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The kitchen is renovated like this, and it doesn't need to be renovated for 20 years! The kitchen does these 9 points, easy to use and durable

2023-04-01 23:43:46 [Wall decoration ]
The kitchen is renovated like this, and it doesn't need to be renovated for 20 years! The kitchen does these 9 points, easy to use and durable

The kitchen is used as a space for washing vegetables, cooking and washing dishes. In most people's homes, the kitchen is one of the most frequently used housework spaces. Then, under the high frequency of use, it is still a kitchen space that often uses water. How to renovate it? In order to make the kitchen last longer, and then realize that it does not need to be renovated for 20 years or even a lifetime? Now, let me talk about how to decorate the kitchen to be more durable! 1. Drainage is not blocked. When washing dishes and pots in the kitchen, there will be a lot of oil stains. After these oil stains enter the drain pipe, it is easy to stick to the pipe. After a long time, the drain pipe will be easily blocked. In order to avoid the congestion of the drain pipe, in the kitchen decoration, the drain pipe should have enough slope for drainage, and then try not to be too long in the horizontal direction; in addition, when using the sink, flush it with hot water every once in a while The sink allows hot water to enter the drain pipe, so that the oil in the pipe is heated and melted away. 2. The water supply pipe of the water pipe does not leak. The water supply pipe in the kitchen should be tested after the water and electricity is completed. After the test is passed, it can be used in the later stage to prevent the water pipe interface from breaking and leaking. In addition, the interface of the drain pipe should also be well connected and guaranteed. Slope to avoid water accumulation and leakage inside the drain pipe. 3. When the circuit is continuously renovated with water and electricity in the kitchen, the wires should be thicker, and then the connecting wires should not be used in the middle. After all, there are many kinds of electrical appliances in the kitchen, and the kitchen is relatively humid. If the quality of the wires is poor or there are For the interface, it is easy to short circuit after a long time. After the wire is short circuited, even if the decoration is very new and clean, the kitchen appliances are on strike and they will be remodeled. 4. The operating table is strong enough. The kitchen cabinets carry the countertop space for washing, chopping, and cooking. Therefore, if the kitchen is to be durable, the cabinets must also be strong - the countertops are thick and reliable without breaking, and the thickness of the cabinet can bear the load. In particular, the countertops in the vegetable cutting area should be reinforced to avoid the situation of the countertop breaking when cutting hard vegetables and cutting bones. 5. The cabinet should be moisture-proof. From the consideration of moisture-proof, it is recommended to use stone for the cabinet. Because the kitchen needs water to wash vegetables, wash dishes, and cook vegetables, and the whole space is relatively humid, so the cabinets of the kitchen cabinets should be moisture-proof and strong. Never use particle boards as kitchen cabinets. Particle boards are no problem in a short time. But if you use it for several years or decades, once the cabinet is damp, it will basically be scrapped! 6. Durable hardware: As a designer in the Guangfo area, I have done many projects in the renovation of old houses. During this period, I found that the cabinets of the old houses have the same problem - the hardware of the cabinet doors is rusted, Then the cabinet door fell off, and the rest of the cabinet was fine! Therefore, in the decoration of the kitchen, do not fail in the details, and the cabinet door hardware must be selected well. 7. Diligent maintenance: If the kitchen wants to be durable and fresh, it must be diligently maintained. It is recommended to wipe down the stove and hood every day. Do not live for several years without sanitation, so that the fumes will accumulate a few centimeters thick. , the whole kitchen is yellow and dirty, it looks disgusting! 8. The decoration style of the new kitchen should be as simple and elegant as possible, mainly in light colors and bright, and avoid depressing and dull styles. After all, the simplest decoration is the most attractive. 9. The design of the moving lines of the space practical kitchen is reasonable, and then various functional designs are also complete, which can be handy when cooking, and will not give people the feeling of being difficult to use. After all, if the kitchen is not easy to use, who can endure it for decades? The kitchen is a damp and smoky space. If you want to renovate the kitchen for 20 years without refurbishment, you must close every detail, otherwise it is not impossible to "destroy a thousand miles to the ant's nest".

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