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The real decoration of ordinary families, 80 square meters simple two-bedroom, three without decoration but more warm and comfortable

2022-12-05 02:21:43 [floor]
The real decoration of ordinary families, 80 square meters simple two-bedroom, three without decoration but more warm and comfortable

The most delicious thing in the world is Qinghuan, a truly happy home. It does not need too complicated elements, and it is simple and more warm and comfortable. Recently, I visited a new two-bedroom house with a construction area of ​​80 square meters. The owner is just an ordinary working class. He has basically tried his best to buy the house, so the later decoration can only be done in poor clothes. Originally, I was worried that the poor decoration would be too bland, but I didn't expect the "three no decoration" with no ceiling, no shape, and no background wall, but the effect presented was "a complete mess". This is the most authentic decoration. It is not only economical, but also warm and healing. It is full of fireworks, and it is really comfortable to live in.

Plan Layout Plan

The new house is square and square, with two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom. There are all the functional areas that should be there, and the layout is very reasonable.


This house does not have an independent entrance door, but in order to achieve sufficient storage effect, the entrance cabinet is still customized on the right side of the door. As soon as you enter the door, you will be greeted by an open dining room. The left side of the door is the open kitchen, and the right side is the entrance cabinet.

Entryway Cabinet

A white entryway cabinet with invisible handles and a groove in the middle to store some handy items. The entryway cabinet that integrates with the wall is not only practical but also very beautiful. There is also a full-length mirror on the side. When you go out, you can organize your clothes and grooming in front of the mirror.


Because the space of the kitchen is relatively compact, in order to make the effect of the kitchen more spacious and transparent, an open design is adopted. The floors of the kitchen and the entrance are made of gray tiles, while the living and dining rooms are made of wooden floors, and the functional areas can also be divided by the floor materials. The kitchen is close to the restaurant, and a middle island is designed, which can achieve the effect of a water bar and a western kitchen. The space on the countertop is quite large, and it is very convenient to do baking, pastries and coffee on it.


The space of the restaurant is relatively compact, with a round dining table in the middle and some dining chairs around it. Round dining table, shell chairs, rattan chairs, and a jack-o-lantern on the ceiling. The overall layout is very simple, but it presents a retro, literary atmosphere.

Open Dining Room

The dining room and living room are open plan, providing more visual space and brighter lighting conditions. The TV wall in the living room has no design shape. The TV cabinet extends directly from the entrance cabinet, and the bottom is suspended. It looks very layered and easy to clean. Looking from the entrance to the living room, because the balcony of the living room is opened, coupled with the floor-to-ceiling windows of the broken bridge, the lighting and ventilation conditions are very powerful. The layout of the living room is also very simple. The ceiling is not suspended, and some downlights are embedded to create a star-like feeling. There is no fancy shape, in order to free up more space, the bulky large coffee table is abandoned. The sofa background wall is also not modeled. It is made of light orange art paint and decorated with decorative paintings, which is economical and simple. Exquisite leather sofas, with carpets and transparent acrylic side tables with universal wheels, create a retro, literary and romantic atmosphere. On the side of the sofa, there is a middle-aged chest of drawers with a walnut feel, on which decorations are placed, and the storage function can be added in the cabinet. It is both decorative and practical, killing two birds with one stone. The decorative painting on the background wall of the sofa is also very simple, but because of its simplicity, it brings out an unusual visual effect. In the corner of the balcony, place a comfortable plush armchair with a row of bookshelves. Coupled with the soft light filtered by the tulle, reading here is simply too comfortable.

Master bedroom

The decoration design of the bedroom extends the effect of the living and dining room, and everything is mainly simple and warm. The ceiling is not a suspended ceiling, not even a plaster line, and the bedside background wall is only painted with latex paint. Soft tones, paired with simple soft furnishings and furniture, create an extremely comfortable sleeping environment. A dressing table is designed at the corner at the end of the bed, which creates the effect of an independent space according to the shielding of the load-bearing wall. At the end of the bed, there is also a custom-made storage wardrobe with a whole wall, a white cabinet door, and a long handle, which fits very well with the whole wall, like a whole.

Secondary bedroom

The space of the secondary bedroom is more compact than the master bedroom, and it also extends the style effect of the master bedroom, which is simple, warm and atmospheric. Because the second bedroom is outside the dining room, in order to improve the lighting conditions, a glass wall is designed between the second bedroom and the dining room.


The real good decoration is not to blindly pursue luxurious and atmospheric effects, but to proceed according to your own actual situation. For example, the simple new house of 80 square meters above has a simple hard decoration design, and through the combination of soft decoration and furniture, it creates a simple, dry, warm and comfortable home atmosphere. It is very comfortable to live in, and friends who like it can refer to it.

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