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What kind of paper is placed under the air fryer? Why do air fryers put tin foil? Air fryer buying skills

2022-12-05 01:09:07 [cleaning ]
What kind of paper is placed under the air fryer? Why do air fryers put tin foil? Air fryer buying skills

Air fryer is a relatively common small appliance in life. It can play a very good cooking role and can make a variety of gourmet snacks, such as French fries, fried chicken wings, fried lotus root, etc. When it is necessary to put a layer of tin foil underneath, it is easier to clean and can also prevent the food from burning.

1. What kind of paper is the air fryer pad?

Tin foil. It resists moisture loss and scorching, is easy to clean, but is relatively hard to ripen. Air frying pans can fry a lot of food, but some foods can't be cooked directly in the frying pan, so we should put some baking pans, etc., but they don't have a baking pan, so they want to use tin foil instead. It's not impossible, but it will slightly affect the taste of the food! Air frying pans require tin foil. The tin foil can make the ingredients heat more evenly, lock the moisture of the food, prevent burning, and at the same time prevent the food and soy sauce from sticking to the wall and bottom of the basket, and it is easy to clean after use. However, when cooking with foil, the cooking time will take longer.

Second, why do air fryers put tin foil

1. Prevent food from scorching

The air fryer cooks food in an enclosed space, such as an oven that generates a hot cyclone. It can cook food in 360 degrees. After the food is wrapped in tinfoil, the taste will not deteriorate, but it can lock the moisture of the food and prevent the food from being scorched.

2. Easy to clean

Tin foil has a high melting point. While the air fryer will create a heat flow, it's not enough to ignite the foil. In fact, the tin foil is placed in the air fryer, which also prevents food and soy sauce from sticking to the frying pan walls and bottom of the basket. Cleaning the frying pan is also easy.

3. Other foods are easy to cook

Some foods cannot be cooked directly in the air fryer. If you don't have a baking sheet, it's also a good idea to use tin foil instead. However, when the tin foil cooks, the ingredients will be difficult to cook, so the cooking time will be longer.

Three, air fryer buying tips

1. Brand selection

If you want to buy an air fryer with guaranteed quality, then this brand should be your first choice. In a sense, if a brand has greater market influence and market share, it can be said that the brand's products have been recognized by the market. The reason why such an effect can be achieved is inseparable from its Quality of products. Therefore, it is more secure to choose some big brand products. It's like shopping for clothes. So, in the process of choosing these fryers, consider the well-known brands first. On the other hand, if some brand has a certain name and they specialize in the production and manufacture of air fryers, then such a brand is worth considering.

2. Channel selection

In the process of purchasing an air fryer, not only do you need to pay attention to the choice of brand, but also to purchase other A very important aspect of choice. For different channels, the quality of products it can provide is different. For example, if you buy a frying pan in a franchise store, then the quality of their products must be guaranteed, and there will be no fake and shoddy products. If you want to buy a fryer through an e-commerce platform, be sure to choose those large-scale stores or platform-owned stores. Only through this channel can the quality of the product be guaranteed. If you choose some small shops, you are likely to buy fake and shoddy products produced by small factories, which is not worth the loss.

3. Choose the right capacity

I believe many people don't know about kitchen appliances such as air frying pans. After all, this is a new device, so they don't know how much capacity they should buy. In this case, you must look at how much food your family has and how many people there are. If you have a large population and everyone has a large amount of food, you should buy large quantities of products at this time. For example, you can choose to buy a 5-liter or 6-liter product. However, if you are just an ordinary family, such as a family of three, you only need to buy 2-4 liters, which can meet your needs and not waste money.

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