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My house is going to be renovated. To be honest, I will definitely not step on these 8 pits. It's too bad.

2022-12-05 02:23:39 [floor ]
My house is going to be renovated. To be honest, I will definitely not step on these 8 pits. It's too bad.

Do you have any regrets after finishing the renovation? When my house was renovated, I left a lot of regrets and stepped on a lot of pits because of poor consideration. I really didn't understand what regrets were until I moved in! If you give me another chance to choose, there are many pits, I can get around. Not much to say, today I will share with you some pits that are easy to step on during the decoration process, let's take a look~ 1. Never put wallpaper If you let me decorate again, I will definitely not put wallpaper again, it will be slightly damp and aging , there will be folds and warped edges. Although the wall coverings are said to be better, but more glue is used, formaldehyde is also a problem, it is better to use simple latex paint, which is more practical. 2. Ceiling fans are not necessarily suitable for all families now. I remember that when I was a child, my family relied on ceiling fans to cool off. At that time, I felt that ceiling fans were real, but now they are not suitable for all families. The ceiling fan lights are more practical. Of course, It is also necessary to know the wind speed in advance. I have seen only two wind speeds. No matter how much the wind is driven, it is difficult to be practical. 3. Don’t make complicated ceilings In fact, when my house was making ceilings, I hesitated for a long time, and finally I was attracted by the beautiful ceilings + light troughs in the model room, but in fact I want to say, if I renovate, I will definitely not make ceilings. In other words, it is not recommended to use a suspended ceiling for the floor height below 2.7 meters. It is very beautiful to simply walk with a plaster line, and it will not lower the floor height. 4. There are not enough sockets reserved in the cabinets When I was making the cabinets, I really thought of reserving sockets, but I always felt that I would not buy so many electrical appliances, so I reserved a water purifier, and I wanted to install a kitchen later. There is no place for other garbage disposals. It is recommended to leave 2-3 sockets. 5. Before installing cabinets, you must know the size of the dishwasher. Before installing cabinets at home, you must pay attention to the size of the dishwasher. This is really a lesson in blood and tears. Otherwise, you will have to change the cabinets later, or even have more dishwashers. Together, it's really embarrassing, it's not worth it to redo it, it can only be done. 6. The water retaining strip at the back of the cabinet is made into the water retaining strip behind the arc-shaped cabinet. It is strongly recommended to make it into an integrated arc shape, which is not only convenient for cleaning and care, but also beautiful. I have seen many right angles bonded with glass glue before. The water retaining strip is not only difficult to clean, but also easy to mold, which is not practical. 7. The flue check valve is too important. I won’t say any more about this old-fashioned suggestion. If the flue is not equipped with a check valve, the food smells from the neighbors’ house when cooking, which is really unacceptable. Before the range hood, remember the check valve problem! 8. Except for the kitchen and bathroom, the wiring was 2.5 square meters before the decoration, which may have been fooled. The whole house used 4 square meters. Later, I asked many friends to know that in fact, except for the kitchen and bathroom, 2.5 is enough for the whole house. Wasting money in vain... If you re-decorate, choose 2.5 decisively. From the above questions, you can also see that there are still many pits in the decoration. I advise you to do more homework before the decoration, understand it clearly, and don't regret it after finishing it like me! (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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