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As a past person, I strongly recommend that the kitchen insist on "6 no-installation", and you will know how wise it is after you move in.

2023-02-03 07:23:28 [floor ]
As a past person, I strongly recommend that the kitchen insist on "6 no-installation", and you will know how wise it is after you move in.

The status of the kitchen in a family is very important. After all, diet is directly related to the nutrition and health of the body. However, the kitchen space is too small, it needs to accommodate various pots and pans, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, and also needs to realize various cooking functions such as cooking and cooking. As an experienced person, it is strongly recommended that when decorating, we must adhere to the principle of "6 no-installation", and you will only know how wise it is after you move in. Obviously these designs are outdated or on the verge of being eliminated, but many people still "move" to their homes.

1. Cabinets and hanging cabinets are not equipped with open handles

The installation of cabinets and hanging cabinets in the kitchen is a basic operation, but the installation of cabinets and hanging cabinets is a basic operation. When installing cabinets, it is strongly recommended not to install open handles. Although these handles are beautiful, the kitchen fumes are relatively heavy, and the handles tend to accumulate a lot of greasy dirt under the accumulation of day and night. Not only is it dirty, but when you touch it with your hands, you will find it sticky and disgusting, and it is also very troublesome to clean up. There is also a relatively obvious disadvantage, that is, the space of the kitchen is already compact, and the exposed handle is protruding from the cabinet door, which will cause unnecessary waste of space. It is best to use a groove-free handle design in the kitchen, and the cabinet door should be kept flat, which is not only stylish and beautiful, but also easy to clean, killing two birds with one stone.

2. The wall cabinet is not equipped with a flip door

There was a time when it was very popular to install a flip door on the wall cabinet. I feel that there is no need to worry about opening the cabinet door and taking up space . The design of the upturned cabinet door is really "anti-human", and it does not take up space after opening, but a bad problem follows. The cabinet door is overturned, what should I do when the door is closed? Jump up or move a stool to operate? Really troublesome and annoying. Whether it is a cabinet or a hanging cabinet, it is recommended to use an ordinary swing door, which is a serious design.

3. No ordinary sockets

There are many small electrical appliances in the kitchen, which are used for three meals a day. This is safe. However, frequent unplugging is indeed a very troublesome thing, and it is easy to shorten the service life of the socket. Therefore, do not install ordinary sockets in the kitchen, it is best to choose sockets with switches. When the power needs to be cut off, the power can be cut off directly through the switch, which saves the trouble of frequently pulling out the plug, which is convenient and convenient and avoids the loss of the socket.

4. Don't paste net red small white bricks

Now the kitchen is renovated, a kind of net red small white bricks is especially popular, with a visual effect It is fashionable and beautiful, but the reality is cruel. Because the kitchen fumes are relatively heavy, if the tiles are too small, there will be many gaps, and these gaps are an excellent place to hide dirt. Under the accumulation of days and nights, the gaps of the tiles are occasionally full of grease, and it is particularly troublesome to scrub. Moreover, small tiles will increase the workload of tiling, and labor costs need to be increased. Moreover, the requirements for the level of craftsmanship are relatively high, and if it is not done well, there will be a sense of sight of public toilets. In the kitchen, try to choose large-sized tiles to reduce the gaps that hide dirt and maintain integrity.

5. Don't install shallow sinks

Many people only focus on installing single sinks or double sinks in the kitchen, but they don't know the difference between deep sinks and shallow sinks. If the space of the sink is more than 70cm, choose a double sink. If it is only about 60cm, it is recommended to install a single sink. It is best to choose a deep sink with a depth of more than 20cm, so that it is convenient to wash pots and wash dishes. Otherwise, if the water is boiled a little larger, it is easy to splash and the experience is very poor.

6. Disadvantages of open kitchens without track sliding doors

As we all know, in order to block the fumes without affecting the lighting and transparency, most people will choose Install glass sliding doors. However, the traditional track sliding door has a groove track that protrudes several centimeters from the ground, which not only affects the overall effect, but also easily hides dirt and dirt inside the track. In and out, it is easy to stumbling and stumbling accidentally, or is often trampled, and it is easy to deform over time, which affects the effect of pushing and pulling. Light rail sliding doors are now popular, and several steel bars are embedded in the ground to make invisible tracks, without stumbling and trapping grooves. And it can keep the ground level, there is no sanitary dead corner, neat and beautiful.


When decorating the kitchen, don't do too many flashy designs, it should be practical. In this way, it is possible to effectively improve the happiness of daily life.

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