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The floor height is only 2.6 meters, how can the decoration not be depressed? The house is short

2023-04-02 00:01:44 [Wall decoration ]
The floor height is only 2.6 meters, how can the decoration not be depressed? The house is short

In order to squeeze the height of the floors, some developers will work hard on the houses on each floor, and increase the height of the users on each floor to 2.6 meters, and even some deceitful developers will increase the height of the floors even lower. Bear some problems caused by insufficient floor height! If the family members are tall, such a house will not be able to live normally at all; but if the family members are of moderate height, it is fine, it is mainly dealt with during the decoration to avoid the depression of space! So how do you decorate a house with a low floor height so that it will not look depressing? 1. What is the height of the floor to be qualified? According to the national standard "Code for Residential Design", the overall floor height is more than 2.4 meters, and the partial height is more than 2.1 meters. repressed. 2. Family height factors: According to public data on the Internet, the average height of men aged 18-44 in China is 169.7 cm, and the average height of women is 158 cm. Generally speaking, for a house of 2.6 meters, if the height of the beam is removed by 30-40cm, the remaining height is about 2.2 meters. I happen to have a colleague who is 1.75 meters tall, and then tried the experience of the 2.2-meter-high beam. After the actual measurement, the fingers just touched the 2.2-meter-high beam experience, and there is no problem in daily use. 3. What should I do if the floor height is too low? The appropriate height of the storey is 2.8 meters, and then in a house of about 2.5 meters, how to decorate to improve the sense of oppression of the space? ①Don't make the lamps complicated. When the floor height is relatively small, it is recommended to use ceiling lamps, light strips, and other lamps that occupy a small floor height. Do not choose large-volume chandeliers, otherwise you may bump into them when you walk under the lamps. head off. ②Avoid complex ceiling modeling houses with smaller floor heights. Try to keep the ceiling modeling as simple as possible, and do not make complex stacked ceilings. After the stacked ceilings are completed, the surrounding area will be shorter, and the sense of space will be more urgent. ③Arc transition ceilings have a short floor height and a beam in the middle. You can make a circular arc transition ceiling between the beam and the ceiling, and make an arc shape from the beam to the ceiling, so that the height difference between the floors is not different. It will be too obvious, while achieving a more silky space. ④ The space should not be too big and empty. I don’t know if you have noticed it. The heights of airports and stations are generally very grand; the heights of shopping malls and supermarkets are also much higher than that of ordinary houses. The reason for this is because the area of ​​these commercial spaces is relatively large, so the floor height must be made higher, so as not to appear depressing. In ordinary home decoration, if the floor height is small and the space is very large and empty, it is also easy to cause a feeling of depression, because when we look forward, the farther away things are, the smaller the space is, and the larger the space is. When we are tall and short, we look at the far position and it will appear shorter. ⑤ Light-colored decoration In the case of a small floor height, the decoration and furniture soft decoration should be mainly light-colored and simple, and avoid large-volume and dark-colored designs. Dark reflections are reflected on the ceiling, which will suppress the ceiling. The ash is heavy, which further magnifies the inferior quality of the layer height. ⑥ For a house with a small door height, the height of the door will also affect the sense of space. For example, for a conventional door, the distance between the top of the door and the ceiling is small, and the height of the door will appear obvious. Therefore, when the floor height is small, invisible doors or a door-to-top design can be used, especially when the door is opened in a conspicuous position such as a background wall. For some houses with smaller storey heights, it is necessary to pay more attention to the decoration, and try to avoid making the space appear depressing! If the height of the family is the same as that of a basketball player, then it is not recommended to buy a house with a lower floor height. Avoid being in front of the height, and no amount of fancy designs can solve the problem of floor height.

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