border. Copper strips are more commonly used for edge trimming, which not only fills the gap between the wooden floor and the ceramic tile, but also does not affect the overall aesthetic effect. 3. Splicing design If it is wooden floor and wooden floor, tiled floor and tiled floor, it can be considered to be paved by splicing. For example, the room is laid vertically, and the junction is used horizontally, which can effectively distinguish.

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